2020 Canadian Church Leaders Conference

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Connexus Church

20 Mills Road

Barrie, ON L4N 6H4


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The Canadian Church Leaders Conference is an intimate, interactive gathering at Connexus Church north of Toronto that will bring you insights, practical strategies from and conversations with top Canadian church leaders who are reaching people in their communities. Bring your passion to see lives changed and leave knowing that your church’s best days are ahead of you.

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For your convenience, we have listed all available breakout options below. There will be three breakout sessions, and 8 choices within each session. It might be helpful to share these with your team members before you process their registration. Please see below.

Cancellation Policy – Please note that a full refund less $50 per ticket will be given for cancellations made on or before February 28, 2020. There will be no refunds for cancellations made after February 28, 2020, or for no-shows. Registrations may be transferred from person to person within your group or organization at no charge. Transferring or selling your registration to anyone outside of your church or organization will forfeit your entire registration. Registrations are not transferrable to future conferences. All cancellations must be made by sending an email to info@canadianchurchleaders.com. Please do not ask the conference staff to make exceptions to this policy.

When you choose your breakouts during the registration process only the breakout title and speaker name will be noted. Please note that breakouts are subject to change.

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Breakout Session One (Friday Morning):

1. Creative Service Design in a Post-Christian World - Justin Piercy

In a world where church feels less and less relevant, how can you create captivating services that engage and keep unchurched people? As we look to the future, what does worship look like, and how can services act as an accelerator for reaching people? In this breakout, peek behind the curtain on how to design services for the next generation.

2. Infinitum Life - Danielle Strickland

Is it possible to lead from a place of deep, authentic spiritual experience and encounter? Yes. Come to this workshop for tools, strategies and honest dialogue on how to live out authentic, deep Jesus-centered leadership that enables your church/community towards genuine spiritual formation for every day.

3. Creating High Calibre Experiences That Help You Reach More Students - Sydney Jackson

Have you ever seen an event on social media done by a large Church and thought to yourself, “I wish we could do that?” I believe you can. Join as we have a conversation about how we scale and run high calibre events for students to invite their friends and encounter Jesus.

4. Church Funding Flywheel - Rich Birch

Is it possible to grow the donations of your church faster than your attendance? What if your church was able to fully fund the vision you believe God was calling you to next? In this practical workshop, we'll help your church raise more money for ministry in the next year.

5. Church Stages of Growth: Knowing What Your Church Needs and When - Jeff Brodie

How do you know if you are making good decisions on things like staffing, finances, ministries, and tools? Are there certain things you should be doing at your current stage to take you to the next stage? After being a part of two multi-site churches that have scaled up, Jeff will be sharing what you need to know to go to the next level as an organization.

6. Group Formation: From Speed Dating to Online Dating - Christine Birch

We used to be able to trust that community would happen organically in our churches, but now we broker friendship for our guests. Learn how Connexus has navigated change in connection events while maintaining a healthy number of adults in group and increasing the satisfaction of those involved.

7. Marriage and Ministry - Toni & Carey Nieuwhof

Marriage can be difficult and when you add ministry to the mix, it becomes challenging in a different way. Toni Nieuwhof will be joined by her husband Carey to honestly share the key lessons that they've learned about marriage through the ups and the downs of 25 years of full-time ministry.

8. Difficult Volunteer Conversations - Shawna Lester

We've all had hard conversations with a volunteer in order to continue to move the mission forward. It isn't easy to balance the tension between the mission of the church and how you care for people. We'll be looking at how to approach difficult conversations in a way that allows you to be honest and shows that you care.

Breakout Session Two (Friday Afternoon):

1. Parenting in Ministry - Panel Hosted by Rich Birch

Whether you are a staff member or a volunteer, parenting kids while you lead in ministry comes with both challenges and opportunities. Hear from a panel of experienced leaders who have parented through ministry life, church moves and tough seasons. Hear their best practices for how to walk with your kids in the midst of church life and their personal faith.

2. Breaking Leadership Lids: Leading yourself to the next level - Jeff Brodie

Leadership comes with lids and taking your leadership to the next level can be intimidating and challenging. Jeff is going to share principles he has learned about recognizing and pushing through your personal barriers and insecurity as God opens doors to new leadership opportunities.

3. How To Thrive When You Feel Overwhelmed, Overcommitted, and Overworked - Carey Nieuwhof

4. Leading Small: It's not the same as Sunday School - Shawna Lester

We’ve all seen it … one small group that genuinely loves coming to your programming and one group that dwindles in numbers week after week. You’ve probably found yourself wondering what is or isn’t working between the groups … we believe that there are five foundational pieces that great small group leaders think about, and do, each week for their few. Join us as we have a conversation about creating and developing invested, committed small group leaders who influence the new generation of the Church.

