Do Well: Virtual Wellness & Fitness Events
Do Well: Virtual Wellness & Fitness Events
Collection by Eventbrite
Use this curated Collection of virtual wellness and fitness events to find an activity that can help you take action on improving your health. Zen out with a guided meditation, learn tips and tricks for managing stress, or try a new workout to put your body and mind at ease.
Do Well: Virtual Wellness & Fitness Events
Do Well: Virtual Wellness & Fitness Events
Do Well: Virtual Wellness & Fitness Events
Do Well: Virtual Wellness & Fitness Events
Collection by Eventbrite
Use this curated Collection of virtual wellness and fitness events to find an activity that can help you take action on improving your health. Zen out with a guided meditation, learn tips and tricks for managing stress, or try a new workout to put your body and mind at ease.
Use this curated Collection of virtual wellness and fitness events to find an activity that can help you take action on improving your health. Zen out with a guided meditation, learn tips and tricks for managing stress, or try a new workout to put your body and mind at ease.

Go on a journey of healing and empowerment. This seven-week series explores the seven main energy centers, or chakras, in the body according to the yoga tradition. You'll learn postures, breathwork and meditation to help you rebalance and align your energy for the new year.

Learn to read the Tarot and become your own best healer. This eight-week class is a journey into divination, intuition, the mystical and practical art of Tarot cards.

Learn more about faith and spirituality in this course, which holds weekly online discussions.

Attention Runners! This online barre class will get your core strong and body toned, thanks to the New York Road Runner's Club.

Sitting out this class is actually a good thing. You will literally do these aerobics, dance, and strength and balance moves in a chair — from home — with people from all fitness levels welcome.

Knee and hip pain are never fun. If you have either, learn to do corrective exercises while seated at your computer and tips that may help reduce discomfort. As always, if you have questions, talk to your health care provider.

Battle burnout through color, creativity, and joy. This 10 day art adventure will get you creating and seeing the beauty in the world with fresh eyes.

Black Muslim women can gain access to heart-centered practices and "teachings rooted in a rich Islamic spiritual heritage" at these gatherings that include Qur'an recitation, breathing exercises, and time to share and hold space for others in attendance.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, so get back on track with this wellness seminar for a healthier mind, body, and soul.

Indulge in a restful and restorative meditation sessionled by a women-owned brand intent on uncovering the best version of you.

Tap into creativity to boost your intuition and decision-making! This workshop will use art-making and watercolor painting as a way to connect with your deeper — and higher — self.

Zero dance experience is required for this Zumba class — and you can easily drop in from home. If you ever wanted to try this workout, set to salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton beats — here's your chance.

Moms need a timeout more than anyway, especially lately. Take an hour for yourself to rest your mind and recharge your spirit with this free meditation class.

Zoom into this invigorating workout that incorporates international music, including Latin sounds, with dance moves.

In this session based on principles of kinesiology, mindfulness, and self-love, learn to move your body while respecting its limitations as you work toward the goal of greater balance and stability.

Zoom into a popular Los Angeles yoga studio for a fun, soulful yoga class that will give your mind, body, and spirit a boost.

Want the benefits of yoga but feel the practice isn't for you? This event is for the reluctant yogi, the skeptical yogi, or anyone curious about yoga who's worried they don't fit in. In an hourlong practice, you'll find a safe space and leave with tools for more life balance.

Want to learn about Tarot while connecting to your intuition? Each week you'll focus on a new card and will explore your own relationship with this mystical divination practice.

The vibrational power of sound has the ability to transport the listener to a state of deep meditation and relaxation where the chakras are balanced and the energetic body is harmonized. Feel it for yourself with this sound bath session.

Zoom into a popular Florida yoga class and enjoy the virtual warm air and palm trees with balancing, stretching, flowing and — ultimately — relaxing.

Uplevel your healing practices with crystals. Learn the real info on what stones have to do with energy, how to select the crystals you need, and how to use them.

Tap into the power of dreams and the night for guidance in your waking life. Using tarot, intention setting and rituals for tapping into intuition — the perfect event for the first month of the year.

Bring yourself into a state of balance with meditation, sound healing and led breathwork. A perfect event after a long week to clear space for a great weekend.

Bring a snack, and a smile, when you join this self-care series for Black and brown women and their family and friends. Topics include mindfulness, identity, and physical health care—with the opportunity to make your own toolkit.

Explore this powerful form of yoga that harnesses and expands energy through breathwork, meditation and pose practice. Followed up by sound healing, you will learn to recharge your own battery.

Movement, even outwardly simple movement, is the key to maintaining mental and physical health. Basic Tai Chi skills can promote balance, calmness, and mental focus. Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Tai Chi in this twice-weekly class.

Are you missing hot yoga classes? Take one from home! This class includes the classic 26 poses plus two breathwork exercises, leaving you feeling challenged, strong, and relaxed.

Get up early on Sunday morning and join Tina Templeman for an hourlong beginner's yoga class that will help you center yourself for the week ahead.

Every Sunday, join yogis from around the world for a one-hour flow class to start your week off with chill vibes and an open heart.

Enjoy a Qigong-infused online yoga class via Zoom that will induce the relaxation response in your body, strengthen your immune system, and improve your physical and emotional health.

Shift your energy toward more abundance with a group of women cheering you along. This program combines breathwork, meditation, discussion and goal-setting to help you uplift your energy and your life.

Call up the healing power of breath! Learn a powerful breathwork technique for clearing the mind, resetting the body and hearing your deepest self.

In honor of Thanksgiving month, receive healing energy from your own gratitude. Led by an energy healer, this event will have you journaling, meditating, and feeling more abundant and whole.

