Championship Selling: A Passport to Global Markets

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Do you want to grow sales and revenue in domestic or U.S. markets? Are you beginning to open sales channels outside of the U.S. and Canada?

This best-in-class course will give you a significant return on your investment. Prepare your sales team and sales professionals to produce results with 38-hours of intensive training.

This Canada Job Grant eligible course is endorsed by:

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic a leader in applied and work integrated learning
  • The Conference Board of Canada a leading think tank and strategic provider of insights on organizational performance
  • Optime’ a leading designer of the most current and effective sales and relationship curriculum in North America

An initial three action-packed days of powerful sales techniques and learning supplemented by personal and group coaching over 12 weeks with a final face to face training day! Limited seats available so get on the list to be the first to sign up and leverage this opportunity to make your international sales soar.

Additional Information

Globalization has changed the world forever. Technological advances combined with enhanced communication devices, channels to market, and expanded supply chains have made global distances a significant challenge in conducting business and closing sales. Moreover, populations in our own country are growing increasingly diverse. The world is not just out there, but also right here, in our own backyards. This creates challenges for businesses but more importantly provides opportunities to those who know how to successfully navigate cultures other than their own. This is true for all organizations, in all sectors and in all functions, especially "sales."

Communicating, negotiating, decision-making, and resolving conflict are skills good sales people develop. However, a successful sales executive in one market could be exactly the wrong person. Using the wrong strategy in a foreign market, or not having the ability to notice and understand cultural differences and to adapt his or her style or strategy to adapt to a different way of doing business could be a major barrier to success.

In this program, participants will learn a proven sales process, supported by the most important selling behaviors and skills along with tools and approaches.

Participants learn how to adapt their existing sales skills to foreign environments either domestic or international. We examine, and analyze approaches to selling using examples from different cultures. The ultimate objective is win in a globally competitive environment and to build cultural competence that will enable participants to apply the learning to their work and to improve their sales performance.

What to Expect

"Championship Selling: A Passport to Global Markets", is a game changer!!

This is a 38 hour interactive program designed to inform current and future sales professionals about selling in a multi cultural environment and how to impact behaviour and decision-making thus affecting sales performance and outcomes. This program will position the individual and their organization for success by focusing on the best in class sales skills and behaviors that will deliver the best results. The program follows the following format:

  • 3 Day Face to Face Championship Selling and Cross Cultural Training
  • 12 Week Online / Phone Coaching for Individuals and Group and Homework (6-8 hours total cumlative)
  • 1 Day Face to Face Championship Selling Finale'

Pre-Session Activity

The Conference Board will send all registered participants an online "Culture-Active" assessment and the "Sales Skills Assessment tool" in advance of any session so that all participants can be set up for the online activities. Participants are expected to complete the online surveys 3 weeks prior to the program launch..

Part 1 - Cross-Cultural Sales Learning Objectives

There are many sales programs on the market today, however, very few of them address the issues involved in selling effectively across cultures. In this program participants get an insight about cultural differences and their influence on behaviour and decision making. Participants will leave with a detailed action plan which they will implement via a series of 1:1 support sessions geared to support their sales performance outcomes.

The first part of the program enables participants to:

  • Understand what culture is, and recognize its influence
  • Recognize their own hidden cultural assumptions and preferences
  • Understand generalizations and move beyond stereotypes when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Understand key cultural differences in the way people think and act
  • Build trust and relationships with potential clients
  • Interpret cross-cultural communication styles
  • Feel more confident when interacting across cultural and language barriers
  • Develop cultural competence

The second part of the program focuses on sales skills required for success in both domestic and international markets while helping participants /organizations to:

  • Appreciate how the selling process works in other cultures
  • Increase sales revenue through building opportunity identification and gain earlier penetration of new markets and customer segments
  • Adapt their sales and negotiation techniques to fit the target client / market
  • Improve win ratios and sales productivity when targeting customer needs
  • Identify how to build credibility in a particular culture and increase customer loyalty and involvement
  • Positively handle sales objections cross cultures and get a sale back on track.
  • Appreciate how objection handling and communications differ in nature within different cultures.

Participants learn how to use these new sales skills in domestic or foreign multi cultural environments. We examine, and analyze approaches to selling using examples from different cultures. The ultimate objective is to build cultural competence and enable participants to apply the learning to their work and to improve their sales performance.

