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BigData Hadoop training weekend Morning

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*This is an online event*

Training will start on 4th August and end on 26th August. Every Saturday and Sunday Morning classes for 2 hours with Live Instructor from Toronto, Canada

**No pre-recorded, every session will be intractive session with instructor**

Where: Virtual

When: 4 August 2018 - 26 August 2018

Instructor: Chandan Kumar

General Admission is ($320.00)

Why Big Data Training from us?

1. Omni212 is a Hortonworks Hadoop Consulting Partner.
2. Certifed Hadoop instructors teach this class.
3. Cloud account on Microsoft Azure with Hands-on lab exercises under the guidance of two experienced big data, hadoop instructors.
4. Post class support and access to class materials on the cloud available for one year.
5. Career advancement and Job placement assistance
6. Course completion certificate available upon request.


Desired but not required - exposure to, working proficiency of BI, sql, scripting, how to handle and manage data and databases, using Excel.

Training Details

Every session will have presentation about theory, concepts and technology, followed by Hands-on Lab practice exercises.
Each student will have access to a login account on the cloud, Microsoft Azure, where they can install Hadoop on a cloud or virtual machine and perform hands-on lab exercises with instructor guidance. There will be two experienced big data, hadoop instructors supporting the students throughout the class.

Each session will be recorded and the recordings will be shared after each session with students.
Class recordings, training manuals and lab material will be available to students for one year after the date of completion of the course.

Every course comes with life long forum support via

Course Outline

Session 1: Big Data Basics

Course Introduction and Environment setup on Azure HDInsight.

• An Introduction to Big Data?
• Why Big Data? Why now?
• The Three Dimensions of Big Data (Three Vs)
• Evolution of Big Data
• Big Data versus Traditional RDBMS Databases
• Big Data versus Traditional BI and Analytics
• Big Data versus Traditional Storage
• Key Challenges in Big Data adoption
• Benefits of adoption of Big Data
• Introduction to Big Data Technology Stack
• Apache Hadoop Framework
• Introduction to Microsoft HDInsight – Microsoft’s Big Data Service

Hands-On Lab:

• Creating Azure Storage Account
• Creating HDInsight Cluster
• Using services on HDInsight Cluster

Session 2: The Big Data Technology Stack

• Basics of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
• Basics of Hadoop Distributed Processing (Map Reduce Jobs)

Hands-On Lab:

• Loading files to Azure storage account
• Moving files across HDInsight Cluster
• Remote Access to Azure Storage Account and HDInsight Cluster

Session 3: Deep dive into Hadoop Storage System (HDFS)

• Reading files with HDFS
• Writing files with HDFS
• Error Handling

Hands-On Lab:

• Accessing Hadoop configuration files using HDInsight Cluster

Session 4: Processing Big Data –MapReduce and YARN

• How MapReduce works
• Handling Common Errors
• Bottlenecks with MapReduce
• How YARN (MapReduceV2) works
• Difference between MR1 and MR2
• Error Handling

Hands-On Lab:

• Running a simple MapReduce application (word count)
• Running a custom MapReduce application (census data)
• Running MapReduce via PowerShell
• Running a MapReduce application using Shell
• Monitoring application status

Session 5: Big Data Development Framework - HIVE, PIG,Hbase

• Introduction to HIVE
• Introduction to PIG
• Introduction to HBase

Hands-On Lab:

• Loading the data into HIVE,HBase
• Submitting Pig jobs using HDInsight
• Submitting Pig jobs via Hadoop

Session 6: Big Data Hbase, Spark and Ambari

• Big Data Integration using Hbase
• Big Data Management using Ambari
• Intro to Apache Spark and Data Streaming

Hands-On Lab:

• Loading the data into Spark
• Submitting job in Spark
• Submitting Using PySpark

Session 7: Big Data – BigData Ingestion

• BIG data Ingestion
• Apache Kafka
• Apache Nifi Echo System
• Creating Flows
• Reports vs Dashboards
• Elasticsearch

Session 8: Lambda Architecture and Hortonworks Data Flow

• LAMBDA Architecture
• Trifacta - Data Wrangling
• Data Ingestion using NiFi and Hortonworks Data Flow

Hands-On Lab:

• All excercised will be shared on github and shared google drive.

End-to-End Use Case Implementation- Lab Exercise:

• Use case to demonstrate practicle use cases using data.
• Job guidance and Interview Prep if needed

Class Size: Maximum 22


1. ONLY 7 days before training starts. After that no refunds.
2. If a class is not taken for any reason, purchase price can be applied toward any published future class by becloudready/Omni212 of equal or lesser value.

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