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WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET HIGH-PAYING SPEAKING CLIENTS faster, and save 25 years or more?

Earning Win with Your Heart Speaker Certification can help you to...

* inspire and empower people

* save 25 years or more of research, design, writing, and marketing time (with done-for-you research, Powerpoints, brochures, branding)...

* get paid to travel and speak whereever you like in the world

* land high-paying corporate speaking opportunities

* thrive and save lives

To succeed in speaking ten years faster or more, click the green "Tickets" button to get started today!

Private certification is available on your schedule for Silver clients and above. The next series of group certification summits via video conference (recommended for all who want and/or need a chance to practice presenting and get feedback) will be four Wednesday evenings, at 7:30 pm ET, beginning July 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 2017.

For an extra bonus, you can pay via e-transfer to sharon(at)

Speak, Inspire and THRIVE!

  • Do you like to inspire & empower people?
  • Would you like to make great money by making a difference?
  • Would you like to give presentations in workplaces, schools or colleges?
  • Would you like to get paid to travel and speak wherever you like (if you like)?
  • Would you like to save 25 years (over $1,000,000 of time) of speaker research, development, writing and marketing time, with done-for-you research, PowerPoints, website, and branding?
  • Would you like to thrive & change lives?

If so, you are invited to join the dream to inspire & empower over 1,000,000,000 people, to create a kinder world. You are invited to apply to our Win with Your Heart Speaker Certification program.

Course leader and course designer Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology) has hired speakers for high-paying opportunities in the corporate world, worked as a speaker for over 20 years, and inspired over 2,000,000 people live and online (with her programs in French, English and Spanish). Once, she raised over $6,000,000 for a youth business centre with a single presentation.

Trying to make it as a speaker or entrepreneur without guidance or support is like trying to swim to Hawaii, on your own. It’s very difficult. In fact, it’s almost impossible. Becoming a motivational speaker with guidance and support (especially from someone who actually worked in speaking and hired speakers in a corporation) is like taking an eco-jet to Hawaii. It’s much more fun, and it’s faster and easier.

Our Speaker Certification includes done-for-you research (with a Master of Education degree to back it up), Secrets of the Success Empowerment Technique™, branding, Powerpoints, and effective marketing brochures. You will also get invitations to four online video summits of an hour each. You will get to participate in the program, then practice leading parts of it. You will enjoy positive and supportive feedback on your practice presentation. To earn certification and get a link on our website, you will need to participate in at least two of the four summits, and send a 5-10 minute video of you teaching a group of four or more people using our program.

To ensure maximum personal attention, only ten people are admitted to the Speaker Certification program per term. For admittance to the program, your qualifications include:

  • A passion for learning Psycho-Spiritual Success Secrets
  • At least 10 hours of experience speaking, teaching, coaching, counselling and/or mentoring
  • A commitment to using kind communication with clients, students, mentors, and everyone else
  • Openness to using the Win with Your Heart 6-Second Success Empowerment Technique daily
  • Willingness and ability to invest at least $988 and 20 hours or more in earning your Speaker Certification (two volunteer work exchanges are available)
  • A spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, or affirmative prayer is an asset
  • Entrepreneurial and/or networking experience is a great asset
  • A solid network is a great asset

We will only be accepting up to ten people into the Speaker Certification program this summer. Deadline for applications is July 2, 2107. Interviews will be held via phone and skype July 3-5. If you have questions about the program, you can call 416-997-138(two).

To apply, please click the gold button at the top of the page.

Thanks! YOU make a difference. You deserve to speak, inspire and THRIVE!

Dare to dream of working only people who pay you well up front, buy more and more products and services, give you great testimonials, share your social media posts, appreciate you, and send constant referrals to more ideal clients for you.

CONSULTING WITH SHARON J. LOVE, M.ED. (Psychology) can help you to achieve your dreams and goals many years faster. She has used the secrets she teaches to overcome near-mute shyness, inspire millions of people and help a number of her clients achieve 7-figure results, sometimes within a few months. A world-class speaking success consultant, she worked as a speaker and hired speakers in the corporate world, and learned first-hand the Psychology of Speaking Success.

ARE YOU a speaker, executive or entrepreneur? Do you ever feel exhausted, isolated, and/or overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time? You are not alone. Being a speaker or business leader is far from easy. If you work only with the conscious mind, as most speakers and business leaders do, it's like trying to swim to the paradise of your great success... thousands of miles away... in dark, cold waters. It's exhausting. It's frustrating. It's lonely, and in many cases, it's just impossible.

