3 Steps To Reduce Stress & Anxiety For Teens So You Build Confidence

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YWCA Hotel Vancouver

733 Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 2M4


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Stress and anxiety is a common struggle for teens.

This often leads teenagers to feel overwhelmed, lose confidence, and not sure of how they can manage their stress and anxiety.

When this occurs, it can feel frustrating because they:

*May not know they're struggling with anxiety, so you're powerless to change.

*Know stress and anxiety is affecting them, but there's fear or embarrassment in seeking help

*They want to get help, but don't know where to go

When you're in the above scenarios the stress and anxiety can build and take the happiness out of your life as it becomes a cycle of fear, dread, and missed opportunities.

I know how this feels as I personally struggled with anxiety and panic attacks from the age of 14-29, the despair, overwhelm, and helplessness in gaining control of it.

When I hit 30 years old, I entered Stress Management programs and worked with professionals to gain control of the anxiety and panic attacks.

From here, I started a blog sharing my journey and gained a following as people connected with the open sharing of the process.

It was in gaining the stress management tools that I began changing my life. As the stress and anxiety reduced, the panic attacks reduced.

In a couple years, I became a confident person that was speaking to groups on the steps I used to reduce stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.

From here, I became a Stress Management Trainer and combine Mindfulness techniques, while sharing from a place of lived experience with struggle, so people felt comfortable sharing their challenges because they wouldn't feel judged.

This event is my community give back. It's about EMPOWERING Teens with stress management tools so they can improve their happiness, confidence, and become the Young Leaders Of Tomorrow that they're destined to be.

This is a FREE event for teens aged 12-15. We have limited seating and the event will book out quickly, so if you're interested in gaining tools, techniques, and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety, register today.

What You Will Learn In The Event:

In this event you will discover:

• Answers to why stress and anxiety is so common for teens and how you can control it.

• 3 Breathing Techniques you can use ANYTIME to reduce stress and anxiety. One of the techniques is from a Harvard-educated Dr. Weil that has proven to relieve stress by timing your breathing when under pressure

• Night routines that help you sleep better so you can shut down like a computer and feel rejuvenated in the mornings for maximum mental focus

• Techniques to control your mind, especially when your mind is racing with negative thoughts.

• A list of FREE tools and resources you can use after the event so you can continue to control your stress and anxiety levels. When you use the strategies, each time it becomes easier and your ability to reduce stress and anxiety improve.

Event Facilitators:

*Lucas Mattiello:

Lucas Mattiello lived with major stress and anxiety for 15 years before seeking assistance to face his challenges, Lucas is well versed in the causes of anxiety, how it feels to struggle, and what steps are needed to become empowered to self-manage anxiety. Lucas began sharing his experiences online and was asked to assist others facing similar challenges. These led to invitations to speak in public and lead workshops to reveal his message of hope to those struggling with stress and anxiety. Today, Lucas feels grateful to use his experiences as an Anxiety Coach that facilitates individual and corporate training to conquer stress and anxiety.

Michele Labelle:

Michele's career in Respiratory Therapy of 16 years and gave her a unique view on the breath. Her meditation and healing practices started in 1996 which lead her to yoga while on a retreat in Encinitas CA in 2002. She has been enjoying teaching Yoga since 2003.

Michele's passion for teaching Yoga to teens started when she volunteered for Yoga Outreach at Burnaby Youth Secure for over 7 years. This led her to initiate a yoga program in adolescent mental health at BC Children’s Hospital in 2005, in addition to teaching yoga to teens in the eating disorders program. Her styles of Yoga include Hatha, Restorative and Kundalini. What she brings to people in her life is a sense of being honored, grounded and confidence in knowing their body through yoga, breathing and an inner awareness of self.

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Date and Time


YWCA Hotel Vancouver

733 Beatty Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 2M4


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