Algonquin College - Campus Esports Tournament

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Algonquin College

Theatre Lobby

Ottawa, On, ON L2H 0H5

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Agonquin College Student’s Association (SA) is participating in We Got Game! Campus Esports Tournament. On February 26th, 2019 Algonquin’s SA will host a Intramural qualifier Campus Esports tournament for FIFA 19, NBA 2K19 on both PS4 and Xbox One and Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch in the Theatre Lobby from 3pm-8pm.

FIFA 19 and 2K19 will be a single elimination event on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Each game can have up to 64 players total with 32 players on each console.

Smash Bros Ultimate can host up to 64 players total on the Nintendo Switch.

The top 4 finalists on each game will qualify to participate in our Extramural Campus Esports Tournament finals event on March 9th at Humber College located 205 Humber College Blvd, Toronto Canada in the Ignite Student Centre building.

Any questions, please stop by the Student’s Association office.

See more information on for additional details.

FAQs and Rules


What can I bring into the event?

We Got Game! will provide enough controllers for all players. Students are allowed to bring personal controllers as an option. Personal controllers must be “marked” with your name to identify ownership. Players must advise a We Got Game! staff of their personal controller before each of their matches.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Any questions should be directed to campus organizer which is usually a member of student union or athletic department. They will then forward questions to organizer if questions can not be answered immediately.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

We suggest players bring your printed ticket along with your student ID and another piece of ID. Information on registered ticket much match student ID. Any discrepancies can lead to forfeit your registration.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

No. whoever registered must be the participant.


Registered participant will receive 2-3 notifications prior to the event. The notification will ask if you are still participating in our Campus Esports event. You must respond “Yes” if you still plan to attend. If you do not respond within 24hrs, we assume you are no longer attending which we will Forfeit your registration. The reason for this format is to ensure we maximize registration and ensure students who registered are still participating.

Student ID

Student ID must be on hand at the event along with another piece of ID. Student ID Information must be valid and match other ID provided.

What are the prizes?

We Got Game! will reward prizes of a minimum of $5000.00 total between all games played. See for details of the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each tournament. Note: Visa Gift cards are subject to fees and interests which is the responsibility of the winners. We Got Game! is not responsible for any charges made by 3rd party.



- 1v1

- Single Elimination

- Lengendary

- Game Speed- Normal

- 5 minute halves

- club teams only. A player can choose a different team during the tournament. Players can not choose the same team. If necessary, a coin toss will be made to determine which player receives the selected team.

- No legacy defense (Unliess both competing players choose otherwise)

- Golden Goal is used if OverTime. If no goal is scored, game is restarted and 1st goal wins. (Same teams must be used if restarted).

- Other options are considered as default.

WGG! Staff is able to change or modify rules if needed or not documented above.


- 1v1

- Single Elimination

- 5 min Quarters

- Current NBA teams used with the exception Golden State Warriors. Players have a clear advantage with this team.

- 2K view is the default. If both players agree on a view then it may be used.

- Standard/Pro is default. If both players agree to other format it will be allowed.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Genisis 6 rules


Double elimination


Hazards Off

Final Smash Meter Off

The five starter stages players are allowed to pick at Battlefield, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium 2 and Smashville. Counterpick for stage select includes Castle Siege, Kalos Pokemon League, Town & City, Unova Pokemon League, Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Island (Brawl).

After each game of the set, the winning player is allowed to ban two stages from the available picks. The loser of the first game then selects from the remaining stages.

All games above may be subject to change at the discretion of We Got Game! staff. We Got Game! will settle any disputes which MUST be honoured and respect by each player. We have the author to ban players from event for any reason.

Players who we find not fit to be a part of the Esports team is at our discretion. This can be based on attitude, behaviour, comments or language.

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Date and Time


Algonquin College

Theatre Lobby

Ottawa, On, ON L2H 0H5

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