D&D in a Castle - Round 4

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Langley Castle


NE47 5LU

United Kingdom

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Four days of role-playing with world-class Dungeon Masters, in a magnificent, historic English castle.

How much does it cost?

Registration is $2650 per person, plus accommodation which ranges in price from $750 for a bed in a shared tent to $2800 for exclusive use of a feature castle suite with several options in between. Included in this is

  • Four nights accommodation

  • All meals

  • A three day campaign with your world class DM

  • Additional one shot games to ensure you never have to stop playing

  • Ground transportation to the castle

  • All taxes

A vacation like none you have ever experienced. An exclusive retreat into a genuine medieval castle for a spot of luxury, relaxation, gourmet food, and, of course, role-playing. Full schedule is set out below.

Langley Castle

Dating back to the 12th Century, this stunning fortress, with battlements, dungeons and immense, ancient walls, is the stuff fantasies are made of. Langley Castle retains many of its original features, and all of its magnificent ambience.

The DMs

On checkout, you will get to select your preferred DM from among the following inimitable line-up:

B. Dave Walters is a motivator and storyteller. He is best known for playing Victor Temple on Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night, as Tuko Pamoja at the Stream of Many Eyes D&D event, and as the creator and DM of Theogony of Kairos, a level 20 Forgotten Realms campaign.

Alcuin Gersh - A veteran Game Master and Actual Play Twitch streamer, Alcuin Gersh brings his background in the visual arts and passion for storytelling and mythology in to the games he runs.

Mark Meer stars as the voice of Commander Shepard, Blasto, Niftu Cal, the Vorcha, and more in Bioware's Mass Effect Trilogy. Other voice work includes Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark, Bioware's Dragon Age series, Jade Empire, and the original Baldur's Gate games, plus the mad drow sorcerer Baeloth Barrityl, Sun Soul monk Rasaad yn Bashir, "world's greatest first-level mage" Alveus Malcanter, and dozens of other roles in the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear from Beamdog. Mark is also a world-renowned improvisor and has performed his improv shows The Harold of Galactus and Improvised Dungeons & Dragons across the world.

Kelly Lynne D'Angelo - An animation, musical, and comedy writer, Kelly combines all of her talents in one at the DM table. With her dynamic voice work, layered storytelling, and jokes abound, you’ll get sucked into her world like an unstable portal to the Nine Hells. And good luck trying to get out of one of those.

Eric Campbell is the Director of Development at Geek & Sundry and has been running games for over two decades. For 2 Years he has run live streamed games on Geek & Sundry's Twitch and Alpha Channels (Doctor Who on TBD RPG, Star Trek on Shield of Tomorrow and the Cypher System on Callisto 6).


Reserve you place at the castle with a deposit now, and we will invoice you for the balance of the registration, which will vary depending on your selections at check-out. Registration itself is $2,650 per person and includes all meals, welcome banquet, shuttle from Newcastle, and all gaming supplies. (Note, all dietary requirements can be accommodated.) Accommodation is per room, and varies from $750 - $2,800.

Deposits are refundable within 24 hours of registration. The balance of payment is payable 90 days before the event.

Once you register, you will be contacted to begin building your character. When you arrive at the castle, you will receive a custom player pack, with all gaming supplies. Each DM will run their campaign for 2 of the 3 gaming sessions each day, and during the remaining session, there will be one-offs and other activities to join in if you wish.


Select your accommodation from the options given on check-out. Prices range from a single bed in our Medieval Encampment for $750 per person, to a suite in the castle for $2,800, with many options in between.

The Encampment is a fantasy glamping experience all of its own. Our luxury canvas tents are kept cosy with their own wood-burning stoves, and there are hot showers and indoor and outdoor toilets for use of our guests. All prices are for all 4 nights and include all taxes and fees.

Guest rooms and suites are either in the castle, or overlooking the castle in the coverted outbuildings on the castle grounds. All rooms are en suite. Rooms are priced per room, and there is no additional charge for extra guests, though capacity is limited to the number listed.


