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Becoming a money rock star is within your reach. Let's spend the afternoon working on uncovering your money story and shifting your energy

Have you ever wondered what is holding back all the money from flowing into your life?

Do you receive money only to watch it disappear - it comes in and goes out and you don't seem to have any grip on that flow?

Do you hear the words "we can't afford that" in your head everytime you want to buy something?

Well, there are stories - generational stories, personal stories, and family stories that keep repeating in our heads and hold us back from money. When we uncover those stores, make new decisions and put in place a practice to support our new mindset, we can achieve great wealth.

Join us to get started with this work. Michelle Cooper, author of Confessions of a Money Rock Star, will be visiting Thunder Bay and taking us on a rock star tour of abundance. We will uncover our stories, kick them to the curb and create a new way forward with money.

This is life changing shit and you need to be there.

This is what inspired me to host Budget Like a Mother.
Here is what you can expect from the Workshop

  • an awareness of current spending habits, where money comes from and where it goes

  • an awareness of money leaks (things you don't realize what you are spending money on)

  • these could be an old subscription or membership, or charges on your credit cards that are not valid

  • leave with a budget, plan and a new money ritual

  • have more confidence dealing with money and less anxiety

My Guarantee:

Budget Like a Mother comes with my full 100% money back guarantee!
You must be absolutely convinced that my Budget Like a Mother Workshop is the absolute best day you have ever spent, used or even heard about.. or just let me know and I will gladly refund every single penny.

Take Budget Like a Mother for a test drive..for 1 day.. make sure it delivers what you need to have more money in the bank or you don’t pay a single penny. Go on, take it for a spin. I insist you take the time to use it, not once but multiple times, get every single promise I promised you and be absolutely convinced that it is the right fit for you.
And if you don’t get the results, just let me know within 1 day of the event and I will happily refund every single penny – no questions asked!

xo Laurie

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