Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia

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1082 Seymour Street (Ground Floor Meeting Room)

Vancouver, BC V6B 1X9


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We will have a beautiful ATIH Workshop (the life's work and teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek) in Vancouver June 22-24, 2018. I look forward to seeing you and sharing these ancient techniques and teachings assisting you in remembering who you really are! You can contact me directly with any questions and/or check out my website www.lukesellars.com

I Love You

The ATIH Workshop will provide you with everything needed to enter your Heart and create the life that you desire from only Love. To support this process parts of the workshop are completely dedicated to healing including a beautiful group Healing Ceremony. During the following days you will be guided to activate your Beams of Light and opening of your 3rd eye which will generate a Halo around your Head. This activation will increase and develop your psychic abilities. As the final result of this workshop, your natural Mer-Ka-Ba which is your Light Body will activate from your Heart and become immediately permanent. The workshop encompasses all that you need for Ascension which is necessary to shift into higher levels of consciousness.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Outline of the Workshop

• Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering

• The difference between Love & Fear Meditations

• The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek

• Healing Your Emotional Trauma Meditation

• Pyramid Healing Meditation

• Unity Breath Meditation

• Sacred Space and Tiny Space of the Heart Meditation

• Blessing Dance Meditation

• Creating from the Brain and Creating from the Heart

• Beams of Light Activation

• Opening the Third Eye and the Human Halo

• Activation of your Mer-Ka-Ba, the Human Light Body

• Programming your Mer-Ka-Ba and Creating an External Mer-Ka-Ba

Benefits of the Workshop

• Learn to Create from the Heart (not from the brain where there is always a negative effect)

• Activation of the Human Light Body (Mer-Ka-Ba) and programming of the Mer-Ka-Ba to keep out any unwanted disruptive energies

• Opening of the 3rd Eye increasing Psychic awareness and abilities

• Learn to move your Spirit from your brain into your Heart and shift the lens in which you view life through

• Understanding Polarity, Fear and Unconditional Love

• Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun

• Healing of Emotional Traumas

It is helpful in preparation for this workshop but not a pre-requisite that you read Drunvalo’s first three books. “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” volume 1 and 2 and “Living in the Heart”. You can also watch Spirit Science (it's an anime and 31 episodes) on YouTube which is an accumulation of Dru's books and is only about four hours long, it will bring you up to speed. It is not expected that you have practiced any meditation from the books or that you have a spiritual practice of any kind before attending, only your willingness to learn with an open heart and mind. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Workshop Schedule (it is mandatory you attend all three days unless you are a returning student and in that case contact me to discuss your attendance)

Friday June 22 - 3-10pm

Saturday June 23 - 10-5pm

Sunday June 24 - 10-5pm

*A break of one hour will be given Saturday & Sunday for lunch, lunch is not provided*

*please note the attached flyer says "4 Day Intensive" which is incorrect, the workshop will be 3 days*

Location: 1082 Seymour Street (Ground Floor Meeting Room)

Vancouver, BC, V6B 1X9


Fee: $444 ($222 for returning students)



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Date and Time


1082 Seymour Street (Ground Floor Meeting Room)

Vancouver, BC V6B 1X9


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