'A Taste of Nurturing Spirit' Retreat Calgary

'A Taste of Nurturing Spirit' Retreat Calgary

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Calgary Community Of Christ

422 11 Avenue Southeast


Calgary, AB T2G 0Y4


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Experience some of the practices from An Afternoon of Nurturing Spirit and Creating Connection. Be Inspired, Energized, and Connected. BE.

About this event

A Taste of Nurturing Spirit

In-person retreat in Calgary September 16 & 17, 2022

For more information and to register go to NurturingSpirit.CreatingConnection.ca

$75 per person, register early, space is limited.

You must register at www.NurturingSpirit.CreatingConnection.ca you can only RSVP on this page.

What to bring:

*If you have a frame drum, djembe, rattle, or another percussive instrument, please bring it. Drums are not required to participate.

*Walking shoes for outdoor Meditative Walk, jacket or umbrella for inclement weather.

*Pens and Journals will be provided.

*Lunch and snacks are included.

A Taste of Nurturing Spirit Session Descriptions

Listening Circles - led by Debra Donohue

What is a listening Circle? In the listening circle, everyone is given the opportunity to share their thoughts without interruption. There is usually a time allotted for each person, so when it’s your turn, you can pause and take your time between thoughts and share as you are moved to do so. When we're listening we will practice active listening where you listen without having to prepare a response or question. Your sole job is to listen and to learn about others views.

Drum Circle: Rhythm of Connection - led by Jan Hornford

Experience the blessings of the Drum.

The drum offers healing vibrations and transformational rhythms. Drumming is not about playing a musical instrument or learning a skill or technique. Drumming is about connecting with your Inner Wisdom and being empowered to express your personal rhythm. Drumming is an inclusive practice that creates human connection. Drumming can take you beyond your personal concerns and be a life-enhancing experience. It creates a holistic experience for the body, mind and spirit.


How to drum, with or without a drum.

How the drum connects you to your heart, to everyone in the circle, and to the Earth.

How to partner with your drum for creative expression and transformation.

How drumming promotes healing by reducing stress, releasing emotions, and calming the mind.

And how the blessings of the Drum flow from the circle to the entire world.

If you have a frame drum, djembe, rattle, or another percussive instrument, please bring it. Drums are not required to participate.

Walking Meditation - led by Rhonda Clark and Debra Donohue

Imagine walking with an expanded awareness beyond our chattering thoughts — igniting our 6 senses — feeling the rhythms of our bodies‘ movement; focusing on our feet; heal softly touching earth; rolling to our toes - slowing down - relaxing - letting go - consciously breathing with each step. Rhonda will share techniques to help your walk be better than ever!

As you walk, SLOW down and really notice everything around you. Stop and spend some time with a leaf, or a rock, or an insect. How many wings does the insect have? Notice the lines in the rock or the veins in the leaf. Practice paying attention and experience a deeper level of connection between you and the world.

Exploring the Soul’s Blueprint - A Divine Plan and Purpose - led by Barbara Ptak

Have you ever wished you had a manual for life?

What if you had access to information that explained your purpose and the life path you're on?

Can you imagine the empowerment of being in the flow of change with total confidence that your choices were in alignment with your purpose?

Learn about your soul's blueprint. How a soul design impacts relationships, activates triggers during stress, and connects past experiences that influence the present-day including the qualities that provide strength and wisdom for growth.

In an active exercise through meditation and journaling explore your soul blueprint rooms with a:

​Journey To The Foundation Of Your Soul's Path

Connect To The Energy Of Your Soul Origination In Your Blueprint Rooms

Learn What They Represent And How They May Impacting Your Life Today

Movement Meditation - led by Rhonda Clarke

Movement Meditation is a simple way to release tension in the body, flush out emotions, quiet the mind, and feel ONE with spirit. Rhonda Clarke will explain how music and movement can re-wire the brain to more joyful choices.

Rhonda has created her own movement system called alivEmotion and has trained teachers globally. The moto is "To dance means to decide who I want to be and therefore, become who I am."