Here is a rough outline of the schedule, which is subject to change prior to the event:


1:00 You meet at a Tavern... (Shuttle from Newcastle to Tavern will be available to all guests)

3:00 Travel to Castle (transportation provided)

6:00 Barovian Ball

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Morning Session

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Afternoon Session

6:00 Dinner

8:00 Evening Session


8:00 Breakfast

11:00 Check-Out and Shuttle Departure


What is included in the cost of registration?

Registration ($2,650 + Accommodation Fee) includes twenty four hours of gaming, and all meals, taken in a castle with the DMs. Since rooms vary in size and luxury, they are booked separately. Leading up to the retreat, we will work with you to develop your character and prepare for the game. When you arrive, you will receive a character kit, including swag from our sponsors. There are no hidden fees and no additional costs. Transportation from Stoke on Trent to Caverswall Castle will be made available to all guests.

I have allergies/sensitivities or other dietary restrictions. Will there be anything for me to eat?

We can accommodate any and all dietary needs as long as we know about them in advance. Just let us know about them when you register. Options may be limted if we don't know your needs well in advance.

Can I split the cost with friends?

You can share your room with your partner, or with a friend. You will be given an option for that upon checkout, and your invoice will reflect that. Registration itself cannot be split.

Can I stay in a nearby hotel and just come for the day to play?

Registration is part of the accommodation package, and not available separately. No unregistered guests are permitted in the castle during the retreat.

Can I bring my kids with me?

The minimum age for attending the retreat is 14. Children over that age are welcome to attend and will be considered registrants of the event. It is possible an exception may be made for children close to 14 years of age, who are keen to participate in the gaming and who are able to conduct themselves as adults. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a registered, responsible adult.

I've never played DnD before. Will I still be able to enjoy this?

No problem. We will work with you before you arrive, and hold your hand throughout the retreat. The specific game will be new to everyone, and the DM will be there throughout to guide and assist you. We'll explain everything you need to know and make sure you have a great time even if you've never played before.

Who is behind this event?

Regency Encounters is an events company located in Canada. We plan epic nerd fantasy escapes such as the Pride & Prejudice Ball (www.PrideandPrejudiceBall.ca) and the Festival of Witchcraft & Wizardry (www.Wizardfest.ca), among others.

Who are the DMs?

Dungeon Masters (DMs) are the people that run the games. They are in charge of making sure everyone has fun and that the story plays out well. We will post the profiles of individual DMs on Facebook. All DMs will be very experienced with new and venerated players; will focus on story rather than rules; and will make sure everyone is having fun. We retain some of the greatest DMs in the world to run the games at this event. You will be able to select your DM, subject to space at their table, upon checkout.

What kind of game will it be?

This game will be focused on simplicity and fun for a variety of players. The main point is to play in a castle and have a good time with new people. DMs will be focusing on pace and story Rules lawyering will be adjudicated swiftly and fairly.

How long will we play each day?

There will be 3 x 4-hour sessions each day, and DMs will decide which 2 of those their table will play each day. Everyone will have the chance to play at least 24 hours of D&D over the course of the retreat. In additions, we have additional DMs and volunteers who will run one-offs and other activities during the third session while your table is not playing.

Do I have to play every session?

You are requested to attend all your table's sessions. Activities during all other sessions are optional.

How do I get to the castle?

Detailed transportation options will be sent to all guests. There will be a shuttle from a location in Newcastle that has yet to be announced. The castle is 30 minutes from Newcastle Airport by car.

Will there be alcohol at this event?

Registration does not include any alcohol, but you can add a wine package to your registration, which will include 2 glasses of wine with dinner. There will also be a cash bar at the hotel, where you can purchase drinks during your stay. No outside alcohol is permitted on site.

Date and Time


Langley Castle


NE47 5LU

United Kingdom

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