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Formation Francais Global Canada -Webinar, 1ier Juin 9am, 2018

Kantech Training

Vendredi 1 juin 2018 de 09:00 à 12:00 (HAE)

Formation Francais Global Canada -Webinar, 1ier Juin...

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Formation Global 1 juin 2018 630,00 $ 0,00 $

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Détails de l'événement



Course Requirements:


  • Course is in French only  - Formation en Français

  • Company must be Global accredited and approved by Kantech

  • Attendee must have successfully completed EntraPass Corporate Certification

  • This course is for Canadian attendees only.

All Attendees will need to be approved by Kantech. If you are not approved you will refunded. 


 Course overview:

  • Will be able to configure and program an access control system with doors, cards, access levels and schedules

  • Understand the Difference betweeen Corporate and Global

  • Able to program Global feature such as: areas, dual custody, virtual alarm system, global relays trigger, 

  • Able to program a KT-NCC on Integration highlights including DSC Intrusion and American Dynamics/ Exacq video

  • Benefits of KT-NCC over Global Windows gateway

  • Learn new features of v7.40.


Kantech Training Policy:

  • Training is offered to Kantech’s Integrators and their customers only. Kantech Training may be attended by End-Users but only Integrators will receive Certification upon completion. End-Users will be provided a certificate of completion. Kantech Technical Support is available to Kantech Integrators only.

  • The EntraPass Global Edition certification follows the Integrator company

  • Kantech Training Group's at its sole discression can refuse attendee request for any reason.   In that case, Kantech’s sole responsibility will be limited to refunding the paid tuition fee in full. Attendee will be advised.

  • You must be a registered participant in order to attend a class. Full tuition is charged 14 days prior of training date to register your participation. Walk-ins are not permitted. Basic Windows knowledge is required.

  • Participant must cancel their training enrollment at least 14 days before the training start date by writing to or using eventbrite return processing system. If you do not cancel your enrollment within that time frame, no refund will be given.

  • Kantech Training Group may cancel trainings when necessary. In that case, Kantech’s sole responsibility will be limited to refunding the paid tuition fee in full. If a course is canceled, we make every effort to notify participants within a week prior to the training.

  • 100% attendance is required for successful course completion. If a participant fails to show up for training or fails to complete the entire training, no refund will be given.


  • For training a computer with Internet access is needed Computer must be able to run Webex Telephone is needed to call in toll-free number for audio.  Internet Required



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