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Advanced Wellness Chiropractic

10432-123 Street


Edmonton, AB T5N 1N7


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Our body is designed to regulate and heal itself. The question Chiropractors are interested in answering is "Why is your body not healing itself properly?" Is there a deeper underlying issue that is preventing true healing?

We are exposed to daily stresses in our environments. Healthy individuals experience stress and adapt to the environment. If we are exposed to very strong, stressful environmental stimuli or repeated stressful stimuli, we could be losing our ability to effectively adapt to our environment. When we can’t adapt well, we feel pain and fatigue.

Where is all this stress coming from? Is there a way to determine if stresses from our environment are affecting our backs and our health?

The following questionnaire allows the Chiropractor to gain insight into the level of stress within your environment.


  • Do you sit for more than an hour a day?

  • Have you suffered any motor vehicle accident(s), broken bones, sprains or strains?

  • Have you ever had any surgeries (including wisdom teeth) or suffered a major illness?

  • Do you do high intensity cardiovascular workouts for more than 45 minutes?

  • Do you wake up stiff and stay sore for long periods?


  • Have you ever lived in a smoking household or lived in an area with poor air quality?

  • Do you drink city water?

  • Do you smoke, drink or do drugs?

  • Do you take more than 3 prescription drugs?

  • Do you eat lots of simple carbohydrates such as breads, pasta, rice, potatoes and/or sugary snacks (chocolate bars or desserts)?


  • Have you ever been a victim of physical or emotional abuse?

  • Do you frequently exhibit signs of depression, anxiety, nervousness, mood swings or irritability?

  • Have you ever experienced a difficult ending to a relationship (such as a divorce or death)?

  • Have you experienced financial or job security loss?

  • Do you have strong and perpetual anger, guilt, shame, hurt or sad feelings?

If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions, it is recommended to have a thorough chiropractic consultation. Outwardly, you may appear to be healthy with only a bad back. This may be true. However, what may be discovered is that your chronic or recurring back pain is moving you away from good health and towards challenged health.

At Advanced Wellness Chiropractic, computerized nervous system scanning highlights where chronic, deep, stuck stresses lie and are negatively impacting your entire health profile.

Dr. Vera Baziuk provides chiropractic care to help release stress on the nervous system. She also teaches her patients to reduce the stress from the physical environment with a Back Care and Posture Class and to reduce the stress from the chemical environment with the Zone Anti-Inflammatory Diet Workshop.

To help her patients reduce the stress from the mental emotional environment Dr. Vera has introduced Collaborative Health Talks. In these talks, Dr. Vera talks about the impact of stress on the nervous system and features a different health care provider to share insight on how to decrease the stress from the mental emotional environment.

The next Collaborative Health Talk will be hosted on the first Tuesday of the month in December. On December 19, 2017 Dr. Vera will host Health Care Practitioner, Yvonne Racine, a certified grief recovery specialist. Come join us at 12:30 am at Advanced Wellness Chiropractic for this complimentary talk managing stress from the mental emotional environment stemming from loss and difficult endings.

Dr. Vera Baziuk

Advanced Wellness Chiropractic

10432-123 Street, Suite 201

Edmonton, AB T5N 1N7

Work: 780.705.3111



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Advanced Wellness Chiropractic

10432-123 Street


Edmonton, AB T5N 1N7


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