Black Mountain

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After founding Jerk with a Bomb in the late 90s, Stephen McBean had by the mid-2000s transformed the Vancouver-area band into a group called Black Mountain. Drawing on blues, psychedelia, acid rock, and the Velvet Underground, Black Mountains sound was a cross between the darkness and grit of the Warlocks and Brian Jonestown Massacres trippiness. After debuting in October 2004 on Jagjaguwar with the 12” Druganaut, Black Mountain stayed with the label for an eponymous full-length, issued the following January. Joining McBean for the album were local players Matthew Camirand, Jeremy Schmidt, Joshua Wells, and Amber Webber, listed collectively to preserve the bands communal ethic. (Black Mountain ran concurrent to and intermingled with McBeans other band, lo-fi classic rockers Pink Mountaintops.) In January 2008, the group released their sophomore album, In the Future, and showed off their willingness to explore proggy (and druggy) territory with the 17-minute opus “Bright Lights.” The groups third, full length album, Wilderness Heart, arrived in 2010.