2018 Short Blade Symposium

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the Elks Lodge #142

13121 se McLoughlin Blvd

Milwauke, Oregon 97269

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Come one Come all. Welcome to the Citadel Combat Arena's Flagship event. The 2018 Short Blade Symposium.

This is a Tournament that is split into three seperate events.
- Knife / Dagger fighting
- Dussack / Messer / Machete fighting
- Single hand cutting

This event uses the 2018 Citadel Combat Arena Cut and Thrust rules as posted here:

Short bladed weapons Tournament
Point Scoring.

The following point scoring will be used for Short Bladed Weapons.
- Dussacks
- Messers
- Ginuntings
- Shotel
- Knives
- Daggers

Cut and Thrusts point values to the following targets as below
Head 4
Torso 3
Leg 2
Arms 2/1 ( weapon hand = 2 pts and off hand is worth 1 pt.)

Covered thrust: MAX VALUE 5 pts.

Disarm/weapon loss = 2 pts.


The afterblow deducts one point from the score of the attacking fighter.

In order for a thrust to be valid, it must be committed and deemed suffcient to penetrate heavy fabric, flesh and bone.

Doubles: any simultaneous strike in tempo with no regard for defense. the first two are free with a reset every match. each double gets a warning to both fighters to be aware of recklessness. on the third infraction it is a match LOSS for both fighters and marked as such on the scoring.

Point Limits

The match will be concluded once a fighter has reached a total of 9 pts. in the knife / dagger event and 12 pts in the messer / dussack / ginunting event. Match length for Short blades is 90 seconds.

Acceptable Equipment & Protective Gear

All armor will be inspected by the tournament staff prior to competition.

Appropriate Head protection: Fencing Masks with back of the head protection.

Trachea protection: a Gorget that protects the throat from a direct thrust. event provided loaners, BYOP if you have it.

Light Fencing Jacket, or Heavy Hoodie.

Hard elbow protection, that covers the 3 points of the elbow.

Hard Knee protection that covers the knee.

Ensifer / AF / Spes gauntlets or reinforced lacrosse gauntlets.

Groin protection is essential for male fighters.

Shin and forearm protection are not essential but HIGHLY recommended.

No exposed skin will be permitted.

your Judges have been selected from Various Fighting arts and Sparring communities. All of these men are well repected in thier field of study and amoung their peers.

Representing the HEMA community we have...

- Lee Smith, of world Famous Blood and Iron ( Lead Director )
- Tony Huang of B&I

Representing Pekiti Tirsia Kali...

- Guro Belton Lubas PACNW PTK Director (assistant director)
- Lakan Josh Rogers ( line judge)

Representing NSI
- Robert Koenig , Datu Kelly Wordens NSI system ( line Judge)

Prizes to be awarded are many custom knives and machetes from several makers.

Pre registration entry fee for this event is $55. this fee will last for a full 30 days, then in May the price to pre register will be $65 for another full 30 days. Then in June for the next 29 days up until the day of event and walk in will be $75 to register to fight in the tournament. any cancelations will have of thier funds refunded minus 35% too event fees and logistics. any cancelation one week before event is subject to zero refund.

there will be a additional $45 paid day of event ( bring cash and exact amount, no change will be on hand.) fee to those that want to register for the single hand cutting event. this fee covers mat costs and preperation for event. this is a addistional cost to your registration to fight in the tournament and is a special event.

walk in or day of registration is $75.
spectation is FREE once again this year.

our Sponsors are

Purple Heart Armoury!
Bastinelli Knives Italy!
Battle Horse Knives!

Schools involved and participating

Blood and Iron
Sword Guild Portland
Pekiti Tirsia Kali
many many more...

please register early. this event is going to be a event that will be the talk of 2018!.

there will be a chance too meet and greet with great men of the martial arts and men of great renown in their respective arts. All gathered under one roof. forming a community and bonds of brotherhood for all martial cultures that employ short blades of all styles.

it is my pleasure to bring too you, the Citadel Combat Arena's second anual Short Blades Symposium.

thank you so much.
- Morgan Garrett, Owner and Founder of the Citadel Combat Arena LLC

come join the Discussion and Important annoncemnts at the event Facebook Group:

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Date and Time


the Elks Lodge #142

13121 se McLoughlin Blvd

Milwauke, Oregon 97269

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