5. Breakout with Brent Ingersoll - Topic TBD

6. Leveraging Your Online Presence To Reach More People - Justin Piercy

Increasingly, the world is moving online. Now, more than ever, the front door of our churches is a screen in the palm of someone's hand. Online, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reach those in, and beyond, our local communities with the hope of Jesus. Find out how to make the most of it.

7. High Capacity Volunteer Engagement - Tammy Giffen

How do you find and engage high capacity volunteers who can move your mission forward? As the only paid staff member in her church, Tammy has planted a growing church and has launched a second location within 16 months. She will be sharing practical steps she is using every day to mobilize her team of volunteers to reach people in their communities with the hope of the Gospel.

8. Reaction Dashboard - Creating Your Organizational Culture - Chris Wignall

Every decent leader knows culture is important. We want our organizations to be highly effective, and we understand that can't happen without a healthy culture. What's been missing is a simple, clear and highly practical tool we can use to quickly assess and improve that culture. That's what The REACTION Dashboard provides. It's insightful, practical, and memorable. You'll immediately be using it to identify and address warning lights that put your organization at risk. More importantly, you'll be uncovering the untapped leverage of celebration to bring more focus, energy, and fun into your leadership.

Breakout Session Three (Saturday Morning):

1. Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers - Shawna Lester

The success of your family ministry environments depends on a lot of things—like paper towels, food allergy spreadsheets, and ibuprofen. But the thing it depends on the most is your volunteers. They're the lifeblood of your family ministry. That's why it's crucial to have a strategy for retaining, supporting, and encouraging them throughout the year. You worked so hard to recruit these amazing volunteers, and now you need to keep them engaged. In this breakout, we'll explore how you can encourage and resource your volunteers so they stay on mission, find fulfillment and desire to serve for many years. You'll learn practical ways you can support your volunteers all year long, ensuring they don't quit the day you forget to refill the ibuprofen bottle.

2. Ministry Production Tech: Making Your Budget Go Further - Justin Piercy

If you want to reach the next generation, your video, design, and graphics need to look and feel amazing; but, you're working with limited resources to make it happen. Find out the best shortcuts to take and learn how you can do video and graphics well on a shoestring budget.

3. The Future of Preaching to Unchurched People - Breakout Leader TBD

The power of the gospel is timeless, but how do we preach in a way that connects with unchurched people in our communities. How does preaching need to change now and into the future if you want to engage people who are far from God? This breakout will focus on practical tools and tips for reaching people as we look ahead.

4. Boosting Family Attendance through Sunday Morning Kid's Events - Deniel Sewell

Kids love birthday parties. The fun, the time with friends and, of course, the food and presents they receive. Wonder if you could create similar events on Sunday morning that kids would want to bring their friends to? What if these events actually helped you reach even more adults? Join us as we talk about how you can create intentionally scheduled Sundays that help boost attendance for both kids and adults. Walk away with an event tool kit you can use at your church.

5. Developing a Discipleship Pathway - Daniel Im

How do you judge the effectiveness of your ministry? By its size? Number of activities? Quantity of groups? How ethnically diverse it is? In this session, Daniel Im will outline a different metric for maturity from one of the largest research studies on discipleship done to date. You will leave with an implementable plan to move your church towards growth and maturity.

6. New Location Launch // Panel Discussion - Rich Birch and Panel

Are you considering church planting or campus expansion? In this panel discussion you'll hear from Canadian leaders from multiple contexts share what they are learning as they've launched in the last year. No fluff in this conversation! Come ready to learn from leaders in the trenches of church multiplication.

7. Reaching Generation Z - Sydney Jackson

Is your student ministry more 1990 than 2020? Meaning, is your student ministry still doing things the way you did them when you were a student? It just doesn't work anymore. Gen Z is completely different than any generation that has come before and is changing the way we think about programming, events, and communication. They are the church of today, not the church of tomorrow. So, how can you move to see things in a 2020 view to leverage this generation of the Church?

8. How To Help Your First Time Guests Come Back - Christine Birch

People are always coming and going in and out of churches, but how do we retain the new guests that your people invite so that your church experiences growth? In this breakout, we will discuss steps to convert guests into members of the community.

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Date and Time


Connexus Church

20 Mills Road

Barrie, ON L4N 6H4


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