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1st Annual Ottawa Beach Soccer Festival

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Petrie Island Beach

Ottawa, ON


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Refund Policy

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This three-day festival will take place at Ottawa's Petrie Island in Orleans. Each team will get a minimum of 4 games...


All soccer players are invited to the 1st Annual Beach Soccer festival - Ottawa, a Beach Soccer Festival hosted by GiveFestivals with Divisions for Old-Timers (35+), Mixed Adults, Mixed U18, U14, U12 and U10 Youth.



Can I register as a single player? Yes, you can register as a single player and we will assign you to a team.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? To enter the event as a guest/fan, no, but to play soccer in the event, yes. You must be at least 8 years of age. Anyone below the age of 16 must be registered by an adult/parent.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? There is parking onsite, but as always we encourage public transportation. There is a large park and ride station minutes from our event and an OCTranspo will drop you off right at the event's door.

What can I bring into the event? If you are participating in the event, wear sporting shorts, short sleeve shirt and socks. You can also pack some food. No alcoholic beverages allowed on site. There is a full service restaurant/bar onsite.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Visit www.givefestivals.org to contact the organizer.

What's the refund policy? There is a no refund policy. If you wish to reserve a spot without payment, please visit www.givefestivals.org and request it.


How to Register

  1. Assemble a team of 7-10 players
  2. Two Options:
      Click here to register online (please ensure you read all the registration info below); OR
  3. Registration Forms and Fees must be received no later than June 31, 2019 by 11:59PM. Early bird deadline for $50 discount on the Old timers division is May 10, 2019.
  4. You are not officially registered until your payment has been processed online.
  5. Confirmation sent upon receipt of registration via email.
  6. Complete the 2019 GiveFestivals Beach Soccer Festival Roster in full – If you are registering a Team

All registration forms (copy) including the GiveFestivals Beach Soccer Festival Roster, must be submitted 30 minutes prior to your first game at the registration table at the Festival site. You will receive at this time your registration kit, which will include your team’s Beach soccer ball, a Festival bracelet for each player and a lanyard for best player of the game, which each team selects for the opposing team.

After Registration Instructions

The 1st Annual Ottawa Beach Soccer Festival is a non-sanctioned event. But please ensure that all youth players are registered in the appropriate division. Players must be under the specified age at January 1, 2019. Our Festival age brackets are based on teams as they would play in the 2019-2020 season.

What You Need to Know Once you are registered

All prices are in Canadian dollars


If you have not submitted your entry fees, please do so immediately. Your registration is not final until the fees are received. And as the Festival fills up, your spot could be handed over to another team or player. Please make your payment online or email payment via online debit to give@givefestivals.org

1st Annual Ottawa Beach Soccer Festival Entry Fees:

$250/team U14 and Under $300/team U15 and higher

Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Festival T-Shirts & Merchandise

This year our official Festival T-shirts will be available for purchase online or onsite.

You are not obligated to purchase Festival t-shirts. Teams may wear their own uniforms at the festival or any kind of mismatched array of shirts and shorts you prefer but of the same colour.

Bibs will be available at the Festival site to ensure that all teams are adequately distinguished while playing matches. The away team (as designated in the schedule) must wear the bibs in case of colour clash.

Roster Forms & Team Formations

  • Team Captains/Coaches must have each team member read the waiver and sign and date the Roster Form. (In the case of participants under the age of 19, the parent/guardian must sign and date the form.)
  • Final Roster Forms must be submitted 30 minutes prior to your first game at the Festival Registration Table. Team kits will not be distributed prior to receipt of your roster nor will your team be permitted on the field before your roster is turned in.
  • Age groups are as per the 2018/2019 OSA season. Birth date must be marked on the Roster form. Players are permitted to play up an age group if they so choose.
  • Teams can sign a maximum of 10 players (we recommend a minimum of 7) and one coach or manager. You are not permitted to substitute names on or off your roster. Once the Roster Form is handed 30 minutes prior to your first match, it is final.
  • All divisions are co-ed. All teams must have a minimum of two girls/women registered and a minimum of one girl/women on the field at all times.

The Rules

The basics are the same as grass soccer, but there are several differences in keeper’s rules, throw-ins, free-kicks, substituting and off-side rules that each team must be aware of:

Three Nine minute periods (U13 and lower= 3 x 6 minute periods)
Beach soccer matches are divided into three periods with a net length of nine minutes each, divided by two one minute breaks. No stoppage time occurs, but referees are free to call a direct free kick against a team wasting time.

Draws are allowed.

The festival semi and finals will be determined by points, goals for, goals against and then win vs. Win=3pts, Tie=1pt.

Unlimited substitutions
Every team begins each match with five players out on the sand – one goalkeeper and four outfield players – as well as up to 5 substitutes, though there is no limit to the number of changes that can be made. All substitutions, including goalkeepers, can be made while play is still going on, for which reason there is a designated area for this to take place.

Disciplinary sanctions

A player who is sent off, be it for two bookings or a straight red, can be replaced by a substitute after a two-minute penalty. Nevertheless, the substitute could come into play before those two minutes are up if the opposing team scores with their numerical advantage. There is no pre-set number of fouls that individual players must not exceed.

Goalkeeping peculiarities

Goalkeepers can move freely around their penalty area with the ball in their hands and, unlike other footballing disciplines, this area is marked out by a horizontal line across the whole pitch. Like any other player, keepers have four seconds to get the ball into play, which they can only do so by using their hands. However, they cannot score this way or by kicking the ball out on the volley, an offence that would be penalized by a free-kick. It is also important to note that the ball cannot be returned to a goalkeeper by a team-mate unless at least one opponent has touched it first. Breaking this rule results in a free-kick to the opposing team.

