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Thank you and see you on May 7th!

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5100 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest

Parking Lot

Montréal, QC H4A 3T2


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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Thank you and see you on May 7th!
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Have you outgrown your old bike, want a different type of bike or have one to sell? Join us on May 7th for CycleSwap, a fundraising event organized by the Friends of the MUHC and Cycle Neron. You can buy or sell! 20% of the proceeds from the sale of all bikes will go towards improving patient welfare at the MUHC.

It will be a fun day and a great way to kick off the cycling season!

At the event you will also find:

• Information on cycling clubs in the area
• Free helmet checks
• Bike safety guidance
• Snacks and drinks

Information for Buyers

• Sale period will be from 1:30 to 3:30 pm on May 7th
• Means of payment – cash, debit or credit card
• Bikes will be sold “as is”, no negotiating
• We are not responsible for after-sale issues
• No returns, no refunds

Information for Sellers

• There will be a $15 rack fee per bike to put them into the sale. This fee will be collected once the bike has been cleared for sale the day of the event.

• All bikes need to be registered before they can be sold. To save time you can pre-register your bike(s) on this site until May 4th. Otherwise you must register on May 7th between 8 am -noon. There will be two intake areas – one for pre-registered bikes and one for those that have not been pre-registered.


• Bulk Sellers: If you have 10 or more bikes to sell please contact Jerry Swaenepoel at 514-937-8888 or by email at, before May 2nd.

• Bring your clean, ready to ride bike to the swap during the bike intake time which on May 7th from 8 am -noon. Ideally you will have done an ABC check (air, brakes and chain).

• You will set the selling price, we can guide you on this. See FAQs below.

• We will tech-check your bike and record its serial number but the bike has to be immediately rideable. Please have the bike tuned up, if needed, prior to the event. We do not have the parts or people to fix your bike that day.

• You will be asked to sign a “Seller’s Agreement”.

• Please do not bring any parts for sale.

• You will receive a confirmation of the sale of your bike(s) by email shortly after the sale. If your bike doesn’t find a new home we will contact you by text immediately after the end of the sale to let you know to pick it up. We cannot store unsold bikes so you must arrange to pick them up at the end of the day between 4-5pm. Bikes left behind will be donated to Cycle Nord-Sud.


"How do I sell a bike?"

• Ideally you can pre-register on this site up until May 4th. You can also register during the bike intake period on May 7th but pre-registering will make your drop off much faster!

"What types of bikes can be sold?"

• Road, mountain, hybrids, kids, cruisers

"How should I price my bike?"

When deciding on a price for your bike, take into consideration the price you paid for the bicycle, its current condition (age, required maintenance, etc.) and most importantly how motivated you are to sell the bike. Here are some suggested pricing guidelines to help you

Age & Condition

• 1-3 years old: 25-50% off original price

• 4-7 years old: 30-70% off original price

• 8+ years old: 60% + off original price

"Can I donate a bike?"

• Absolutely! Any and all proceeds from donated bikes will go to Friends of the MUHC. There is no need to pre-register a donated bike and no rack fee.

"When should I drop off my bike for the event?"

• Between 8 am and noon on May 7th. We cannot accept bikes in advance of this time as we only have the site for the one day.

"Do sellers have to remain on site?"

• No.

"What percentage of the selling price will be donated to patient care at the MUHC?"

• 20%

"When will I receive payment for my sold bike(s)"

• We will do our best to send sale proceeds within two weeks of the event.

"Are pets welcome on site?"

• No

Thank you to our sponsors

Date and Time


5100 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest

Parking Lot

Montréal, QC H4A 3T2


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