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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Thanks for participate in the COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon.
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SENECA invites you to its first-ever, COVID-19 Business Response HACKATHON!

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From June 29th to July 3rd, Seneca will be hosting its first ever 100% virtual COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon. In teams of 3-5, students will have the chance to create their own innovative solutions towards solving the problems businesses are experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus. This Hackathon will serve as an excellent occasion for innovation and a unique opportunity for students to showcase their entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills in front of industry leaders. Top tier prizes will include cash rewards, paid internships and the opportunity to present your solution to Bay Street Investors!

Businesses from various industries will propose what are called CHALLENGE SETS, which will consist of a specific problem that is being faced as a result of the pandemic. Students will build teams, analyze one challenge set and develop their own solution, all while working alongside a business mentor assigned by one of our sponsors, including angel investor Steve Singh and the investment network from Thinking North. Afterwards, teams will present their project plans to a panel.

Be one of the first 200 participants and you will receive a free t-shirt from the event!

Registration for the Hackathon is NOT LIMITED to only Seneca community! Feel free to include friends, co-workers and colleagues from any workplace or Post-Secondary Institution to round out your team of up to 5 people. Put a name to your team, register here (every member needs to register) and start designing your solution!"

(Disclaimer: Every team must include a minimum of 2 Seneca Students)

With only three weeks until the Hackathon, it is important for you to keep updated with all that is happening. Our committee kindly asks you to follow our official page on Instagram: @SENECAHACKATHON2020.

Take a look into some of the challenge sets that you and your team will choose to develop a solution alongside the help of a business mentor - all while working safely and remotely from home. Remember this Hackathon is 100% Virtual !!!

1. Human Resources

  • Candidate recruiting using AI,Data Science and Gamification.
  • Reference Model for skill using Data Analytics

2. Hospitality and Personal Services

  • Appointment Scheduling for services, order pickups and restaurant seating
  • Application for personal service

3. Health Care

  • Visualize COVID-19 infection spread using Big Data Analytics

4. Accounting and contactless payments

  • Remote application for digital receipts and expense payments

5. Virtual Classroom platforms

  • Create innovative new features to bring online classrooms to the next level

6. Business Resilence

  • Maintain Business Continuity during and after Covid-19

7. Abstract thinking for Covid-19 tech response (Think freely about any type of technical solution to COVID-19 related issues)

This are some examples, but not limited, of what you can do:

  • IoT
  • Medical solutions
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Size mimicking Avatar for online shopping - innovative ways for online shopping
  • Managing staff remotely
  • Automation to help healthcare workers
  • Digital financing


Technology advancement has hyper-accelerated due to the Covid-19 crisis. Now you now have an opportunity to creating new solutions that business need and investors want. This time of crisis pushes companies to bring themselves to adopt new technologies, or else they will not survive. That's why the Covid-19 Business Response Hackathon will count with the sponsorship of important business in Canada. More sponsors will be joining the event through the next weeks and we will be updating their information.

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