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Theater Classes- Theatre of Emotions

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The Theater of Emotions with Diafora Evasio was born thanks to all the cultures that I discovered thanks to you.

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The "Theater of Emotions" was born from my travels, my passion for the Theater and for the Human beings. Its approach is international because the methods are inspired by the 7 countries, where I have lived.

My Theater experience extends to more than 12 years.

The "Theater of Emotions" appeals to your authenticity, it is a method that allows you to be entertained, express yourself, relax and use it in the context of a team building for companies, associations, etc..

The most...it is made for the little ones (7 years old minimum) as well as for the big ones...you want to come as a Family, you can!

The "Theater of Emotions" exists to reconnect you to you and the other.

Come and discover

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