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Nutrition and Culinary Solutions and South Health Campus

Kristyn Hall MSc, RD

With her first word being "apple", Kristyn was destined to be a Food, Nutrition and Culinary Coach! Kristyn has worked as a registered nutritionist and dietitian for 16 years.  

Since 2011, Kristyn has run health-inspired cooking classes for the public and for health professionals.  At Kristyn's classes, we work with simple nutrient-packed whole foods that nourish your health and wellness, helping you to master the art of delicious and simple meals. 

In these small-group settings, we have focused on cooking with ancient grains, legumes, Paleo cooking, vegetarian diets, Mediterreanean diet, strategic cooking for stress-less meals, gluten-free cooking & baking and more! 

Kristyn has a diploma in Culinary Arts, and has travelled around North America to expand her knowledge and skill around food and cooking including:

  • Nutrition Intuition in the Kitchen, Field to PlateTM, Shelton, CT, USA
  • Exploring Phenomenal Foods and Flavours:  A Culinary Master Course for Dietitians at the Culinary Institute of America, hosted by the Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group, Academy of Food and Nutrition.
  • Demos for Dietitians Culinary Bootcamp.
  • Demos for Dietitians Workshop.
  • Julie Negrin's Intensive Course: How to Teach Cooking to Kids
  • Introduction to Cooking, SAIT. 
  • Host ocourses from Calgary's own Cookbook Company Cooks:
    • Weeknight supper solutions
    • Breadmaking, Cookbook Company
    • Small batch preserving
    • An evening with the chef from Bonterra
    • Sugar with Anna Olson
    • The Girl Can’t Cook with Cinda Chavich
    • Knife Skills with Dee Hobson-Smith
    • Thai Cooking with Drew
    • Soups with Drew
    • French Farmhouse
    • Sauces to make while the pasta cooks.
    • Weeknight supper solutions.

Kristyn is a Consulting Nutritionist and Dietitian with Nutrition and Culinary Solutions, providing nutrition and culinary solutions for health and wellness.  

Kristyn has held a number of leadership positions including 2010-2013 Board of Directors with Dietitians of Canada, representing Alberta and the Territories.  She is an active member of:

  • College of Dietitians of Alberta

  • Dietitians of Canada
  • Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Network, Dietitians of Canada

  • Consulting Dietitians Network, Dietitians of Canada
  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition, Dietitians of Canada.
April Matsuno
April Matsuno is the Wellness Kitchen Consultant responsible for food skill programming in the new Wellness Kitchen within the Wellness Centre at South Health Campus.  The Wellness Kitchen strives to inspire people to make better shopping, cooking & eating decisions to promote happier and healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families.  Programs are open to patients & their families, staff, physicians and community members.  

April is a registered dietitian with a masters degree and a life-long love of delicious food and cooking!  She has worked in clinical dietetics, childhood obesity, project and operations management and a commercial kitchen.  She also holds a diploma in Professional Cooking from SAIT.