All Spiritual Books Free on 24th February

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Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training

Triq San Albert

GZR 1157 Sliema


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All our Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Spiritual Books Free to Download the weekend of 24th February.

The Series of nine (9) fiction and non-fiction books focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and mindfulness. The series of many genres, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction the world of Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training explores numerous self-development themes. According to Nuit, the mindfulness books series is inspired by yin and yang, by mythology, alchemy, and within the parenting world by simplicity parenting, and alternative teaching educational models

The Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Series of books and courses

encourage readers to adopt healthy vegetarian or vegan diets that have the least ecological foot-print, to avoid using plastic, to spend time in nature, grow own vegetables adopting a sustainable life-style, to work with habits that empower the physical body: the choice of healthy nutrition, and regular exercise regime together with the mind training. The daily routine includes practices of concentration and meditation, practicing love to improve the ability to connect with oneself and others, The non-fiction books encourage creative intelligence, creative thinking, and exploring tools of mindful living.

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The titles of the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Series include:

1. Art of 4 Elements:

Discover Alchemy through Poetry. The book explores alchemy and 4 elements, 4 stages of life, 4 magic directions 265 pages, ISBN: 978-99957-54-00-6

2. A Guide to Mindful Eating

with 45 Veggie Recipes, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #2, A collection of Mindful Eating Exercises and recipes that help the reader examine the eating habits and patterns within every day’s life. Vegetarian cooking book with mindfulness exercises. ISBN: 978-99957-54-06-8

3. Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes,

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #3, 120 pages. 6"x9". Mindful Eating book is designed with the best Alchemy of Love Mindful Eating Exercises and a collection of Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes. Mindful Eating Exercises help with over-eating, eating too often, eating too little, eating junk food, food allergies, etc. Vegan cooking book. ISBN: 978-99957-54-02-0

4. Mindful Being.

Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #4, 192 pages. Size: 8"x10". Mindful Being is a 12 Modules Course full of self-development and mindfulness exercises that combine meditation, mindful living exercises, soul’s diary, spiritual diary, relationship contracts, and many other daily spiritual transformation tools to help the reader live the highest potential. The Mindful Being examines: Nutrition, Core Beliefs, Emotions, Mind Power offering 100s of self-development tools to increase Mindfulness, Creative Thinking, Joy and Love. ISBN: 978-99957-54-03-7

5. Conscious Parenting.

Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents [43], [44] [45] [46] by Nataša Pantović Nuit, Year: 2015, Publisher: Artof4elements. Paperback: 226 pages. Size: 8"x10". Conscious Parenting Course is a Mindful Living Training designed for parents with mindfulness exercises and various creativity tools. Inspired by Waldorf educational model, Finland educational system with personal-development tools to look into parenting goals, dreams and priorities. In a video interview Nataša Pantović Nuit explains how Conscious Parenting differs from other types of parenting [47] ISBN: 978-99957-54-04-4

6. Tree of Life.

Tree of Life with Spiritual Poetry, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #9, 256 pages. Size: 6"x9". Tree of Life is a journey through many true life stories interwoven into the make-up of our souls’ journey within the planet Earth. Starting with Maya of Power, and a visit to the Field of Dreams, discovery of the Alchemy of Soul, deeper understanding of “Ubuntu” that: a person is only a person through their relationship to others, ascending and descending the magic Spiral to enter Wu Wei, the action with no action, the Path of Divine Intentions. ISBN: 978-9995754136

7. A-Ma Alchemy of Love

Spiritual Novel by Nataša Pantović Nuit, 244 pages Size: 6"x9". A-Ma is a historical spiritual fiction book set in the 17th century Macao, China. The main protagonist is Ama, an African alchemist, Goddess, a guru, a lover, a story-teller that inspires and gathers artists, preachers, priests, philosophers from all around the world within the magic settings of her coffee house. ISBN-13: 978-9995754198
All the events and manuscripts mentioned within the book: the Dutch attack to Macao 24th of June 1622 Fortaleza do Monte proved crucial in successfully holding off the attempted Dutch invasion, Dutch East India Company, the Reform of the Chinese Calendar during 1630s in China, Father Schall’s Johann Adam Schall von Bell Appointment to the Chinese Board of Mathematicians (during 1650s), Witch hunt, and Witches Manual, Chinese culture, etc, are carefully researched historical facts. During the 17th century, some 5,000 slaves lived in Macau, around 2,000 Portuguese and 20,000 Chinese. The book uses history to create the connection between actions of the individuals that live surrounded by magic. Ama is born in A-Ma Temple in Macau. A-Ma takes us on an exploration journey discovering the secrets of the bond we all have created during the millions of life-times on

8. Chanting Mantas with Best Chords

Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #6, Size: 8"x10" 77 pages. This guide is a chanting mantras manual designed to help within the mantras meditation journey. With more than 50 mantras from all around the world, their spiritual meanings, lyrics and chords, it explores: Hindu Sacred Mantras; Buddhist Mantras; Sufi Chants; New-Consciousness Mantras in English. ISBN: 978-99957-54-15-0

9, Conscious Creativity.

Conscious Creativity: Mindfulness Meditations, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #7, 96 pages, Size: 6"x9". A collection of meditations, prayers and creativity exercises. It was during the Renaissance that creativity was first seen, not as a matter of divine inspiration, but as a gift of a great learned man to imitate God’s ability to create. Developing both Left and Right Brain could be essential for Creative Thinkers of our Future. To purify mind we start with the consciousness that the energy follows thoughts. Creativity Mindfulness Meditations explore prayers from around the world, meditation techniques, and mindfulness meditations. ISBN: 978-9995754112. We are in a process of creating a new edition.of this book. Watch this space...

The Best self help and Healing and life transformation books lists with some of our Mindfulness Books as voted by the readers of Goodreads.

The Best self help and healing and life transformation books with Mindful Being towards Mindful Living CourseBest Books Divine Female Goodreads Readers with A-Ma Alchemy of LoveBest Books Divine Female Goodreads Readers with A-Ma Alchemy of Love

To access books please go to Amazon.ša-Nuit-Pantović/e/B00TUA1528

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Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training

Triq San Albert

GZR 1157 Sliema


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