LUCKILY, THERE IS AN EASIER WAY. What is in charge of your success? It's not your conscious mind. It's also not the conscious mind of your ideal clients. It's your SUBCONSCIOUS mind, and the subconscious minds of your ideal clients. When you collaborate with your subconscious mind and the subconscious minds of your ideal clients, you beome as powerful as a team of co-pilots of a plane, flying your lives quickly and easily to the paradise of your great success.

Would you like to do what you love ALL the time, with clients you love (who love you back)?

Would you like to make GREAT money by making a difference?

Would you like to SAVE YEARS of time, money and energy?

Would you like to discover YOUR BILLIONAIRE BRAND?

Your Billionaire Brand is the brand and lifestyle you would create if you were a loving and beloved billionaire. For free secrets videos, you can visit .

Through powerful questions, discussion, and self-awareness exercises, you will connect with your subconscious mind and the subconscious minds of your ideal clients, so that they become like a team of co-pilots of a plane. Yes! You can fly your life and your clients' lives quickly and easily to the paradise of your great success.

IN CONSULTATIONS, we can explore your choice of the following topics (usually one topic per session)...

* Learn The Four Secrets to Your Great Success

* Clarify your GREAT Vision for your life and your world

* Become THE WORLD'S LEADING EXPERT in your field to attract high-paying clients

* Gain at least three powerful, unique titles to attract clients you love, who love you back

* Get three unique motivational banners to attract your ideal clients online or through live presentations

* Discover The Three Secrets to Billionaire Blockbuster Storytelling to Attract Clients

* Create Your Billionaire Brand Script for Your Video and/or Live Presentation

* Learn Your Billionaire Brand Three-Step Influence with Integrity System to maximize Sales

My goal is for every dollar that you invest with me to come back to you over 100 times this year.

Your success is GUARANTEED. If you purchase a consultation, apply my suggestions right away, and do not double your income within a month, you will get another 1-hour session ($10,000 value) for FREE.

For more information or to schedule a session, you can contact me, Sharon Love, M.Ed. by phoning 416-997-1382 or skyping outstanding.lives .

FREE BONUS: SAVE 5 YEARS OR MORE with these fun & engaging Success Games Online:

* Profit from Presenting (video)

* 7 Secrets to Quickly Getting Clients You Love (Your Billionaire Brand Game PDF)

* Win with Your Heart: Attract Success in 5 Minutes a Day (Your Billionaire Brand Game PDF)

* The 5 Spiritual Secrets to Your Billionaire Brand (Your Billionaire Brand Game PDF)

* Speak & Inspire Millions: The 5 Secrets (Interactive e-Learning Game Online)

* Clarify Your Vision, Dreams & Goals ((Interactive e-Learning Game Online)

* Create & Sell Your Billionaire Brand Game: 3 Psychological Secrets to Inspiring Millions Online (Online Game)

SUCCESS GAMES ONLINE are fun, empowering, action-inspiring online courses that you can complete in 1-2 hours each, designed to save you YEARS. By completing them, you win Play Money Prizes that you can use towards real, valuable prizes. They are Word PDFs of 50-100 pages and/or interactive online courses using survey software. They are NOT heavy, information-based academic courses (resesarch shows that only 3% of people complete heavy information-based e-learning programs). They are quick challenges designed to get you RESULTS as quickly as possible.

To succeed in speaking ten years faster or more, click the green "Tickets" button to get started today!

Questions? You can call 416-997-1382 or skyping outstanding.lives .

Thanks! YOU make a difference. Together, we can inspire your world.

TRIPLE YOUR INCOME GUARANTEE: If you complete all the assigned challenges, you will triple your income within three months, or Sharon Love, M.Ed. will give you up to four hours of extra consulting ($40,000 worth of time) until you do. You are guaranteed to face challenges, disappointments, discomfort, and every uncomfortable emotion on your path to success. If you are willing to learn and take the challenges, Sharon Love, M.Ed. will do everything possible to support your success. She has your back. You will triple your income if you do the challenges set out in your consultations. If you complete the challenges and do not triple your income, you will get up to three hours of extra consulting at no charge (as long as you continue to complete the challenges at the end of each hour of consulting). Public speaking pays very well to those who inspire and empower people and who market themselves effectively, in part because public speaking is most people’s number one fear. There are no refunds, as my consulting can save you years, as I don’t support people’s fear; I support your SUCCESS.

To succeed in speaking ten years faster or more, click the green "Tickets" button above to get started today!

For an extra bonus, you can pay via e-transfer to sharon(at)

If you have any questions, you can call 416-997-1382.

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Your Choice: Group or Private Certification

by Phone, and/or or Video Conference

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