Give your green thumb a workout and learn tips and tricks for caring for plants. Fill your home with green and good vibes!

Spend an evening practicing the ancient form of Kundalini yoga, which adds mantras and meditation into the mix. At the end of the free class, a gong vibration will be played to cut through any energy blocks that have arisen throughout the practice.

Practice and learn the traditional Sivananda yoga sequence, a routine of breath, mindfulness, strength, flexibility, and energetic wellness. This is yoga thousands of years old, taught in a modern way — online!

Get the energy right in your home to manifest what you want in life. This workshop teaches the basics, and provides ways to check-in monthly with your space to keep energy flowing for health, wealth, and happiness.

Want to start yoga but feeling like a total newbie? This class beginner-friendly class will get you moving, breathing, and relaxing with a fun flow and lessons on the poses.

Focus on strength and dropping stress in a class just for guys, whether you identify as a "bro" or not.

This yoga class is for everyone: all you need is a chair and an open mind! Focused on breathwork and movement, this workshop will boost your mood, improve strength, circulation and help you sleep.

If you've never tried yoga nidra, you MUST. You'll be guided into a deep relaxation state, somewhere between waking and sleeping, and through breath and visualization will deeply calm the nervous system and clear the mind. Super restorative!

Are you working on improving your reproductive health or fertility? This specialized yoga class facilitates releasing stress from the body and increasing energy flow in the reproductive systems. Open to all levels looking for easeful healing.

Having trouble sleeping? (Who isn't?) This class will lead you through breathwork, gentle movement, and guided meditation designed to help ready you for good, deep sleep.

This virtual event uses meditation and reflection to help women gracefully navigate today’s world. Expect a heart opening, stress-reducing experience for women centered on self-care, self-love, and mindfulness.

Some say laughter is the best medicine. Clearly health care has its place, but see how you feel after you attend this live comedy event spotlighting positivity.

Do you sometimes feel you're becoming one with your phone instead of yourself? This Kundalini Yoga class (think, energy work, breath work and poses) works as a counter-movement to technology overload. Come and get balanced.

Heard of Qigong? This mind-body practice involves movement, breathwork, and mental focus. Start this session with a breathing exercise before you get into movements that give attention to posture, alignment, and breath.

Want to do yoga but can't leave your desk? Jump into this desk-yoga class and follow a flow that uses your desk chair and work environment as a prop. Now there's no excuses.

Want to get moving but finding it hard in the winter? This class will put a (gentle) fire under you, with a focus on stress-relief and relieving the pain/ discomfort from lots of winter sitting.

Discover the cathartic benefits of poetry in this workshop, in which participants will experiment with their own work and explore the words of others.

London-based drag superstar Dolly Trolley will get your blood pumping with a campy aerobics workout and your abs sore from laughing.

You know all this computer work is probably doing a number on your back. Enter: Desk Yoga! Enjoy a practice that counters all the typing, forward-hunching and even eye-strain. Get yourself right!

Zumba is still going strong. Can you keep up? You can try when you join this class mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves to help you burn calories while you dance.

Meditate, move through blocks and shift your energy with visualization and energy work — all online.

Come to this regularly scheduled workshop to discover a different facet of well-being each week.

This mixed level vinyasa yoga class is open to all levels. Instructor Marquita Rene will guide students on meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and sequenced asanas (poses). The class is free, and she’ll provide a list of organizations you can support to #flowforacause.

Relax by immersing yourself in meditation and mindfulness with a live, guided class by Meditation Breaks. You'll learn learn mindfulness teachings and techniques aimed at transforming your life.

Cultivate joy and radical self-care in this yoga class just for the Black community.

Gratitude isn't limited to greeting cards. Practicing gratitude in our lives also can relate to our mental, emotional and physical well-being; explore ways to do it (even during the pandemic) in this workshop.

The holiday season can be stressful, so take 45-minutes out of your day to breathe and calm your mind. Meditation is proven to lower stress, cultivate creativity, and expand awareness. This guided meditation is the perfect opportunity to carve out some time for yourself.

This event title took our attention. Learn so-called "effortless" techniques to help manage stress and increase your energy levels as we continue to cope with everyday pressures.

Join others the first Wednesday of each month to sooth the spirit with color, express and integrate feelings with form, and enjoy art making for wellness.

Move stress out of your body (and mind) with this open-level circuit workout. Meeting each Tuesday, make a date with yourself to lift your spirits and get strong!

Mark your calendars for regular healing. The second Saturday of each month join a panel of healers of different methodologies and backgrounds. It's like a sample-platter of good vibes to keep you feeling your best.

Connect with your intuition, the guidance within, in this monthly group led by a healer.

The title says it all: these times are stressful. so give yourself the gift of true, nervous-system level relaxation. This class is open to all, accessible, and welcoming. Unroll your mat and find space inside.

Explore and experience the art of yogic sleep, a deep relaxation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated in body and mind! A must for pandemic-living.

If you or your kids are having trouble as students of all ages return to school online this fall, let experienced educator Brandielee Johnson walk you through some strategies that will keep your children focused when they can’t be in the physical classroom.

Drop into this session for information on how to use poetry as a tool for healing and how to build a safe space for self-care. If you need more support, it's also okay to contact a mental health provider.

What's the story your spirit wants to tell? In this monthly online gathering, get inspired and learn craft techniques for writing your authentic story.

If you identify as Asian American and are in search of a safe space, attend this session to participate in guided meditation, reflection on mindfulness, and open discussions about what's on your heart.

During this professional development workshop, women will learn to design their life, work, and creative aspirations to achieve goals, manage stress, and experience peak performance.