2nd Annual We Canasta Tournament

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Oakdale Golf & Country Club

2388 Jane Street

Toronto, ON M3M 1A8


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Refund Policy

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Join us on Wednesday, May 29th for the 2nd Annual We Canasta Tournament.

This year, proceeds from this event will go to The Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre, a charity that provides support and services to grieving children & youth.

The Change for non-government funded organizations is in the CARDS! For more event information please contact: wecanasta@gmail.com


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For specific tournament information, contact the WeCanasta committee via email: wecanasta@gmail.com

For registration support contact: Dr. Jay Children's Grief Centre

tel: 416-360-1111 ext. 204 email: events@griefcentre.org

What are the Canasta tournament rules?

A copy of the tournament rules will be emailed to all players.

Playing the Game:

1. There will be five rounds in total.

2. Each round will last 30 minutes

3. Each round will consist of 3 hands

    • First hand requires 125 points to meld
    • Second hand requires 155 points to meld
    • Third hand requires 180 points to meld

4. There will be one winning team per round and winners will receive a chip Winner is the team closest to 5000 points (or more).

5. If a team completes clean aces, 7’s or a joker canasta they will receive a chip

6. Special hands are permitted as per the rules and if any team makes a special hand they will receive 2 chips.

Special Hands are:

1 of each card 2500 points

Pairs hands 2500 points

(wild cards require both 7’s and aces wild card combinations include 2/2 or J/J or both)

4/4/3/3 hands with NO wild cards. 2500 points

3/3/3/3 plus 2 wild cards 2s or jokers) 2500 points

5/4/3/2 wild cards for the 2 is optional 2500 points

7. If you make a special hand or complete aces, jokers or 7’s please raise your hand and you will receive the bonus chip(s). All teams are responsible for keeping track of their chips in the bags

8. At the end of Round 5 the scores will be tallied by the WeCanasta committee.

9. Please call a committee member should you need clarification during play.


Melding and Picking the pack

Each new meld requires at least one clean canasta. During play only clean sets of 3 are allowed. You may go out with a mixed set.

1. Players may pick up the pack when melding ONLY if they have the required points to meld and a pair of the card in the discard pile. Players who pick the pack may combine the pack and hand together.

2. Talon has 8 cards plus the turn card

3. Incorrect melds must pick up cards and add 10 points. for the next meld

4. Once a card is played it must remain on the meld and cannot be moved or returned to the player’s hand

5. If players forget to pick extra cards after melding they are lost.

6. If players pick up 3’s in their talon they must wait until the next round to replace

7. If players forget to replace 3’s they stay in players hand until the end of the game and are counted a 5 points in final calculation of score.

8. Players can replace 3’s after the turn card

9. Players can use their entire hand to meld and only need one card to throw only before the talon. After the talon players need one card to hold and one card to throw.

10. If players meld after the talon they cannot take extra cards

11. There is no reminding your partner to take the talon or replace 3’s or any other instructions!

12. You may only ask your partner “May I go out?” once

13. When a special hand is made ,the opponents still can have whatever points they have accumulated


Mixed or dirty canasta 300 points

Clean canasta 500 points

Clean 7s, clean aces, and wild card canasta 2500 points

3’s – each colour (only if 2 canastas have been made) 100/300/500/1000 points

all cards on the table are counted in your score when at least 1 canasta has been made.


Unfinished clean aces, 7s and wild card melds minus 2500 points

(Players may go out with unfinished clean aces, 7s or wild cards)

Three 7s and/ or aces in a players hand minus 1500

3s counted against you if no canasta.

All questions during play should be asked of committee members.

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Date and Time


Oakdale Golf & Country Club

2388 Jane Street

Toronto, ON M3M 1A8


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