Be The Change Challenge 2018

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Waterloo/New Hamburg/Baden/Kitchener, ON


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Our BE THE CHANGE Challenge 2018 invites us on a journey to take back full responsibility of our life. This journey will invite us to explore ancient shamanic wisdom of our original relationship to spirit through nature. We will expand into a mindfulness practice deeply rooted in yogic philosophy as we begin exploring the physical, emotional, mental and energetic qualities of our human experience. We will then begin to bring balance and integration to these experiences in order to arrive at a holistic, living awareness of our unique character of being human. With this realization, we leave prepared to step more fully into our lives and to bring change to those around us in community.

This eight week program will invite you into a daily practice to re-vitalize your mind, body and spirit.

Week one, will introduce the One Spirit Medicine Nutrition Plan that has been designed by Alberto Villildo - http://www.onespiritmedicine.com/site/science/. We will activate a major cleansing/detoxification of our body as the starting point of our journey as we progress through the eight weeks. Included within the nutritional component of this workshop offering will be an introduction to specific foods, supplements and hydration tools to accelerate our bodies repair systems resulting in noticeable changes within the 8 weeks.

Each week will also invite us into the union between Mind, Body and Spirit through 8 uniquely tailored one hour yoga classes that will begin creating greater mental and physical energy, focus and clarity. Ultimately we will arrive within a new relationship with the abundant vitality that is always available to us.

Once a week we will come together for the yoga classes that will centre on opening up our energetic channels (chakras) to understand the relationship between our subtle energetic body and spirit. We will have a sacred talking circle to share experiences, challenges and to invite in additional personal practices to deepen the union between Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve greater success within the 8 weeks.

This program is for anyone that cares about their physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness. If you find yourself dealing with mental, emotion and physical fatigue or exhaustion, depression, physical pain, lack of focus and clarity or a lack or purpose, this 8 weeks is a must.

What you will receive as a part of the 8 week program;

- a deep dive into the One Spirit Medicine nutrition plan that has been designed to re-boot the vitality stored within each cell of your body

- 8 unique yoga practices introducing you to the subtle energy body and 7 chakras - delivered in person to all program participants

- a daily ritual practice to begin unifying our mind, body and spirit

- mindfulness/guided meditations, and pranayama breathwork techniques

- access to Kangen water (optional)

- daily affirmations to support your journey and weekly one on one check-ins with me to deepen your practice

- weekly talking circle

- greater mental and physical energy, focus and clarity

- support from a community of likeminded people that value their health and wellness

- a new way of mindful living that can be continued for the eat of your life

I invite the younger generations that are inheriting so much in hopes that they can fully understand the unique potential within them.

I invite our elders, to learn to appreciate and share the great wisdom that lies within you. To understand and take responsibility for your role as a mentor in community.

I invite those how are curious about;

personal growth

personal transformation


quantum theory



creating change

social innovation


cultivating imagination

cultivating creativity

becoming a healthy whole human

self acceptance

LEARN MORE ABOUT BE THE CHANGE at https://www.holisticliving.guru/programs or email me directly for more details at holisticliving.guru@gmail.com.

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Date and Time



Waterloo/New Hamburg/Baden/Kitchener, ON


Refund Policy

No Refunds

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