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A Well-Crafted Actionable 75 Minutes Tutorial

Breakthrough in machine learning would be worth 10 Microsofts.” — Bill Gates

Encompassing all facets of AI, the General Secretariat of MONTREAL.AI introduces, with authority and insider knowledge: "AI 101 Webinar: The First World-Class Overview of AI for the General Public".


AI opens up a world of new possibilities. This AI 101 Webinar harnesses the fundamentals of artificial intelligence for the purpose of providing participants with powerful AI tools to learn, deploy and scale AI.

Teaching the individuals who, with AI, will shape the 21st Century.

(AI) will rank among our greatest technological achievements, and everyone deserves to play a role in shaping it.” — Fei-Fei Li

Teaching the individuals who, with AI, will shape the 21st Century.

POWERFUL & USEFUL. This actionable webinar is designed to entrust participants with the mindset, the skills and the tools to see artificial intelligence from an empowering new vantage point by :

  1. Exalting state of the art discoveries and science ;
  2. Curating the best open-source codes & implementations ; and
  3. Embodying the impetus that drives today’s artificial intelligence.

A Well-Crafted Actionable 75 Minutes Tutorial

Program overview: "Pioneering an Impactful Understanding of AI"

Opening Address

Session 0 · Getting Started

  • In the Cloud
  • On a Local Machine

Session 1 · Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks
  • Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs)
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
  • Unsupervised Deep Learning (Self-Supervised Learning, Generative Adversarial Nets and Variational Autoencoders)

Session 2 · Autonomous Agents

  • Evolution Strategies
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Self Play: A Quantum Leap
  • Deep Meta-Learning

Session 3 · Environments

  • OpenAI Gym
  • DeepMind Lab
  • Unity ML-Agents

Special Address

Preliminary resources:

  1. AI 101 CheatSheet:
  2. Facebook Group:
  3. Curated Open-Source Codes:


Keynote: Vincent Boucher, Founding Chairman at MONTREAL.AI.

In 1996, Vincent Boucher completed a B. Sc. Theoretical Physics in 1 (one) year, followed by a Master's degree in Government Policy Analysis (1998) and a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering (Space Technology) (2000). From 2000 to 2002, he provided management consulting services for the Canadian Space Agency.

In 2003, Vincent founded MONTREAL.AI.

Montreal Artificial Intelligence

MONTREAL.AI (WWW.MONTREAL.AI) is a research Company at the forefront of the artificial intelligence field developing and commercializing the most significant technology ever created by humankind.

We are on the dawn of The Age of Artificial Intelligence. The Montreal.AI Academy teaches AI for the purpose of settling planetary-scale problems.

Language: Tutorial (webinar) given in English.

Location: This is an online event. Attendees will receive a link to join the event two (2) weeks prior to the event.

* The content of the webinar is for your personal use and should not be shared or/and distributed.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

The General Secretariat of MONTREAL.AI :

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