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Creating Connection In Times of Disconnect

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Creating Connection In Times of Disconnect

Does the thought of having an important conversation with someone that matters to you trigger some level of uncertainty, ambiguity and unease? Do you play out the conversation scenarios in your head, achieving an outcome before the discussion even begins? How might this impact the way you communicate your opinion, perspective, or feelings? Does this affect your ability to hear what the other person is trying to say?

While this approach may have served you well in the past, it can create a widening gap of disconnection, even conflict for the future.

We know that tough conversations can be daunting – because relationships are messy and communication is hard.

A relationship should leave you fulfilled, content, and with a sense of deep connection, right?

We see this every day – at home, work, and with friends. There is uncertainty on both sides as each person tends to approach the conversation with what they want the outcome to be.

We get it. We’ve both felt disconnected when we’ve avoided having those conversations with people who mattered to us. It left us feeling disempowered, lonely, frustrated, and worst of all, misunderstood. These are regular themes we also see with our clients.

Once we let go of expecting others to make us feel better or to make the situation ‘right’, we started to take back control of our actions and behaviours. We noticed our conversations changed. We became more mindful, intentional, and empowered, feeling connected to others in ways we never were before.

What if engaging differently in your relationships could produce similar results?

Would you like to learn the skills, techniques, and approaches needed to make a greater connection in a particular relationship?

If so, we’d like to invite you to a free webinar on November 17, 2016, at 7pm EST

How to Create Connection When There’s Disconnect


In this interactive session, we’ll simplify the complexities of communication that overwhelms people into procrastination and avoidance. We’ll teach you the skills we’ve used with our own relationships and clients.

In this session, you’ll learn an easy-to-recall methodology enabling you to:

  • Be clear on what really matters - because not everything does!

  • Appreciate the unique contributions of otherseveryone has something to offer!

  • Understand the different ways to listen - and none of them require the use of your ears!

  • Stop unintentionally making an ass of yourself - yes, you read that correctly!

And finally, the integration steps you can do immediately to feel connected in your relationship!

This webinar will give you the tools you need to create more meaningful connection in any relationship or communication situation.

Reserve your spot now!

*Event details will be emailed to participants by November 15th, 2016*

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