A Taste of Nurturing Spirit Schedule

*schedule subject to change

Friday September 16th

Calgary Community of Christ 112 - 422 11 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 0Y4

7pm Welcome and Introductions – Debra Donohue

7:30 Listening Groups – Debra Donohue

8:00 Instructions on Journaling – Alyona Brivkina

8:05 Opening Drum Circle – Jan Hornford

8:35 Journaling

8:45 Q&A time

9:00 Goodnight

Saturday September 17th

9:30 Doors open coffee and muffins provided

9:45 Welcome explanation of the day – Debra Donohue

10:15 Short meditation to welcome and centre us – Barbara Ptak

10:30 Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – Denise Swick

Journaling (10 minutes)

11:40 Outdoor Meditative Walk with Rhonda Clarke and Debra Donohue

Journaling (10 minutes)

12:45 Lunch – provided

1:15 Soul Blueprint – Barbara Ptak

Journaling (10 minutes)

2:30 Movement & Music – Rhonda Clarke

Journaling (10 minutes)

3:30 Snack provided

3:45 Listening Groups – Debra Donohue

4:30 Gather as large group, sharing time

5:00 Closing Drum Circle

Our Creating Connection Team

Debra Donohue Creating Connection Director, Western Canada

Debra Donohue has directed a wide variety of retreats, conferences, and events over the past 15 years. She also hosts and oversees the many online sessions for Creating Connection in Western Canada. She loves working with all ages from 3-years old to 98. Debra is passionate about getting people together to play, sing, meditate, walk, talk, learn, laugh, and share meals. You can join Debra online via meetup.com where she is the producer and host of ‘An Afternoon of Nurturing Spirit’ and ‘Coffee and Conversation’.

Email Debra@CreatingConnection.ca

Event Schedule https://www.meetup.com/nurturing-spirit-retreats/events/

Rhonda Clarke Global Nomad, Astrologer, Teacher, Healing Modalities

Rhonda brings years of experience in many Modalities of Healing, Meditation, Movement Therapy and Emotional Wisdom. As a Global Nomad living overseas most of her life, Rhonda has learned to understand that we are all “same-same, but different” in the Oneness of who we are. She sees life from a broader perspective and has learned to “witness” the emotional body as well as nurture our physical, mental, and spiritual selves in many unique ways.

Rhonda has experienced many forms of Healing Modalities such as: Healing Massage, Energy Healing (Studied Barbara Brennan and Donna Eden, Certified in Reiki, Quantum Touch, Language of Light, and experienced the Reconnection and more), Breathwork, Raindrop Therapy, Intuitive Astrology and has taught Intuitive Development classes. She has studied many forms of physical movement her entire life (from Sports, Triathlons and Personal Fitness Training to Tai Chi, Yoga, Nia Technique to her own alivEmotion) and believes physically moving is important in the mental and emotional balance. Rhonda owned The Movement Center in Thailand where she hosted many International Therapists. She also worked and trained at top spa/healing facilities in Thailand, UK, Russia, Singapore, US, and Canada.

Phone 403-472-6787

Email rhondaannclarke@gmail.com

Website www.RhondaAnnClarke.com

Barbara Ptak

Barbara Ptak is the founder of Wellness Balancing as a Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Akashic Records, Mindfulness and Belief Systems. She helps spiritual individuals understand their responses around relationships, decision-making, and reactions to change so that they can confidently lean into life trusting their inner guidance and innate wisdom.

Email: barbara@wellnessbalancing.com

Website: www.wellnessbalancing.com

Jan Hornford

Jan Hornford is a Druid and Writer. She is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and holds a First Class Honors BSc in Zoology, is a trained Life Coach, a Master Certified Retreat Coach, and a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator. She is a Shamanic Practitioner who trained with Manfred Lukas and Peter Calhoun in non-cultural Shamanism, and is a student of the Mystery School of Energy with Teacher and Practitioner Mona Wind. Jan leads drum circles, labyrinth walks, rituals and retreats. She empowers people to discover the wisdom that lives in Nature and how it can help them in their everyday living.

Email: jan@futureperfect.ca

Website: https://janhornford.com

Alyona Brivkina

Alyona Brivkina is a certified life coach and YouTube creator. Her mission is to transform ten thousand people's minds, so they can study, work, and live in the place of their dreams. She believes that everything is possible once you can visualize it in your head. Alyona works with clients to achieve real transformation by changing their mindset on the way to their dreams.

It’s scientifically proven that what we have in life is created by our actions. Our emotions and behaviours are the results of our thinking. Alyona empowers her clients to change their way of thinking to achieve what they thought was impossible for them before.

Email: practiceofbighappiness@gmail.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlyonaBrivkina

CREATING CONNECTION CANADA is a network of welcoming and inclusive communities committed to sharing authentic conversation, nurturing meaningful activities, promoting holistic wellness practices, and fostering compassionate action. We are LGBTQ+ affirming.

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