Calming the Mind - Joy of Living 1 Toronto 2019

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Etobicoke Civic Centre

399 The West Mall

Etobicoke, ON M9C 2Y2


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Tergar Canada Presents

Calming the mind - Joy Of Living 1 Meditation Workshop

Toronto, Canada

開心禅課程 - 第一階靜心


多伦多, 加拿大

上課語言: 課程會以 詠给 . 明就仁波切英語教授的DVD播放, 附中文字幕, 而其他課程環節會以中語進行

Mingyur Rinpoche video Teachings in English with facilitation in Mandarin while other teachings are in Mandarin with English translation.

輔導員/Facilitator: 法尊Ani Fa Zun

Master Fa Zun's Profile:

In 2010, master Fa Zun participated in Mingyur Rinpoch's meditation course and became one of the Rinpoche's students. In 2015, Rinpoche came out of the 4-year retreat, she follows him since then. Prior to this, she was ordained in 1987, attended the Buddhist "Discipline Law" School in Taiwan and Fayun Buddhist College in California. Currently, she is leading the "Joy of Living" program and retreat in Asia. She is a teacher and facilitator of Tergar Asia.


在此之前於1987年剃度受戒,就讀台灣戒律道場律學院及 美國加州法雲佛學院。

Teaching Date/Time:上課 日期/時間

Saturday, June 8th 2019, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Sunday, June 9th 2019, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

六月八日,星期六 早上 九點 至 下午五點

六月,星期 早上 九點 至 下午

Teaching Venue/ 上課 地點:

40, Shields Court

Markham, Toronto


Your support and donation will enble us to open these series of workshops.

Registration starts on 2019 March 1st 12:00 noon. Spaces are limited. First come first serve.

愛心提示: 請愛心護持,我們才能繼續舉辧開心禪課程。

報名由2019年3月1 日中午12:00 開始, 名額有限, 先到先得。

報名網站/Registration Website:

Contact 联Pat Lim,,

查詢電話:Phone: 905-785-7882

Program / 課程

There are three main programs in our community. The Joy of Living is a path of meditation that can be followed by anyone, regardless of religious or cultural orientation. The Path of Liberation is an extension of the Joy of Living and provides a path of meditation practice for those who feel inspired to follow the Buddhist path. Our Exploring Buddhism program offers a course of study based on the core teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

The Joy of Living program contains three levels:

  • Calming the Mind

  • Opening the Heart

  • Awakening Wisdom







  • 平靜你的心:「止」的禪修練習,覺性的禪修練習

  • 打開你的心:培養慈心和悲心,愛與慈悲的培養

  • 喚醒智慧心:看見真實本質,開啟智慧之眼

Level 1: Calming the Mind

In the first level of the Joy of Living, Mingyur Rinpoche teaches how awareness meditation can be used to create a peaceful mind and joyful heart. Awareness meditation allows us to use any situation or experience, even difficult emotions and physical pain, as a gateway to inner peace.

In this level, you will learn:

  • How to rest in open awareness, a state of spacious and alert presence

  • How to use visual objects, sounds, tastes, and other sense objects as supports for awareness in meditation

  • How to transform your relationship to physical pain, difficult emotions, and destructive thought patterns using the practice of awareness meditation

  • How to deal with distractions and obstacles in meditation, such as excessive thought activity, sleepiness, and discouragement

  • How to start a daily meditation practice, including the correct meditation posture and the ideal length of a meditation session

Completed 2 days Joy of Living workshop plus 50 hours of practice, you are qualified to join Joy of Living 2 – opening the heart.

開心禪一階簡介 –「平靜你的心」











Level 2: Opening the Heart

In the second level of the Joy of Living, Mingyur Rinpoche teaches how meditating on love, compassion, joy and equanimity can open our hearts to the world around us and decrease the self-fixation that lies at the root of suffering.

In this level, you will learn:

  • How our tendency to fixate on our own wellbeing creates anxiety and suffering

  • How positive mental states like love and compassion erode the causes of dissatisfaction

  • How these positive mental states can be cultivated through meditation

  • How ordinary experiences, and even “negative” factors like difficult emotions and physical pain, can be transformed into sources of empathy and compassion using the practice of meditation

Completion of Joy of Living 2 plus 50 hours of practice, you are qualified to join Joy of living 3.

開心禪二階簡介 –「打開你的心」




課後練習: 50個小時座上練習。


Level 3: Awakening Wisdom

In the third level of the Joy of Living, Mingyur Rinpoche offers guidance on the practice of insight meditation, a profound form of meditation that uproots the causes of anxiety and suffering.

In this level, you will learn:

  • How to use insight meditation to break through the distorted ideas that create confusion and suffering

  • How to see beyond superficial thoughts and emotions to the basic goodness that lies within

  • How our rigid beliefs about ourselves and the world around us keep us locked in a cycle of dissatisfaction and anxiety

  • How to see things as they actually are, rather than the mistaken version of reality that we project onto the world

Completion Joy of Living 3 plus 75 hours of practice, you are qualified to join Path of Liberation program.

開心禪三階簡介 –「喚醒智慧心」


課後練習: 75小時座上練習。


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Date and Time


Etobicoke Civic Centre

399 The West Mall

Etobicoke, ON M9C 2Y2


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