Circadian Health: WIld Solutions for Modern Ills

Circadian Health: WIld Solutions for Modern Ills

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Learn about the Ten Habits of Circadian Health and how to effectively evolve your daily routines.

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Align to the Earth's rhythms to find your Thrive, one small step at a time.

As human beings, we live in bodies that evolved to hunt, gather and live outside in the elements, with a close-knit, village-sized tribe. Nowadays, however, we spend most of our days and nights indoors, often isolated, under artificial light: eating, working and exercising according to the dictates of an artificial construct called "Time".

When we allow our bodies to align with the circadian rhythm (the cycles of day/night, fasting/feasting, the waxing & waning of the moon, season upon season) we THRIVE.

When we oppose the natural cycles around us, and go against the wildness of our intelligent animal-body, we go into DECLINE. Just look around you: all the diseases of the Developed World are diseases of inflammation, caused by excess - heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, stress. These are all symptoms of a species out of sync with the environment, from which it emerged and to which it belongs.

In this Free Seminar, I will walk you through Ten Habits of Circadian Health. They are daily habits grounded in the ancient science of Ayurveda - India's ancestral medical system. These habits align us to our internal body clocks and can optimize our capacities for better sleep, digestion, peace of mind and feeling at ease in our meat-suits.

On top of that, I will introduce crucial, time-tested techniques to help us start or evolve ANY new healthy habit you want to incorporate into your day.

My name is Geoff. I'm the founder of First Light Yoga and First Light Living. I teach people peace of mind through self-paced yoga practice; and I help people to transform their health by evolving their daily habits. I hope you'll join me! (It's FREE!)

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