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This is an online introduction to mindfulness meditation class starting May28th, each Thursday for 5 weeks from 7pm-9pm

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Thursdays May28th-June25th , 5 sessions.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation with Santa Aloi and Jason Leslie

Mindfulness meditation, being present for our experience in the moment with awareness and acceptance, comes from the Buddhist tradition. These introductory classes draw upon the wisdom of that tradition as it relates to our contemporary lives.

Mindfulness Meditation is a profound way of connecting with how things are in our lives. Often in daily life we find we are disconnected to the body and hardly aware of what’s going on in our minds. Thoughts, emotions and reactions to events can pull us away into a world where we hardly keep track of ourselves! Paying attention with kindness allows for greater calm, clarity, and resourcefulness. In this series of classes we will work from a relaxed place to develop awareness of breath, body, feelings, thoughts and mind states. We will also have fun.

Basic sitting practice will be augmented with simple and gentle mindful movement. Through practicing mindfulness in stillness and movement, our aim is to bring the practice into daily life as well as to gain more insight while formally meditating.

The fee for the course covers all 5 sessions and goes towards the operating expenses of BCIMS. We wish the teachings to be available to all, so if there is financial need and the cost is a barrier, contact saaloi@icloud.com.

There will be an optional opportunity to contribute Dana for the teachings.

Santa Aloi has practiced in the Vipassana tradition for over 25 years. She has sat many long retreats and has completed both the Dedicated Practioners Program (2010) and the Advanced Practitioners Program (2017) at Spirit Rock. She has been greatly influenced by the teachings of Ajahn Sumedho, with her main Vipassana teachers being Guy Armstrong, Phillip Moffitt, Adrianne Ross and, lately, Bikkhu Analayo. She has been authorized by Adrianne Ross and Phillip Moffitt to lead sitting groups and to teach classes. A former Professor of Dance at SFU, choreographer and dancer, she taught movement and improvisation from a place of mindfulness of body, mind and heart.

Jason Leslie has been an avid meditator since 2004. He began practicing in the Theravada tradition in 2011 and recently completed the Spirit Rock Dedicated Practitioners Program. He regularly sits retreats and attended the 3-month retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in 2017. Formerly a lawyer, Jason is now pursuing a PhD in law, focusing on the nature of property and economic justice in the Canadian housing market.

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