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Smart Home Choice Investor is the expert advice you need when it comes to Real Estate Investing.  We will show you why Real Estate  is a much more profitable investment vehicle than your typical, gic’s, savings accounts, shares and mutual funds.

Smart Home Choice Investor is a full service firm.

From the mortgage pre-approval to selecting the perfect property, screening your tenants, protecting yourself with agreements, and insuring your property- Smart Home Choice Investor is with you …beginning to end.


have you ever thought about any of these questions?

  • Why should I invest in real estate?
  • What is the difference between a traditional rental and Rent to Own?
  • Isn’t real estate considered a risky investment?
  • How can I afford to purchase another property?
  • When is the right time to get into an investment property?
  • How do you find the right tenant?
  • How much of a return can I expect in the first year?

here are a few principles to consider:

We buy beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods. We look to purchase properties that we know will increase in value by studying job growth and population increase. We study major infrastructure changes and site features including golf courses, traffic patterns, green space, and proximity to railroad, hydro corridors and all upcoming plans for the city and region.

BUT most importantly we never purchase properties on the basis of speculation. Speculation is a form of gambling, if you want to gamble hit the Casino not Real Estate. The key is to purchase homes that are in desirable locations and will increase in value year after year.

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