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Burnout to Balance Bootcamp LIVE

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The Oswego Hotel

500 Oswego Street

Victoria, BC V8V 5C1


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Burnout to Balance Bootcamp LIVE

Dream Big, Avoid Burnout and Get Results

With Erin Acton

I love marigolds.

They’re so beautiful. They’re happy. They smell great.

I used to plant marigolds when I lived in Prince George, BC–a great town and a great town to plant marigolds in–but I had a problem. They kept getting eaten by slugs.

I’d awake in the morning, eager to see my new garden only to find that the slugs had been busy the night before. They crawled up to the base of the buds–they liked the buds the best–and ate a hole in the bottom and then crawled in and devoured the whole bud from the inside. Just before they were ready to bloom. The bud was done. It died. That gorgeous flower never got to shine its beautiful, sunny presence in my garden.

This drove me crazy! I tried a lot of things to keep the slugs from eating my marigold buds.

Apparently copper tape that you can wrap in a ring around plants will help to keep the slugs out.

That didn’t work.

I tried egg shells. I heard that slugs don’t like crawling across broken egg shells. I saved my empty egg shells, washed them out and let them air dry and then crushed them into jagged shards and then sprinkled them in rings around all of my marigolds.

That didn’t work.

I tried beer in a shallow dish. Apparently, slugs like the smell of beer and then will drown themselves in the cup. So I got a shallow dish, dug a shallow pit that would fit the dish perfectly, carefully poured my husband’s beer into the dish and went to sleep dreaming of the full dish of slugs I’d have the next morning.

That didn’t work.

I had the potential of a beautiful garden set to bloom but it wasn’t happening because of these darned slugs.

All of this effort that I had been putting in to keep the slugs from eating my marigold buds was completely and totally ineffective.

They were hiding in this soil that I had spent so many hours sweating over and nurturing. I built compost, a labour intensive process, where I hand turned big piles with a shovel every week to create this incredible, rich, loamy mulch so my plants could thrive and grow. The slugs loved this mulch, and they loved hiding underneath the thyme, a plant the spreads low over the soil like a carpet.

What if I went after the source? I was determined to rid my garden of them, so I started to search out those slugs and pick them, by hand, one-by-one out of my garden.

I thought I would be dealing with slugs about an inch long. That’s the size they were in my mind. And hoo boy, if I knew the size the slugs grow to here on Vancouver Island where I now live (4 or 5 inches), I might not have been so eager. But no, these slugs were tiny. So tiny, that they were easy to overlook. Easy to underestimate the damage they could cause.

When I finally started picking out those slugs–actually addressing the issue at the source instead of managing the issue–my garden started to flourish.

The exact same things happens in our businesses. We have such potential for beautiful gardens but we have slugs hiding in there, in the mulch that we have so lovingly crafted. They’re waiting for their moment to come out. Your self doubt is a slug that will keep your bud from blooming. Another one: waiting until your website or online program or elevator pitch is perfect. Another: I don’t know if people really NEED my services. Another: filling your days with busy work instead of productive work.

What are some of the slugs keeping your garden from blooming?

I’m human. I still have some slugs hiding in my fertile soil as I work to build a business. I was at a conference recently with about 1,000-1,500 phenomenal women business owners. When the speaker asked whether people were feeling fulfilled in their businesses, the vast majority of people said they weren’t. They feel exhausted. And they said they needed help in all of the areas that I help people with: to have processes and systems so they spend their time more productively, to clear their plate (or plates), to stop feeling so exhausted and instead LOVE and appreciate the garden they have created.

You want to know what it feels like to have only the things on your plate that make your heart sing and help you to make the impact on the world that you know you’re here to give, but right now you don’t know how to get the other stuff off your plate.

Or, you feel like you need systems and structure so that you can use your time more wisely, instead of getting to the end of the day feeling like you’ve wasted it or wondering what the heck you accomplished.

You know you need boundaries but you have no idea how to start setting them. Or maybe you set them and then make exceptions until your boundaries are gone again.

