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$10 – $28.99

DANCE DANCE KARAOKE (DDK) is a new and more inclusive way to have fun with friends and meet new people.

About this event

DANCE DANCE KARAOKE is hosted at Reset's Community Centre, which is a phone-free space.

How it works:

When you arrive, you will put your phone in one of our provided lockers and receive wireless headphones that have 3 channels: dance, karaoke and meditation. For 90 minutes, you're free to choose the channel you want and change as much as you'd like. Everything is optional and if you're feeling other vibes, we have an indoor forest, an outdoor garden and a lot of games.

Who it's for:

DDK is 18+ and is ideal for people who are looking to get away from their tech and better connect with themselves and the people around them. You can come solo or in a group. Post DDK, people often say that they feel lighter and that they can't wait to do it again.

There is no media of DDK:

We understand that photos and videos of DDK would be helpful to your decision making, however, this is phone free space, so we don't have anything to work with here. Cue your imagination and belief in magic.

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The Centre is located on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and we recognize the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and the Inuit peoples.

The main floor is accessible for those who use mobility devices, however we do not have automated doors or an accessible bathroom. There is a basement, which is not physically accessible.

You are provided with a personal locker and lock to store your belongings, phone and shoes. Free tea is provided and there are water stations on site. Reset does not provide any food, you are welcome to bring your own into the space.

Reset strives to be an inclusive space and we believe that collective joy requires justice. This means some of the factors we have considered when creating this experience include collective liberation, safety, care, identities, Indigenous sovereignty and self determination, ecology, equity, power, inclusion, physical accessibility, financial accessibility, ancestry, climate, introversion, extraversion, trauma, all the -isms and some parts of the neurodivergence spectrum. We are not experts in any of these realms and are always open to learning how we can better cultivate a space and culture that fosters a sense of welcome and belonging. Please reach out with your feedback on this or anything else shared above.