Camino Manitoba:  Journey to McGillivray Falls

Camino Manitoba: Journey to McGillivray Falls

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West Hawk Lake United Church

Provincial Trunk Highway 44

Whiteshell, MB R0E 2H0


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Journey to McGillivray Falls is a 3 day, 55 km pilgrimage on the lovely South Whiteshell Trail System. Come and rejuvenate your spirit.

About this event


Q: What is pilgrimage?

A: Walking with purpose is the quickest way to make time for things in life that matter. Don't come looking for answers. Just bring your questions and what's on your heart. The way will open up before you.

Camino Manitoba seeks to provide times for personal growth, connecting with a caring community and spiritual nurture, prompted by the discomfort of a physical and emotional challenge.

Q: Is this a Christian experience?

A: The event is spiritual, rather than religious. Pilgrimage is central to many faiths. So however you understand the world, your viewpoints will be respected and welcomed. We celebrate diversity. So Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist, old, young, regardless of your gender expression or sexual orientation, rural, urban, tall, short – everyone is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you!

Q: I see the walking starts Friday morning. Do I have to come out Thursday night, can I arrive Friday morning instead?

A: Part of the experience is to get to know others and enjoy the experience of being a part of a purposeful community. If there’s some extenuating circumstance, by all means, talk to our Executive Director and we will try work something out. But we’d much prefer everyone arrive Thursday evening for an evening of preparation for a wonderful event.

Q: 55 kilometres is long way. Do I need to train ahead of time?

A: No matter your fitness level, twenty kilometers per day is physically taxing. We definitely recommend going for some long walks in advance of the pilgrimage in July. One of the things you’ll find out is if your footwear is going to be helpful or hurtful. If you’re shoes aren’t a good fit, you’ll get blisters and trust us – that ain’t no fun.

Q: Can you describe what I can expect?

A: This isn’t a vacation or a holiday. Carrying only a day pack and your thoughts, we will be walking long distances. It may well be hot or rainy so perseverance is key. Sleeping on a floor isn’t necessarily comfortable. We think being uncomfortable and living simply is a good opportunity to invite spiritual and physical growth.

Part of the hallmark of a Camino Manitoba event is that we start and end each day in a circle where we can get to know each other and why we are walking - we value community. We will explore themes such as abundance and generosity. If you don’t have a sleeping bag or mattress, we can rent clean gear to you.

Under the guidance of our food coordinator, we will be making our meals and snacks together. Meals will be tasty, but not fancy. If you have allergies, let us know in the registration section.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: We will email you more information including an agenda and a detailed list of what to bring well in advance of the event. In the meantime, make sure you have a good pair of shoes or hiking boots that won't cause blisters. Break them in in advance if you buy a new pair. And make sure you go for a few long walks to prepare. Ask yourself in your prep what you want to get out of the pilgrimage. What are the big and small questions you find yourself grappling with now on your life journey?

Q: Tell me about our luxurious accommodations…

A: Yup, our home base for all three nights will be West Hawk Lake United Church. We will be sleeping on the floor. It has a newly renovated basement. It’s cozy and functional. We have access to the upstairs as well. We will have space fans to move the air around. You could tent in the yard if that’s your preference. There are two new, small bathrooms. Showers will be a one-minute ride away at the West Hawk beach. Some may prefer to jump into the lake.

Q: What can go wrong while walking?

A: As with any physical activity, there are risks. Be conscious of your personal, physical abilities; we are not trying to set any records! Being in nature, we may encounter wildlife, stormy weather, and unusual terrain; organizers will take precautions to keep the group safe. On Thursday night we will talk as a group about how we can mitigate risk. You will be asked to sign a waiver before walking to make it clear that Camino Manitoba, St. Mary’s Road United Church and West Hawk Lake United Church are not liable in any way should anything not go as planned. By participating you acknowledge any and all risk yourself.

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