Free-kicks: direct only

Every infraction of the rules is sanctioned with a direct free-kick, with no wall permitted! The kick is taken from the spot where the foul was committed, except in the cases of penalty kicks (taken from the penalty spot) or time-wasting, passing the ball back to the goalkeeper or the keeper kicking the ball into play, with the free-kick taken from the halfway line in the latter three cases. What's more, in the case of foul play, the kick must be taken by the player who was fouled – unless injury prevents this. The player has four seconds to play the ball after the referee’s whistle, or the free-kick will be awarded for the opposite team.

In case of doubt
Goals cannot be scored directly from kick-off and there is no offside.

Throw-ins can be taken with either hands or feet.

Referee Respect

The decision of the game referee will be final. Harassment of the referee will be punished with the utmost severity. This is a fun game, please keep it that way!

Checking in at the Festival Site & Receiving your Team Bibs (if needed)

All teams must have one representative check-in at the Festival Site Registration Table 30 minutes prior to your first game. Your completed and signed roster form must be handed in at this time (you will not be permitted to play until the roster is handed in!). You will receive your team bibs (if needed) when you register on site. You can buy festival socks if any of the players forget their own.


  • You will be informed of your first game time and location about one week prior to the Festival. Please check the website for the final schedule at www.givefestivals.org, the schedule will be posted as soon as it is completed.
  • Final schedules will also be available at the Festival Site Registration Table
  • Schedules will indicate the number of teams in your division and subsequent details on the formation of your division’s round robin, semi-final and final competitions
  • Games will run 9:00 am-5:00 pm each day, except on Friday when games will run 5pm-7pm.

Home/Away Team Designations & Festival StructureHome/Away Team Designations & Festival Structure

  • Home/Away Team designations are previously decided by the Festival Organizers
  • Home Teams are listed first in the Schedule i.e.: Home Team vs. Away Team
  • The Home Team always kicks off, the Away Team always decides which side of the field they want to defend first
  • The Away Team must wear a set of bibs provided by the Festival if required to distinguish teams. The Away Team will obtain these Bibs from the game referee prior to the start of each game. When your game is over, please return the bibs to the referee.

Starting & Ending the Game

  • Games on all five fields will start with the sound of a universal horn. The horn will be located at the Festival registration table and will be controlled by the Scheduler/Results Coordinator.
  • All Teams must be prepared to start at exactly the time indicated in the master schedule. The universal bell will not wait for late sunbathers! Teams who show up to play 5 minutes after the start time will start one goal down.
  • If your game starts late it will be shortened to ensure the Festival schedule is not put out of whack.
  • Games will start every 35 minutes. Each game has three 9-minute halves for U14+ and three 6 minute halves for U12 and under.
  • Refs will ensure the following before the start of each game:
    • Each team has a minimum of 4 players (the opposing team will automatically win the game 5-0 if one team fails to field 4 players)
    • The Away Team has obtained and is wearing the bibs if required.
    • Keepers are wearing an appropriate designator (i.e.: different colour shirt of bibs)
    • No illegal equipment is being worn ie: shinpads, shoes, jewelry
    • Teams are lined up appropriately
    • Game ball is in place, as well as field lines, nets etc. .
    • Players are wearing, shorts, shirt, and socks (not mandatory but highly recommended)

Results & Reporting Scores

  • Results and standings will be posted at the Festival Site Registration Table
  • The winning team must report the game score to the Registration Table immediately following the game. This will be verified against the referee’s report.

Services Available at the Festival Site


There will be a fully serviced restaurant/bar at the site. Please bring your own water/bottle.

First Aid

First Aid tent will be available onsite. Please do not hesitate to visit the first aid tent with any injuries.


Compliments of a local sports medicine clinic, a physio tent on site will provide complimentary physio services all day on Saturday and Sunday. These gracious & knowledgeable volunteers will help you prepare for the new conditions the beach presents. Tape will be available to tape up feet and socks at a minimal charge.

What to Bring


Two short sleeve shirts (one black, one white)

Socks - The sand can get hot! We recommend that players bring a couple of pairs of old socks to the Festival to protect the feet. Tape them up at the physio tent to keep sand out. Or you can buy festival socks on site.



Enjoy the sun, the beach and the waves between games. Bring along your swimsuit, beach towel, frisbees, volleyballs, hackey sacks etc...

Although accessories such as shades and hats are not permitted during play, they will keep you protected from the sun and looking your best while you relax between games.

Please bring your own water/water bottle.


Credit cards will not be accepted on site and there will be lots of great things to buy including exclusive beach soccer wear and tasty treats, tape for feet, socks, etc…

Inclement Weather

  • This is a rain or shine event. We have tried playing in the pouring rain, and trust us, it’s still lots of fun and puts that unique northern capital spin on a South American sport.
  • But, just in case, the Festival reserves the right to the following if bad weather requires:
    • make adjustments to the schedule
    • alter the length of a game
    • cancel one or more games
    • Changes will always be posted on the master schedule at the Festival Site Registration Table. It is the responsibility of your team to follow the schedule and its adaptations and ensure you are at your field 15 minutes prior to the start of your game. There is no sound system on site to call you to your field!


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Petrie Island Beach

Ottawa, ON


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