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Beautiful Souls Inside & Out: An Afternoon of Holistic Healing

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329 Lakeshore Rd E

329 Lakeshore Road East

Mississauga, ON L5G 1H3


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An afternoon of feminine embodiment, healing and connection through mindful movement, aromatherapy, reiki and body adornment.

About this Event

Are you searching for a safe space to explore the depths of sisterhood and your sacred temple?

Are you yearning to genuinely connect with the divine feminine and develop your relationship to your magnificent, sensual and serene body?

Are you ready to expand and radiate your beauty from the inside out?

Join us on this journey of transcendence as we consciously explore the complex interconnectedness of our mind, bodies and souls through multiple energetically healing modalities such as yoga, reiki, aromatherapy and body adornment using henna and jagua with amazing vegan platters catered by Every Golden Moment.


Can you remember a time when you've felt completely unjudged, understood, heard and appreciated for showing up exactly as you are?

How liberating and freeing does it feel to relieve ourselves from our daily masks and the social pressures to be something that we're tired of being or do something that we don't want to do?

How empowered and supported would you feel if you entered a space where women showed up with their own and each others best interest and healing in mind and heart?

Beautiful Souls Inside and Out has been designed and created for the purpose of allowing women the space to feel into themselves both physically and emotionally, to mindfully release any pain or trauma they may be carrying within themselves and to remind them that they are a divine creation worthy of being worshipped.

Find healing, peace and a sense of connection and unity through mindful movement, therapeutic touch, body art, healthy treats and aromatherapy- the perfect combination for stress and tension reduction.


11:30am-12:00pm Doors open12- 12:30pm: Opening introductions and meditation12:30-1:30pm: Goddess Group 1: Yoga Class: Moving Through the Breath of AwarenessGoddess Group 2: CONNECTing the dots: Aromatherapy, Reiki, Henna/ Jagua Tattoos1:30-2:30pm: {Switch} Group 2 Restorative Yoga PracticeGoddess Group 1 CONNECTing the dots: Aromatherapy, Reiki, Henna/ Jagua Tattoos 2:30- 3pm: Closing ceremony, meditation, final thoughts.

During the event, we will have access to two floors within the studio. For the beginning and ending meditations we will all gather in the larger, main studio on the first floor. The group will then be split into two where one group will remain in the main studio to luxuriate in body adornment, reiki, aromatherapy and vegan delights all while group two will be partaking in a yoga class in the basement studio. After the hour the groups will then switch and experience the alternative for the next hour.


-Yoga Mat (There will also be mats available for use at the studio)-Water bottle-An open heart



Michelle, the creator of Zen Henna Designs is Social Service Worker in study, a Receationist, an aspiring Yoga Teacher and an Artist of many mediums specialising in Henna and Jagua Temporary Tattoos. Michelle uses her acquired skills and life experiences to create events and workshops geared towards celebrating the ageless spirit through expression and creativity and connecting like-minded individuals.

At this event Michelle will be incorporating her passions of aromatherapy, therapeutic touch and of course body adornment offering essential oil infused henna and jagua tattoos.

CJ is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor and has been both practicing and teaching for over 8 years. Her passion to teach yoga comes from her desire to Teach Peace. CJ believes that we live in a time where we forget that love and growth are the most meaningful experiences we can have as human beings. Yoga brings us all together through movement and breath and unites us in a place of love and growth. CJs classes are based around this philosophy and are suitable for all BODIES. CJs yoga teaching experience ranges from pre-natal, seniors, chair and restorative.

At Beautiful Souls Inside & Out CJ will be offering a 60min Iyengar yoga class focusing on presence in breath and self-love, incorporating therapeutic touch and aromatherapy.

Amanda Rose is a Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, Aspiring Yoga Teacher and DoTerra Wellness Advocate who specializes in Intuitive Personal Development. Amanda created her business -Ki of Life Wellness- with the goal of providing accessible and practical opportunities to heal, coach and educate individuals through one on one sessions, mentorships and workshops that are delivered in person and online. Down the line, Amanda plans to move to Mexico to broaden her horizons and take her passions internationally.

Melissa is a Reiki practitioner, A nanny, Doterra Wellness Advocate and a gemstone Enthusiast. Melissa is an intuitive soul who loves to help others. Volunteering her time at a Cancer Center offering Reiki visualization meditations. Aspiring to work more with tarot cards and gemstones in her practice. She recently created her brand "Self Love & Light" inspired by her life story and experiences. Melissa wishes to bring more self love and light into the world by connecting with beautiful souls to help them do the same through her energy work.

Amanda and Melissa will be discussing the relationship of our chakras and energy bodies to aromatherapy and how different essential oils can aide in the healing of different ailments. Amanda and Melissa will be offering hand-made essential oil rollers for sale- discounted price included in VIP ticket

Kat is an Energy awareness and Empowerment Coach, International Yoga + meditation Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner. She facilitates classes and workshops focused on developing a deeper understanding; connection, clarity and growth surrounding: anxiety, self love, flow state, energy awareness, conscious communication and of course, mindfulness! The very premise of her work is the art of letting go and opening ourselves to the vast limitlessness available in this lifetime.

Kat is offering 10 minute Energy Balancing Sessions with Mini Chakra Readings. Kat integrates Reiki with Intuitive Energy Balancing to develop a deeper understanding of what inner workings are occurring, and where Individuals will benefit from focusing

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Date and Time


329 Lakeshore Rd E

329 Lakeshore Road East

Mississauga, ON L5G 1H3


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