Program Agenda - Day 1

9:00 a.m. Introduction to Culture

Participants will be introduced to concepts around culture. This includes Behaviour and Culture, Cultural Iceberg and Lenses, Cultural Cruise Control, Attitudes towards Differences, Generalizations and Stereotypes, and Cultural Competence.

10:30 a.m. Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45 a.m. Cultural Patterns and Dimensions

Participants will explore origins and functions of cross-cultural communications. Cultural gurus to be highlighted include Geert Hofstede and Richard Lewis.

12:00 p.m. Networking Luncheon

Join us for a luncheon to network, renew, and make new connections with our speaker, experts, and fellow delegates. Discuss and share your insights and key-takeaways.

1:00 p.m. Culture and Communication

Learn about various styles of communications. This includes verbal and non-verbal considerations.

2:15 p.m. Networking and Refreshment Break

2:30 p.m. Cross-Cultural Communications and Sales

Why does culture matter to sales? Participants will look at the role of language and English as a Second Language (ESL) issues.

3:00 p.m. Dealing with Cultural Differences

Anita will present the self-awareness and CultureActive results. Final discussions include tips and techniques on how to sell to different cultures.

4:00 p.m. Workshop Adjourns

About the Speaker for Day 1:

Anita Punamiya is a management consultant and specializes in Cross-Cultural Communications and is the founder and CEO of CompreCultures Ltd. Anita has an MBA in International Business. She has undergone additional training in cross-cultural communications from Richard Lewis Communications, UK and represents them in Atlantic Canada.

Anita moved to Canada in 2004. Originally from India, she worked in the United Arab Emirates between 1994 and 2004, which gave her great exposure to a wide range of nationalities and cultures. She has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of roles in management, consulting, training and development.

CompreCultures is dedicated to delivering practical consulting and training solutions that meet the operational challenges of working successfully in today’s multicultural domestic and global business environment.

Through CompreCultures, Anita provides cross-cultural training for both private and public sectors and for non-profit organizations to understand and deal with issues related to cultural differences and their implications for business, in the work place and in the community. She helps increase cultural awareness, bridge communication barriers and facilitate the development of cross-cultural competence.

Some of CompreCultures clients include Qualcomm (US & India), Bell-Aliant, Mariner Partners Inc., Saint John Regional Hospital, Innovatia, City of Saint John, Enterprise Saint John, and Enovex among others.

Anita also teaches Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiations at the MBA Program at the University of New Brunswick Saint John campus.

For further information, go to www.comprecultures.com.

Program Agenda - Day 2-3

Part 2 - Championship Selling - Session Overview and Learning Objectives:

Championship Selling: Passport to Global Markets focuses on developing and applying best in class sales behaviours that will allow participants to be more successful in building and maintaining customer relationships and achieving desired sales results in the global business environment.

In this program, participants will integrate what they learned in the Advanced Sales Skills: Building Cross-Cultural Communications Expertise module with a proven sales process, supported by the most important selling behaviours and skills along with recommended tools and approaches. All participants will leave with a detailed personal action plan, which they will implement via a series of follow-up 1:1 support sessions so that they are more successful selling in new and different markets.

During the course of the two day training workshop, participants will:

  • Build self-awareness of strengths and development opportunities in regard to their selling skills, and create a personal action plan for achieving greater success.
  • Learn and apply the steps of a highly effective sales call in order to maximize individual sales performance:
    • Construct a plan for every sales call
    • Build meaningful rapport with prospects and customers through purposeful engagement that respects client culture
    • Identify and confirm customer needs through effective research and questioning
    • Present compelling priority and need-based solutions
    • Close the sale and handle objections confidently, using culturally appropriate techniques
    • Assess call performance against objectives to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement
    • Be accountable for the mutually agreed upon commitments and follow up

Upon completion of this two day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Leverage their stronger relationship-building and communication skills with global prospects and customers.

Sell more of their company’s products/services outside of their home market.


Participants will have completed the Advanced Sales Skills: Building Cross-Cultural Communications Expertise module.


