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Access Consciousness Bars®

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25 Napier Road

St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape 6312

South Africa

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Access Bars™ is the hands-on process of Access Consciousness™ .

An easy reference to what Access Bars™ include is: “Where Reflexology works on parts of your body and on the feet, the Bars works on areas of your life and on the head.”

We all have 32 points on the head, known in Access Consciousness™ as the “Bars”. These bars represent specific areas like money, creativity, sexuality, control, body, aging, sadness, joy and more.

A simple, non-invasive energy technique known as “running the Bars” involves a Bars Practitioner lightly touching each of the 32 bars points on the client’s head, energizing certain points or Bars which activate stored information.

The Science Behind Bars

Review of Access Bars™ by Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin

Every-one knows that our brains are compared to a computer, thus it also stores electrical energy.

All of our thoughts, feelings and emotions have an electrical component and when we decide that something is significant, important or should be held onto, we store it in our brain – like a giant computer programmed with a lifetime of considerations, all stuck inside.

The judgments, attitudes, decisions and limiting beliefs that energetically get stuck to our mind, limit our capacity to generation new ideas with ease and joy in your life. In computer terms, these put up firewalls.

Running the Bars by gently touching the bars points on the head, dissipates the electromagnetic charge holding these emotions and releases our accumulated judgments, attitudes, decisions and limiting beliefs that we’ve stored over our lifetime.

The process of running your Bars is like removing firewalls and deleting old files from your computer.

More on the Bars

How often should you have your Bars run?

This is entirely up to you. How good would you like to feel? How easy would you like your life to be?

Some Bars facilitators wonder why we don’t all do it every day! Most like to have their bars run at least once a week, or whenever they feel stressed, cranky, or out of sorts with how their lives are going. After any kind of major shock or trauma or energetic shift of any kind is another time to consider having your bars done.

How long does the effect of a Bars session last?

Once you have your Bars done, the Bars “run” or continue to release stuck energy forever. Every time you have it done after that, the effect becomes more dynamic. The most dramatic effects tend to be noticed within 3-4 weeks of the session.

Results seen from running the Access Bars

  • Releases the blocks caused by the build up of anger, frustration and exhaustion where it locks into your body

  • Helps with Autism, ADD & ADHD

  • Eliminates aches, pains and stiffness in the body

  • Allows more energy to be available and flow through you

  • Improves sleep

  • Creates a feeling of peace and well-being

  • Quiets the distracting chatter in your head

  • Relieves the tension in both mind and body

  • Have an awareness that your life is improving and “problem” areas become easier and finally cease to be a problem.

  • More youthful appearance

  • Assist with test anxiety for children

  • Have increased perception and intuition

  • You will notice negative issues disappearing

  • You feel both relaxed and invigorated at the same time

  • Improves your interpersonal relationships by creating a space of allowance for self and others

  • Wonderful for prenancies

  • Shifts the places where limitation is being created and opens you up to receiving more possibility in all areas of life Access shows you that you can have infinite choice, infinite possibilities and infinite contribution and how to ask questions to help open up access to those choices, possibilities and contribution that is available if you ask for it.

  • Heightened state of awareness of your gifts, talents & abilities

  • What else will be your awareness and consciousness?

Date and Time


25 Napier Road

St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape 6312

South Africa

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