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ABC-IQ tips and skills for life success. Online / in residence blended learning programs, mental and emotional health strategies.

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Training suitable for Nurses, Literacy Specialists, Counselors, Clergy, Healers, Resource Specialists. Social Services / Educator Administrators / Teachers Course delivered online with in residence certification applications.

Mind Science CBT Training Mental and Emotional Health Skills

Practitioners complete the regular course and apply this knowledge to your own life to demonstrate understanding and knowledge application. In order to teach others, we must understand and apply to ourselves to demonstrate leader as learner.


Learn how to integrate and differentiate cultural practices promoting unity, peace, mindfulness, health, wellness and sustainability.

Story Telling / Literacy Skills Respect Culture / Honoring Past / Present and Future

Processes of Application

Leadership / Tone and Tune - Processes of Application / Culture Development

Personalized Learning - How are you smart?

Multiple Intelligence Education - Differentiation

ME Skills Essentials for Mental and Emotional Health

Job Skills

Arts Literacy

Career Skills

Culture Skills

Natural Health

Problem Solving, Anger and Stress Management, Resiliency, Trauma

Strategies to understand FEAR, The protective / intuitive instinct

Tips and Strategies

Application to Entrepreneurship

Career Skills Planning

Money, Financial Skills, Organizational Skills.

Learn a 4 step problem solving process celebrating the arts.

Bridging education past, present and future, ABC- IQ provides online distance blended learning programs with short stay in residence certification retreats. Through online or in house consultation, ABC-IQ consultants work with clients to maximize personal, professional and organizational effectiveness.

At ABC-IQ we are portals for progress, we believe that all people are unique and are capable of learning. ABC-IQ skills programs are complementary to any curriculum, providing personalized learning tools and applications. Skills training programs are suitable to Health Sciences, Education, Social Sciences and Leadership.

Celebrating cultural diversity as our strength with joy setting our standard for life, we utilize technology as a support tool providing global skill programs of education. ABC-IQ programs and interactive's are offered as software as a teaching and training tool, software as a service, independent learning and or blended in residence training.

ABC-IQ's programs develop strategic design thinking strategies, critical thinking, principle and value based leadership skills bringing together the greatest collection of thought processes, principles and strategies applying the law of attraction and emotional intelligence across the multiple intelligence's.

Our signature training program, Mind Science, brings together the best of the best of ABC-IQ faculty, 21st century leaders and leaders of past, thousands of ABC-IQ tips, Mind Flex CBT activities and daily processes and strategies for arts literacy, me skills supports, culture exploration and self skills learning.

ABC-IQ Tips, Digestible Bite Sized Bits of literacy Skills Tips provide high interest and low vocabulary learning options for the ESL or visual learner. ABC-IQ Tips utilize sharp image visuals to aid in making learning connections visually.

Arts Literacy Skills Essentials Programs

Supporting with ME TIME Culture Skills Development.

Celebrating Nature as Our Classroom, We Push the Educational Boundaries

Re-defining the ABC'S of the Multiple Intelligence Quotient.

Bringing Joy To Billions

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