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Morpheus Theatre Society

3512 5 Ave NW

Calgary, AB T2N 0V7


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Join Buti Yoga Master Trainer Rachel and Reiki Masters from Lunaholistic; Ayla, Natalija, Bea and Kyla, for an evening of empowerment and bliss. In this workshop we will combine two powerful modalities to bring you a truly unforgettable evening of connection and release.

Buti yoga invites you to connect with your true self and aids you in realizing what is supporting you on your journey and what may be holding you back. With the guidance of the Reiki Masters, you may be able to release the energy that is no longer serving you. This can create space for the new intentions and life you manifest!

Buti is an ancient Indian Marathi word that means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” In yoga, there is the belief that we already possess everything we need to live our best lives; however, we become distant from ourselves and lose touch with our inner strength. Buti supports us in reconnecting with ourselves and our inner strength.

Buti Yoga combines dynamic asanas, tribal dance movements the body craves, and just the right amount of cardio hits. This practice will leave you feeling empowered. You may laugh, you may cry but I assure you that you will walk away loving yourself on a deeper level. Buti is accessible to all levels of yogi, from beginner to advanced. Bring your mat, a towel/blanet, your water, and we will provide the good vibes and the banging beats! If you do not have a mat let Rachel know, she is happy to bring one for you.

Rachel Cadrin is a Buti Yoga Mater Trainer. She is a 400 hour E-RYT and has a deep passion for movement and healing through movement. Rachel has a background in dance and track and field and has many different training certificates through Buti yoga.

If you have any questions please reach out to Rachel via email: namaslayrae@gmail.com or direct message her on instagram: @namaslayrae. She is always happy to chat about all things yoga


Reiki is energy, and we all need more energy! Reiki can help with physical, emotional or mental blocks. When paired with a desire to change and grow as a person, it is life changing.

Lay in Savasana while Ayla, Natalija, Bea and Kyla provide you with a mini session, based on your intention. Hands are placed on or above the body and you will get energy to the areas that need a boost! This helps to balance your chakras, sending you out feeling calm, balanced and centered. In your candlelight Savasana you will also receive gentle massage from Rachel.

Feel free to email Ayla with any questions, prior to! aylalightworker@gmail.com or contact her via instagram @aylalightworker

Meet your Reiki Masters

Ayla, Natalija, Bea & Kyla all trained at Lunaholistic located in Calgary, where they all continue to work now, offering Reiki sessions. Lunaholistic's training is set apart from other reiki trainings, in that there is over 100 hours of in-class training time. Each of the reiki masters have done countless sessions during and since completing their master level.


"I help people get out of their own way, so they can be expanded and free.

One of the many reasons I choose to do this work is because I LOVE working with people, and I do feel on a deep, spiritual level that this is my calling. Reiki is such a special experience, and I want to share that and hold space for others who are seeking this amazing work on their journeys.

Reiki has helped me to transform my entire life – moving through dysfunctional patterns, creating space in my life for new and wonderful things to enter where others have fallen away, and completely changed my self-care routines. I have expanded so much since this journey began, and embraced my true purpose in this life."


Learn more about Ayla


"I started practicing reiki in 2017 as a tool for my own healing journey, and this quickly grew into a passion for helping others through the gentle but powerful work that reiki is. I believe disease, ailments, pain and emotional turmoil manifest from a lack of love, which is what makes reiki sessions so transformative. Reiki is the healing power of being loved and accepted, which can lead to profound release in just one hour and a half session.

Each session is completely unique and personal to the client, and is completed with a discussion on any intuitive insight or visions that may have come up during the session. I would recommend reiki to anyone looking to let go of energy that isn't serving them, or to people who are looking to bring in deepr joy, abundance and peace."

Learn more about Bea



"Reiki has guided me to a path of self-healing and acceptance. It has helped me clear old energies and patterns that were no longer serving me and propelled me into the unconditional love and support from the universe.

I practice self-healing, meditation and the Reiki ideals daily. I value the work I do for myself. The more I continue to do the work, the more I can show up for others so they can move through their journey."

Learn more about Natalija



"When my path lead me to Reiki in 2016, it resonated deeply. Ready or not, my Reiki journey brought my inner Healer to the light, to be a guide to others as they learn to shine their vibrant, irreplaceable light in the world. My Reiki practice allows me to pursue all of my dreams to be of service to people, animals, and the Earth.

I have been on a spiritual journey to heal myself and find deeper meaning in my life from a young age. Through many unexpected twists, turns, ups, and downs, I found my way to my true purpose and gifts, assisted by Divine grace and my persistent determination to follow my soul’s calling.

I love reiki because it empowers me and allows me to help others heal and find their power"

Learn more about Kyla


To see more about reiki, and the other amazing things offered at Lunaholistic,

check out







Buti yoga is sweaty, however your Savasana will be long and relaxing – to get the most out of it bring warm layers to wear after, over your yoga clothes

Regular Yoga Wear

Bring a cozy sweater and warm socks

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Date and Time


Morpheus Theatre Society

3512 5 Ave NW

Calgary, AB T2N 0V7


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