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With an impressive number of more than 400 concerts in the area of classical music, presented on the national and international stages, in 2012 Teo Milea starts to play in a different tune. From the first concert with his own compositions, he manages to become a true gauge of the neo-classical and crossover genre. His bubbling enthusiasm, which attracts a young audience, becomes an own and renown trademark of his sold-out concerts.

The quality and clearness of his piano music made Teo Milea an “on air” presence in radio stations from Romania, France and United States. The nominations and top positions acknowledge him as a complete artist, who lives to enchant his audience.

Teo Milea collaborated with The Opera of Vienna, he performed at The International Jazz Festival Garana, The International Festival „Altres Musiques” Benicassim. He is the first pianist in the world invited to play his own music at the NATO headquarters in Brussels and even more, the first pianist to mount on the stage of The International Ballet Festival in Dortmund, interpreting his work.

“He doesn’t play the piano, he interprets with his entire being, beyond the extraordinary music streaming from his fingers. The way his whole body tells the story of his songs is beyond words.” (A. Demirgian, Romanian journalist)

Discovering Teo Milea`s music is love at first note. You will always come back to his acoustic notes for a little bit more of his musical cure. Listen to his music; it is the perfect soundtrack for your life.