Live Free with Passion and Claim YOUR Destiny Life Coaching

Nancy Battye is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Personal Life Coach, Writer, and Speaker

Nancy is a passionate advocate for individuals facing the challenges of physical disabilities and her mission in life is to illuminate your compassionate awareness for yourself and others expanding your joy and happiness while increasing world consciousness.

Nancy is a woman who's walked her talk, has come from a life of many difficult challenges, barriers, and obstacles and stands firmly in her belief that with finding the gift of truly loving and accepting ourselves we have the power and ability to do that for others.

"Compassionate forgiveness for ourselves is the greatest gift we give to the world"



Lisa Mactinosh has an overwhelming desire to help people realize how precious life is, encouraging them to use their time to do what makes them happy and excited to get up every morning. She has a passion to help heal people with her heart-centered stories. Her life experiences inspire and help others improve the quality of their own lives. After the sudden death of her first husband, Lisa’s mission is to teach others how precious life is and how imperative it is to do what your heart cries out to do.

Lisa is a passionate life coach, mother, speaker and writer who's here to serve you to your next highest level in life!