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Xenia Centre - 'A Place To Be'

782 Smith Road

Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2


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A 3-day retreat to explore and embody an Economy of Radical Belonging

About this Event

You are wholeheartedly invited to dive deeply with us into the true nature of an Economy of Radical Belonging.

We are gathering to inquire into what it means to live a truly awakened life – in all our relationships, intentional and unintentional. We are gathering to see and taste the great web of inter-connectedness! To see ourselves in every "other", and open our hearts to radical inclusiveness of all that is.

When we begin to see clearly the many ways that we are woven into a rich tapestry of exchange and reciprocity, we find that we belong to our communities and to Life itself.

Knowing that we belong, deeply, opens the way to knowing our whole selves and our true roots. When our awareness has tapped into the fertile ground of radical belonging, our interactions and exchanges multiply into awakened, thriving economies of joy, creativity, and comprehensive well-being that are natural expressions of our inter-being.

This next evolution of economy depends on our consciousness, individual and collective.

Together we will explore how each of us is a powerful creator; how our thoughts and actions are continuously creating the world we live in, the world we love and the world we fear.

We will work with deep listening – listening to the SOURCE, listening with love and appreciation for one another. Listening to the nature around us: to “Opa” a 1,000 year-old Douglas Fir, the rocks, the wind. Listening for the wisdom that can help us to bring forth radical belonging in our daily lives, starting right where we are.

We will share our inspirations and our dreams. We will tell our stories of personal and collective transformation and awakening. We will share our gifts and offerings. We will open our hearts, expand our consciousness, and witness the evolution of one another right before our eyes.

The Venue

This retreat will take place at the Xenia Centre on beautiful Bowen Island, a Gulf Island just miles from Vancouver, British Columbia.

See the Xenia website to get a sense of this center, founded 25 years ago as a place to be “inspired, rejuvenated, still, at peace, creative, engaged and yourself”! It’s located on a former farmstead in the midst of a beautiful and wonderfully peaceful forest that is graced with the thousand-year-old Douglas Fir named Opa. Also onsite are a Labyrinth, an infra-red sauna, walking trails in the forest and around nearby Killarney Lake, and several meditation & meeting spaces. As well, the central lodge, the oldest building on Bowen, has a comfortable living room, dining area and kitchen for our use. This site will offer each of us an opportunity to witness and experience Nature’s “economy” as spring turns to early summer on the west coast.

The accommodations at Xenia are in the central lodge, older cabins and two yurts. The spaces are clean and warm and “Rustic” – not high-end hotel rooms. There are only a few spaces that will suit single persons so we will be in our own beds but sharing the room with others. Some of the cabins do not have ensuite bathrooms and folks staying in those units will need to go next door to use a bathroom or take a shower. Rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you book the more choice you will have.

If having a single/private room and/or ensuite bathroom are of high importance to you, then see the links for names of nearby B&B and AirB&B accommodations. Anyone choosing offsite options will need to cover their costs over and above the retreat fee.


Check in time is 3:00 pm on April 16, 2020. Please plan to arrive by 5:00pm to allow you to settle in before our first meal together at 6:00pm.

Check out time from the accommodations spaces is noon on April 19, 2020. The retreat will complete by 2:30.


The retreat fee includes three nights accommodation, access to Xenia’s facilities, two catered meals per day, snacks, and self-serve breakfasts.

Early Bird Rate (til March 15, 2020) C$875 (~US$660)

Regular rate (after March 15, 2020) C$1,025 (~US$775)

Note: fees are the suggested minimum, as they cover only our actual costs and just room and board for the organizers. We intend to explore what a Gift Economy might look like (where money is one type of gift) so this is a great place to practice gifting.

To register:

Please either register through this Eventbrite site, or send an e-transfer for PayPal payment of $250 to incitepress@telus.net. This will secure your spot and establish the order of first come first served for the accommodation options.

Getting there

By Car: Drive to the BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Terminal in West Vancouver. Take the ferry to Snug Cove Terminal on Bowen Island, and drive about 5-7 minutes to Xenia Centre.

