Tif Ginn


Tif Ginn is a gutsy, amazing singer and a transcendent songwriter. Six years ago she hit the road with a newborn and a camper, and has continued touring across North America ever since, often opening for and playing with Fred Eaglesmith. Tif has been a performer for most of her life, playing with her family and then as half of The Fabulous Ginn Sisters. Tif is now a solo artist, and her live show is sure to wake you up and wow you with an incredibly strong voice, charming stage presence, and the tight Traveling Steam Show Band. Tif’s songs range from jazzy country to folk to Americana and pop, and honest portrayals of trailer parks and pills, confinement and release. Hard-hitting lyrics and catchy hooks will stay in your head for days, so do yourself a favour and pick up her self-titled album. Tour dates here: http://fredeaglesmith.com/tour/