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Toronto, ON


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Satisfaction Guaranteed.

100% of past attendees since 2009 have indicated on an anonymous feedback form that they would recommend taking this workshop to anyone who was thinking about buying a business.

David Barnett Presents: How to Buy an Existing Successful Business. An evening 'How-To' to show you the ins and outs of the complex process of finding, analyzing, making offers and financing business acquisitions.

****Buy your ticket before November 1, 2017 and receive a FREE copy of 21 Stupid Things People Do When Trying to Buy a Business.

"If anyone is thinking about buying a business or even selling a business, they should seriously take this course. This course saved me from making a $50,000 mistake. Best money I ever spent on a course." --Rick Nicholson, Moncton, NB


Ever wonder how business empires have been built from buying a small business and then growing through acquisitions? You can do it too! Unfortunately, nearly 90% of first time buyers fail to execute a successful purchase due to mistakes in their process even after a year of looking for a business. It’s not rocket science, but you do need to know the tricks of the trade. This workshop is designed for individuals who want to learn how to buy a Main street, lower mid-market business, or a collection of Main street businesses. This course will help you create your roadmap for finding a business, valuing a business, and executing the transaction. This is a seminar style course with in-class interaction.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to buy a business.

  • You have dreams of being your own boss and running a small business.

  • You own a small business and want to grow through acquisitions.

  • You want to get the most of your relationship with business brokers and bankers.

  • You want to avoid costly mistakes (this course may save you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in mistakes)

  • You want to learn how to use debt and/or equity to finance acquisitions.

  • You are an employee and are thinking of transitioning into becoming a business owner.

  • You have tried to buy a business and want to improve your technique.

  • You are a lawyer or accountant interested in getting a better understanding of the entire process so you can better serve your clients.

  • You want an overview of valuation techniques used in investment decisions.


  • Buying a business vs. starting one. Why it’s faster, cheaper, and less risky to buy.

  • How do you decide what business is right for you?

  • Why is it necessary to be in business to ‘get ahead?’

  • Understand the motivations of buyers and sellers.

  • An introduction on how businesses are valued.

  • How does the process differ when initiated by a buyer rather than when a seller puts his business ‘on the market?’

  • How do I find businesses for sale?

  • How do I make the best use of intermediaries?

  • What should I ask sellers at the initial meeting?

  • What about financials? What do I need to know about small business financials that nobody is willing to talk about?

  • What is the difference between a business, a corporation, and the collection of assets and capital required to create a cash flow? Why is it important to understand this?

  • How to identify problems within the business and what to do about it.

  • Making offers: what should be in there?

  • How do I finance the purchase of the business?

  • Should I buy assets or shares? What’s the difference? Why do my advisors and the seller’s advisors disagree?

  • Can I see some examples of actual business deals?

  • Who do I need on the team to help me with this?

This information-packed day will be hosted by 3-time best-selling small business & investing author David C Barnett, BBA, BFC, CMEA.

Barnett is a 1998 graduate of the Williams School of Business and Economics at Bishop’s University, and a graduate of UNBSJ’s Electronic Commerce Management Program. Since the late ‘90s, Mr. Barnett has been building his profile as an expert in the field of small and medium sized enterprises.

From 1998 to 2005, Mr. Barnett was a major account representative in the advertising industry. This opportunity gave him an insight into the particular challenges of small & medium businesses as he dealt daily with the owners of these companies. In 2005, Mr. Barnett left the publishing industry to start a small business with a partner. Their venture was an immediate success. After opening, operating and building the business, an opportunity to sell presented itself in late 2006.

Around this time, Barnett began buying income properties. He eventually owned 3 multi-unit properties and one house which he disposed of in a lease-option deal.

In 2006, Mr. Barnett began building his professional consulting practice by starting Advantage Liquidity Partners Ltd. ALP Ltd. is a broker of commercial debt solutions for small and medium sized enterprises including commercial mortgages, business loans, factoring facilities, and capital leases. Barnett has arranged such financing for over 100 small and medium sized companies. Working with entrepreneurs to build their companies and/or acquire other firms naturally led to the field of business brokerage.