By Transit: Bowen Island is a short 20 minute ferry trip from the BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay Terminal in West Vancouver. The Horseshoe Bay terminal is fully accessible by public transit from Downtown Vancouver (~30 minutes) and also from the Vancouver International Airport (90 minutes). Check with Translink’s Trip Planner for route and timing options. If coming by transit, please plan to arrive on the Island by 4:35 PM ferry at the latest. Let us know your timing, and we’ll come pick you up at the Snug Cove ferry terminal.

The Organizers

We four so look forward to co-creating with you a shared exploration of Awakened Economy, acknowledging your gifts and genius!

Evan Renaerts, an executive coach and consultant, draws on five decades of experience spanning blue-collar construction work to C-Suite consulting, and from 35 years of meditation practice to expressing creativity through paint and clay. His background in heavy construction involved bidding and managing multi-million dollar projects in complex unionized and multi contractor contexts where he was known for running trouble free jobs. Evan is a certified mediator and negotiator (Justice Institute of BC), and was part of the consulting team at the United Community Services Coop. In 1990-93, Evan took what became a four year sabbatical and immersed himself in the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual and intentional community in northern Scotland. There he took on management of the Maintenance Department, management of the Park (the largest physical site for the Foundation), facilitated guest workshops, and was an active member in the Foundation’s Senior Management Group. He is also credited with stewarding a process that revitalized the Foundation’s Staff Group. Deeply committed to radical self inquiry, since 2018 Evan has worked extensively with plant medicines to challenge his beliefs and habit patterns and to continue opening to a full and rich life.

Kate Sutherland is a social entrepreneur and organizational development consultant with a passion for bridging mindsets, stakeholders, silos, and sectors to support innovation and greater positive impact. Digging deeper, Kate is on a lifelong quest for ways to quicken peace and joy. This has included deep dives into alternative education, economics, community, and inner work, along with a geeky fascination for group dynamics — groups being a doorway to win-win-win breakthroughs in perception, thinking, and action. For over 35 years she has worked with think tanks, non-profits, private-sector organizations and governments at all levels, and on issues as diverse as energy policy, urban transportation, food security, social inclusion, community currencies, early childhood development, and livable cities. She is increasingly focused on helping leaders and change agents create non-linear change through inner work (i.e. intention, perception, intuition and consciousness), tapping the latent capacity of groups for collective intelligence, co-creation and flow. Kate is also co-founding faculty and executive coach for Simon Fraser University’s Social Innovation Certificate, SFU’s Certificate in Evaluation for Social Impact and Transformational Learning, and THNK School of Creative Leadership. Her third book, We Can Do This! makes accessible frameworks used by professional facilitators and consultants. http://www.katersutherland.com

Jeff Vander Clute is a veteran technology entrepreneur, consciousness coach, and organizational transformation consultant committed to harmonizing human systems with Earth’s ecosystems. Jeff has grown companies in the online, medical imaging, social enterprise, and consciousness domains, and he has advised numerous other businesses and charitable organizations. Along the way, he has developed unique methods for leadership transformation and inspired decision-making that enable teams to operate with greater wisdom and achieve worldchanging results. Jeff delights in helping complex living systems – especially organizations that are contributing strongly to social and environmental well-being – to evolve and thrive during these times of disruption and new possibilities. He is able to see the gifts that are seeking to be born in his clients and facilitate the emergence of their more awakened selves in alignment with the trends of shifting consciousness on the planet. He creates and leads retreats, workshops, and other transformational experiences for people who are ready to dive into their radical potential as change agents. Jeff is a longtime member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, the board chair of the Source of Synergy Foundation, and a co-founder of Sourcing The Way, The Consciousness of Money, and Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions. jeffvanderclute.com

Anne Stadler, Wise Woman, Disruptor, and Convenor/Host of Radical Open Space. For more see: https://enlightenment.zone/team/anne-stadler/

Date and Time


Xenia Centre - 'A Place To Be'

782 Smith Road

Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2


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