  1. Complete the Selling Skills Assessment Tool three weeks prior to workshop.

  2. Review the Session Objectives, Agenda and Facilitator biographies (sent in advance).

  3. Watch TED Talk The Happy Secret to Better Work – Shawn Achor.https://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work?language=en

  4. Read Chapter 8 (Playing Catch) of Championship Selling: A Blueprint for Winning with Customers.

  5. Read Minotaur Energy Drink case.

  6. Choose an international/domestic prospect or customer with whom you have an upcoming meeting or with whom you’d like to do business, and complete the Sales Planner.

Day 2 Agenda

Welcome and Introduction

  • Introductions
  • Purpose, session objectives and agenda
  • Rules of engagement
  • Learning warm-up/ icebreaker activity (debrief)

SSAT Benchmark Results & Debrief

  • Personal Action Planning


The Optimé Performance Pyramid™

Perspective as a key to Championship Selling

  • Three dominant attitudes
  • Individual perspective on selling

Overview of Selling Process

Step #1: Plan the Call

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Introduction to Sales Planner- Preparation
  • Cross-cultural implications associated with Call Planning


Step #1: Plan the Call (continued)

  • Activity- Complete the Sales Planner- Preparation for the Case Study
  • SMART objectives
  • Activity- Identifying information gaps
  • Update Sales Planner for the Case Study and Personal Action Planning


Step #2: Engage the Customer

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Activity- Speed Engagement
  • Identifying engagement opportunities in the Case Study
  • Cross-cultural implications associated with Engaging the Customer
  • Update Sales Planner for the Case Study and Personal Action Planning

Step #3: Identify and Confirm Needs – Part 1

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Introduction to Playing CatchTM
  • Activity- Effective questioning
  • Personal Action Planning

Personal Action Planning & Wrap Up

Day 3 Agenda

Welcome and Recap of Day 1

  • Revisit SSAT scores and Personal Action Plans

Step #3: Identify and Confirm Needs – Part 2

  • Implications of listening on exploring new markets
  • Build quality questions relevant to the Case Study
  • Fishbowl Activity- Identify and Confirm needs for the Case Study
  • Update Sales Planner for the Case Study and Personal Action Planning


Step #4: Present Solutions

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Championship Presentation Framework
  • Develop Customer Solution for the Case Study
  • Update Sales Planner for the Case Study and Personal Action Planning

Step #5: Confirm Mutual Commitments

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Activity- list ideas and actions to get customers to commit during a sales meeting
  • Identify how to Confirm Mutual Commitments for the Case Study


Step #5: Confirm Mutual Commitments (continued)

  • Revisit Sales Planner for International Customer
  • Objection handling
  • Activity- Present solution, handle objections and close on commitment for Case Study


Step #4 & 5 Practice (continued)

  • Update Sales Planner for the Case Study and Personal Action Planning

Step #6: Assess the Call

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Discuss benefits of Assessing the call
  • Activity- self-assessment
  • Personal Action Planning

Step #7: Implement Follow up

  • Reflect on SSAT score
  • Activity- benefits of implementing good follow up practices
  • Note follow up activities for the Case Study
  • Personal Action Planning

Personal Action Planning & Wrap Up

Planning of Coaching layout and confirm date for final face to face training session in 12 weeks.

About the Speaker for Day 2-3:

Bruce Good
Executive Director

Conference Board of Canada

Bruce is an innovative, high-energy executive who brings top leadership skills, creativity and business experience to the Conference Board. Bruce is President of By Request Inc., a management consulting company working with the Conference Board of Canada since January 2012,

Prior to the Conference Board, Bruce resided in Montreal and worked with IMS Health, the world’s health authority on data analysis and disease trends, where he was the President and General Manager for Canada for 5 years.

His sales leadership credentials are truly impressive, with 20 years of executive level responsibilities contributing to several well-known companies, including Rogers, IBM Canada, Nortel, Bell Canada and Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies.

In addition to his extensive private sector background, Bruce has also been involved with several not-for-profit Boards including the United Way, The Arthritis Society – Quebec Region, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the YWCA and the Ottawa Heart Institute. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from McMaster University and is also a Lakefield College School Alumni.


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If the actual person registered is unable to attend, an alternate work colleague can attend on their behalf. Please send a note to the event organizer to update their records. Email: business.development@saskpolytech.ca

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Saskatoon Club

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