Camunda Day - New York City

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303 Spring St, New York, New York 10013

New York City, NY

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A full day of exciting presentations from both Camunda as well as actual users and customers, Camunda Days are the perfect opportunity to meet the community and get first hand insights and updates.


10.30 AM - Camunda: What's here and what's next

Camunda is all about core business process automation. Our CEO Jakob Freund will explain how this mission is reflected in the product stack today, and share some insights on the roadmap for both the short and long term.

11.10 AM - Live Demo: Camunda Optimize

Use Camunda Optimize to create process reports for business monitoring, get alerted when performance goals are missed and unveil process bottlenecks.

11.30 AM - Case Study Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Workflow systems provide vital infrastructure to the operation of the firm, coordinating the execution and delivery of millions of business-critical tasks across the entire Firm (including trade facilitation, regulatory rule computation, exception processing coordination, personnel onboarding and thousands of other business processes).

In this presentation, you will learn how Goldman Sachs is leveraging Camunda software at the heart of two of its Workflow platforms:

  • Workflow Elements – The Camunda process execution engine is integrated with a task engine, task cache and entitlements cache, wrapped by REST APIs, to implement a “managed appliance” which integrates with Firm systems and orchestrates both human and system processes at enterprise scale.

  • Decision Services Platform – The Camunda process execution engine is leveraged in our in-memory Decision Flow engine. The engine integrates high-performance rule execution with data integration in an extension of the DMN standard. The platform leverages GS’s own open-source jDMN execution engine.

12.00 PM - Lunch

01.00 PM - Microservices Integration: Challenges and Solutions

Integrating microservices is hard. Based on real-life projects, we will discuss how to overcome the challenges in complex communications, asynchronicity and distributed transactions.

01.30 PM - Live Coding: External tasks

With the external tasks pattern, you can develop and operate your microservices completely decoupled from the Workflow Engine and let them pull the work via REST.

01.45 PM - Live Demo: Camunda Cockpit

Leverage Camunda Cockpit to monitor workflows and decisions in production to discover, analyze and solve technical problems. Cockpit is the perfect tool for technical process operations.

02.00 PM - Coffee break

02.30 PM - Camunda for IT executives

Introducing Camunda can significantly support your organization's digital transformation. We want to discuss how IT executives can systematically leverage this potential and which pitfalls should be observed.

03.00 PM - Case Study: TBA

03.30 PM - Coffee break

03.50 PM - Live Coding: Zeebe

Zeebe is the next generation workflow engine developed by Camunda. It takes workflow automation to an entirely new level, with massive throughput and infinite horizontal scalibility. In this session, Zeebe core developer Thorben Lindhauer will demonstrate how to get started with Zeebe.

04.10 PM - Community Discussion

Camunda is an open source project and to a good extent driven by our community. Share your own use case, ask questions or discuss your feature requests with fellow users and Camunda core deveopers.

04.30 PM - Happy Hour

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Date and Time



303 Spring St, New York, New York 10013

New York City, NY

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