Dialogue: At the Intersections of Power

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Dialogue: At the Intersections of Power

In this session we invite you to join an inquiry into the systems of power we face in modern civilization, and its structures and forms.

By Design with Dialogue

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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM PDT



About this event

  • In a complex society with heterogeneous forms of power, are we each subject to different structures and forms of power we experience?
  • Or is there a sense in which we are all subject to the same powers, whether we accept them or not?
  • How do you hold agency? Do our unique histories and commitments determine the boundaries of our personal power to alter policies, events, outcomes, and eventually our society?
  • What structures are now available, or foreclosed, for acting on a commitment to collective power, e.g. democratic power of a people?

July's DwD opened the start of a mini-series to inquire into power relations as experienced, as observed in social structures, and as expressed in a variety of forms. Taking an open (inductive) approach with the Talking Circle approach, in our last session we explored the individual experience of power in everyday life. In this session we continue with a talking circle and a round of dialogue cafes (as we continue to hold 90 minute, shorter online sessions).

In this session we invite you to join an inquiry into the systems of power we face in modern civilization, and the structures and forms it takes. We had considered proposing any number of deep pre-reads (see the DwD post for the event). But it’s August, your summer is running down, and most of these are actually quite long. We didn’t want to direct an argumentation as much as open up and rethink forms and sources of power. Join us!

About the organizer

Design with Dialogue is a community of practice for facilitating change and meaningful action through forms of human-centred dialogue in our organizations, communities, collaborative projects and as individuals. We learn and play together through participatory design, strategic dialogue, creative arts and emerging facilitation methods. DwD is hosted by Peter Jones (OCAD University, SFI professor) at OCAD locations.

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