Mr. Barnett joined Sunbelt Business Brokers in 2008. Sunbelt is the world’s largest network of business brokers with over 300 offices on six continents. In 2009, after completing training and testing over an 18 month period in both Canada and the U.S., Mr. Barnett was awarded his business selling certification from a recognized international body. In 2009, Mr. Barnett’s company, ALP Ltd. purchased the Moncton, NB Sunbelt office. Barnett was also the only licensee of the Business Buyer Advocate program in New Brunswick.

After completing an extensive training and testing process in 2009, David Barnett was awarded the CMEA designation (Certified Machinery/ Equipment Appraiser) by the NEBB Institute. CMEAs are located throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries, and are used by charter banks, BDC, other lending institutions, accountants, lawyers, business buyers/sellers and others to provide needed financial information for a variety of reasons.

Over a 3 year period, Barnett helped intermediate over 35 business buy/sell transactions in the Maritimes. In December of 2011, Barnett sold the Moncton Sunbelt franchise and took a position with American Express to manage their corporate lending business in the Maritimes. Barnett now works full time as a private business transaction advisor and coach. Mr. Barnett delivers seminars and has been receiving superior feedback from students since 2009.

Barnett is also an Amazon.ca best-selling author with Invest Local: A guide to superior investment returns in your own community. Recent new titles include Credit Card Advantage: Understand the Costs and Benefits to your Business and Best-Seller; Franchise Warnings: What you really need to know before you buy.

His March 2016 book; How to Sell My Own Business: A Guide to selling your own business privately and not pay a broker's commission was also an immediate success and became an Amazon Best-Seller in the Entrepreneurship category. All titles are available from Amazon.

David's blog can be found here: www.DavidCBarnett.com

Watch David's YouTube Playlist on buying and selling businesses here: Watch YouTube Playlist

An expanded online version of this workshop with tutorials and excercises is available if you would prefer to learn on your own schedule: www.BusinessBuyerAdvantage.com

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Comments from past attendees:

“On behalf of the organizing committee I would like to say thank you once again for presenting at our conference. The presentation was very well received and relevant to the audience participants. You have great presentation skills and a gift for making the listener a part of the overall experience. There were not a lot of questions as you had already answered them in your presentation.

Great job and thanks for being a part of the conference.”

David D'Amours
Manager Lending Services Credit Union Atlantic Central

"A fascinating experience!

David Barnett’s “Business Buyer Secrets” is an absolute must attend event for anyone looking to buy or sell a business!

David effortlessly shares insightful knowledge amassed from his years of helping business sellers and buyers come together, and he does so with stunning clarity and a personal candor that enlightens the room and captivates those who attend!

Whether you are a first time business buyer, or the CEO of a corporate enterprise, you cannot afford to miss this entertaining and technically detailed presentation – the fundamental knowledge that you will learn from this event will keep thousands of dollars in your pocket when you are ready to invest or sell!"

Gordon Farrell
CEO/President at Geeks Unlimited Technical Services Inc.

"Great session, informative and lots of learning”

"Fantastic Session, an excellent investment of time for business buyers & sellers both! I would highly recommend!!”

"Great Session, lots of new things to add to my current thinking.”

"Came for an education, got one!”

"Very Informative! So much great information that I wish I had learned sooner! But with this I know I can be the business owner I know I want to be! All individuals interested in buying a business, this course will most definitely lend to their success! Dave is very approachable & helpful.”

"Learned lots of new things, lots to take in.”

"Unbelievably -informative -engaging -thorough. Great Class, worth its value 10-fold, Thanks”

“Very informative. Surprised by all the information given. It was well worth it.”

“Thanks a lot. I learned more than I anticipated!”

“Thank you for a great session! Enjoyed the day.”

“Thanks Dave, it was definitely a day well spent!”

Space is limited: Reserve your spot before it sells out.

Satisfaction Guarantee: I am committed to bringing you value. If you go through the class and don’t feel you received a great value, I will gladly offer you a full refund. I am proud to say that nobody has ever asked for this refund.

Times: Please arrive early as we start exactly on time.

Location: Location is typically announced one month prior to the event and generally will be a hotel meeting room.

Refund Policy: Students who are not satisfied with the event will be issued a full refund. (I've had this policy since 2009 and to date nobody has asked.)

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Toronto, ON


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