Small Town Artillery


Small Town Artillery are from Kaslo, BC - population 1000. Their mission is creating funk-influenced, melodic and heartfelt, riff-driven rock & roll. They’ve been booking their own tours, taking over backyards, clubs and festivals for 3 years. This is a DIY band that puts together an unforgettable live concert. Frontman Tom van Deursen cannot contain his excitement as he leaps on to the stage, ruby-red telecaster slung gregariously across his chest. Drummer & brother Derek van Deursen owns the throne behind the drums and provides the group with their foundation. Bassist Carson Webber is a consummate professional and incredible story teller - the perfect glue for the brothers. The band always tours with a full horn section. Always. They have two full albums out: CRASHDROPS (2010) SMALL TOWN ARTILLERY (2015) they are working on a third one right now.