Co-tenant Wellness Day @ Innovation Works

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Innovation Works

201 King St. W.

London, ON


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Enjoy a full day of opportunities to enhance your wellness at Innovation Works! There will be a variety of sessions throughout the day to feed your mind, body and soul– all will be led by fellow co-tenants. Please reserve a ticket for each session you are interested in, as space is limited!

9:00am-9:30am Wellness Day Kick-off (Solutions Lab)

Join us for a warm welcome to Wellness Day along with intention-setting w/ Heenal Rajani

9:30-9:50am Morning Meditation (Solutions Lab)
Led by Spencer Delisle of Art of Living

9:50-10:00am Break

10:00-10:20am Fascial Wake Up (Solutions Lab)

We are all connected! True that! Even our bodies know this. "Fascia" seems to be one of the more popular buzz words in the fitness industry. In this stretching exercise learn and feel how the fascial is your own "Spiderman" suit that creates a web or network of tissues surrounding and supporting all of you!
Led by Lore Wainwright, GoodLife Fitness and Yoga Instructor

10:20-10:30am Break

10:30-11:05am Session A Workshop: The Thrive Factor (RBC Vault)

Discover the three pillars to thriving in your life, their dynamic nature and how they specifically pertain to you. Led by Chantelle Diachina, founder of Prana Yoga & Wellness

10:30-11:05 am Session B Workshop: Qi Qong (Solutions Lab)

Connect with your vital energy through the power of breath with Karen Zehnal, founder of Direct Access Health & Wellness

11:05-11:15am Break

11:15-11:50am Session C Workshop: Body Positivity (Solutions Lab)

Join in the conversation regarding Body Image, Body Positivity, Self Love and Confidence. In today’s day and age with people of all ages; places in life feeling the pressure, we’ll be digging deep to talk about how we can decrease our personal pressure of the outside world - OR for someone in our life. From inner dialogue to social media…. let’s get this conversation going. Led by Carolyn Martyn, founder of Shine Fitness and the Bring It Conference.

11:15-11:50am Session D Workshop: Self-Compassion (RBC Vault)

Learn how to practice self-compassion, which can improve your health and well-being as well as increase your motivation and willpower. Led by Raghad Ebied, Education and Training consultant.

11:50-12:00pm Break

12:00-1:00pm Salad Club (2nd Floor Kitchen)

1:00-1:30pm Community Building Through Movement & Play (Solutions Lab)

Come laugh and make connections with fellow co-tenants with group games. Led by social artist, Melanie Schambach, and Innovation Works DECA, Heenal Ranjani.

1:30-1:40pm Break

1:40-2:15pm Session E: Empathy Walk (Meet in Solutions Lab)

Join Andre Vashist, from Pillar Nonprofit Network, on a walk along the river - metaphorically and literally. We will use simple and active techniques of centering, presencing and listening to deepen relationships with self, others and nature.

2:15-2:25pm Break

2:25-3:00pm Session F: Brain Wellness & Sleep (RBC Vault)

Learn how the brain works and how to maximize your brain power! Identify factors that cause poor quality sleep, including effects of blue light. Implement sleep tips and lifestyle recommended for good quality sleep, along with foods that feed the brain. Led by Nancy Attril, founder of Advantage Workplace Integration

2:25-3:00pm Session G: The Art of Self-Inquiry (Solutions Lab)

Unleash your inner powers of creativity, compassion and gratitude, as Heenal Rajani (Innovation Works DECA) guides you through a process of journaling and reflection.

3:00-3:10pm Break

3:10-3:40pm Yin Yoga & Reiki (Solutions Lab)

Wind down with the quiet practice of yin yoga, mixed with the nourishing touch of reiki. Led by Emma O'Connor, founder of Femme Force Fitness

3:40pm-4:00pm Wrap up of Wellness Day (Solutions Lab)

Led by Lore Wainwright, Director of Innovation Works & Heenal Rajani, Innovation Works DECA

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Date and Time


Innovation Works

201 King St. W.

London, ON


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