You want to know how to manage your time better.

To say no, even when it will be difficult.

These are the little slugs that creep into our gardens and keep our flowers from blooming.

When I saw those hands rise up and heard people asking how they can do those things, I knew that I could help all of those people in that room. That they needed my help. They need my systems and strategies and support backed by research.

I’m betting you could use some help in this area too.

I’m diving deep into these areas at an event coming up on September 21-23 in Victoria, BC. I invite you to sign up.

If you’re feeling exhausted, you don’t need to. There is a way to move forward. I know that way because I have spent the time, I’ve been exhausted and overwhelmed and I have plucked those slugs out of my garden.

If you know you have slugs that are keeping you from blooming, register!

When you register, you will receive:

  • Pre-training accelleration materials so that you can begin implementing right away.

  • BONUS: Online Facebook community. You don't have to do this on your own. Join others as you share your successes, brainstorm ideas, and gain wisdom from each other.

  • BONUS: How to Stop Overwhelm. Receive access to the proven, simple and highly effective system will get you from overwhelmed to calm--incredibly quickly!

Early-bird bonuses:

  • BONUS: two private 1-on-1 coaching calls with Erin Acton, certified life and business coach: one before the live event, and one after it. Imagine being able to powerfully prepare for and to have built-in accountability after. That's what these calls are designed to do.

  • BONUS: Burnout to Balance Bootcamp ONLINE, an eight-week online group coaching and training program so that you can integrate your plan in the real world. How many times do you go to an event and then never do anything with the information after? This program will support you to build accountability, deepen connections with those you meet, and receive ongoing coaching and training following the live event. This includes eight group coaching calls, online modules, call recordings (just in case you miss a live call), and all of the worksheets.


I’m still not sure. Is this training worth the money?

Whenever I am thinking of investing my money, I consider how the investment would help me reach my goals. What would it be worth to you to actually have energy instead of feeling exhausted? What would it feel like to have a plate cleared of everything except the work that you are most meant to be doing on this planet? All while receiving ongoing accountability, support, and training? For me, that's priceless! I can't answer this question for you, but I will share that when I began to invest in myself, my life shifted and my business grew faster as a result. There is something powerful about putting your money where your mouth is and paying for something. You do the work! It's like a friendly push!

How does the program work?

You will receive a welcome email with instructions to access the pre-training materials and an invitation to join the Facebook group. At the event, you will receive a workbook with all training materials.

When will I receive the bonus materials?

For those who scoop the early bird bonuses, the 8-week online training and group coaching program begins in October. You'll receive deep training at the in-person event, and then you'll be able to practice what you've planned with additional support and ongoing training over the next couple of months. When you register, you will also receive a link to schedule your private 1-to-1 calls with me right away! So you can book a private call with Erin immediately or wait for a time that's convenient for you.

I'm from out of town. Where can I stay?

There are many amazing hotels in downtown Victoria. Book early to get the best rates and locations and avoid disappointment. Here are some nearby hotels to get you started:

I have special dietary needs. Will you be able to accommodate them?

Absolutely! We want to make sure that you are taken care of. When you fill out the registration, you'll be prompted to provide your dietary requirements so that we can work directly with our venue and catering team.

What meals are included?

When you upgrade to the VIP option, your lunches are included. Spend your valuable time nourishing yourself, networking, and building connections instead of hurrying to get a spot at busy restaurants or rushing through your meal to get back on time.

What are my parking options?

Parking is included for event attendees, with plenty of spaces available at the event facility.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For questions regarding registration, venue, catering, or accommodations, please contact Carmel Chamberlain at carmelchamberlain@hotmail.com.

For questions regarding the workshop, please contact Erin Acton at erin@erinacton.com

What's the refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes! Log onto eventbrite and find the ticket in your profile. Follow the instructions to edit it from there.

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Date and Time


The Oswego Hotel

500 Oswego Street

Victoria, BC V8V 5C1


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