Dec 15  法国红酒 品尝会(现场)

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Dec 15 法国红酒 品尝会(现场)

Join us as we have an in-depth wine tasting session featuring wines from the Domaine De Boissan vineyard in the Rhone Valley, France.

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IG Wealth Managemet North York 200 Yorkland Boulevard Suite 300 Toronto, ON M2J 5C1 Canada

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Virtual Wine Tasting Featuring The Domaine De Boissan Winery, Rhône Valley, France

Thursday, November 10th at 6:30 PM ET

This exclusive event is hosted by Nelson Abreu of 30.50 Imports with guest sommelier Victor Bonfils of Domaine De Boissan Winery.

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  • Our VIP can experience selected imported wine from France that cannot be purchased at your local retailer
  • Learn about three wines and what makes them so unique, participate in a technical tasting
  • Hear the history behind the 19th century winery and the husband and wife team that started it all
  • Each kit has a carrier which will make for an easy porch drop off
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Domaine De Boissan Winery

• One of the oldest vineyards in the region, established in the 19th century; 50 hectares of land

• The owners, Cathy and Christian Bonfils, are both from families who have been winemakers for generations. Christian Bonfils is the fifth generation to be leading the estate

• Organic farming; traditional approach

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30.50 Imports

• It is between the 30th and 50th parallels north and south of the equator that classic wine regions are located

• Wine agency based in Toronto, Ontario. We broker fine wines for restaurants, hotels and wine fans across Ontario.

• Aim of bringing home fine wines from around the globe that capture the spirit of the people, places and cultures that craft them.

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  • Guests who are avid wine drinkers and open to tasting different wines
  • Guests who are interested in the historic and technical aspects of wine making
  • Guests who you are willing to do a porch drop off to (i.e.. reasonable driving distance)
  • Guests who are willing to share this experience with their friends and family virtually or in person
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