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Eastern Regional Employment Ontario Conference

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Pinestone Resort Conference Centre and Golf Course

4252 Haliburton County Road 21

Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0


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4252 County Road #21

Haliburton, ON K0M1S0

(705) 457-1800


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Resort Room: $99/night

One Bedroom Chalet: $199/night

Two Bedroom Chalet: $199/night

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Located 5 minutes (4km) from the Pinestone Resort & Conference Centre

4951 County Road #21

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Standard Room, Group Unit & Loft Efficiency Unit: $126/night single occupancy, Additional $10/person/unit

ERG 2018 Conference Schedule

Monday, April 23, 2018

7:00am-8:30am Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30am-9:15am Welcome & Opening Remarks: Brent Dick, Chair

9:15am-10:00am Key Note Speaker, Jamison Steeve THE LABOUR MARKET SHIFT Training A Highly Skilled and Resilient Workforce In Ontario

10:15am-11:45am WORKSHOPS

Option 1: Labour Market Shift: Jamison Steeve

Option 2: Service Canada Overview: Citizen Service Specialist

Option 3: Innovative Collaboration in Ontario: Dr. Trina Foster

Option 4: LEPC & Magnet: Ingrid Argyle & Mark Patterson

Option 5: LBS: Doug Noyes, Michael Andrews & Lisa Ambaye

Option 6: EOIS Modernization Journey: MAESD Staff

Option 7: Manager/Senior Staff Session-Facilitated Discussion Bill 148: Sarah Delicate

11:45am-1:00pm LUNCH

1:00pm-4:15pm WORKSHOPS

Option 1: Mental Health Best Practices: Holly Hie

Option 2: Apprenticeship: Behind the Scenes: Jana Osbourne

Option 3: Strategic Resume for Challenging Clients: Sharon Graham & Wayne Pagani

Option 4: Stakeholder Engagement: Christie Nash / Entrepreneurship: Emile Salem & Simone Sheriff

Option 5: Youth Job Connection: Sarah Delicate

Option 6: Introducing the Art of Job Development (Recommended for staff new in the role): Angela Hoyt

Option 7: EO Manager/Senior Staff Session: Jennifer Barton, Regional Director, MAESD



8:30pm DANCE - 90'S THEME


7:45am-9:00am BREAKFAST (BUFFET)

9:00am-12:15pm WORKSHOPS

Option 1: How to Get Screened Into Government Jobs: Farhia Ahmed

Option 2: Millennials: David Colletto

Option 3: Mental Health Next Steps: Greg Lubimiv

Option 4: CaMS: Sarah Delicate

Option 5: Job Development Principles for Seasoned Job Developers: Angela Hoyt

Option 6: Motivational Interviewing: Lisa Ambaye

12:15pm-1:30pm LUNCH


The Labour Market Shift: Jamison Steeve, Executive Director, Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity

Things have been changing for many years – jobs, career paths, and expectations of skill sets in the workplace. We’ve all seen the headlines – manufacturing plants around the province have been closing resulting in layoffs for many. Automation and technological change are disrupting industries and workers within those industries. What supports are available during these times of transformation? This Working Paper explores these questions, particularly the skills retraining programs of Employment Service and Second Career, and workplace-based training. In some ways, the changing dynamic of the labour market has created a new reality for Ontario workers, on in which they are always going “back to school.” For some, September never ends.

Our team engaged in an ambitious fact finding mission over the past year. They spoke with experts in the skills training field from all over the province including service providers, academics, practitioners, job seekers, public servants, municipal governments and employers.

They also developed a strong relationship with the Data and Analytics Unit within the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. This relationship allowed for a data sharing partnership to be developed. The analysis in this paper was completed with the help of data that normally remain inside government. As a result, our analysis is timely, accurate, and exclusive.

This Working Paper explores the role of Ontario’s employers in the skills training ecosystem. There are benefits for employers and employees if skills training in the workplace is prioritized. Unfortunately, the limited data available may be skewing our perception of the issue. Training budgets appear to have declined across Canada since the 1990’s and may Ontarians may not have access to training through their workplace. Through support programs like the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, there is a role for the government in supporting employer-led training as well.

Service Canada Overview, Citizen Service Specialist

During this presentation, topics that will be covered are:

  • What is Service Canada
  • Accessing our Services
  • Programs & Services For:
  1. All Canadians
  2. Employers
  3. Families and Children
  4. Newcomers
  5. People with Disabilities
  6. Seniors
  7. Workers
  8. Youth

Innovative Collaboration in Ontario: Dr. Trina Foster, Executive Director, OCWI

The Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation has launched several exciting initiatives to help create a more skilled, resilient and productive workforce in Ontario through evidence-based research and cross-sector collaboration. The Centre’s partnerships and connections with employment and literacy service providers, workforce development boards, Local Employment Planning Councils, employers and other stakeholders have led to innovative initiatives to support workforce development in Ontario. As a single, coordinated access point for research on employment and training approaches for the Employment Ontario network, we are pleased to report on our results to date, and the development of user-friendly, actionable information, tools, resources and training we have underway. In the spirit of knowledge transfer and exchange, this workshop will provide an overview of the results of our interviews with over 130 employment and literacy and basic skills service providers and we will share details of the many pilot projects we have supported as well as upcoming funding opportunities.

LEPC & Magnet: Ingrid Argyle, Program Manager, Ottawa Employment Hub & Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet

Find out more about the workforce development initiatives underway at the two Eastern Ontario Local Employment Planning Councils (LEPCs) in Ottawa and Peterborough, and how we are working with our Employment Ontario partners. We will discuss how both communities are leveraging Magnet and ALiGN platforms to develop sector-specific training, connect job seekers to jobs, and gather real-time local labour market information. We will also provide highlights of Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation (OCWI) exploration projects that are bringing together technology solutions and local service provider networks to address the needs of employers, job seekers and learners through new industry/ES/LBS collaborations.

LBS: Doug Noyes, Executive Director, LLEO, Michael Andrews, Executive Director, LOCS, Lisa Ambaye, Executive Director, Rideau-Ottawa Valley Learning Network (ROVLN)

Do you have questions about how LBS can help your barriered clients? This session will provide an overview of LBS Services and real-life examples of how upgrading can assist clients achieve their employment goals. An exploration of occupation-specific and e-channel resources will provide you with information about what tools are out there to assist you and your clients.

EOIS Modernization Journey: Kay Lawrence-Haye, Jane Liang, Andrew Barker, Robert MacVicar, Staff, MAESD

EOIS Modernization Journey – hear what we are doing with our systems, look at what we’ve changed and what changes are coming.

Interested in data or reports? Want to help us design better reports for you? Join us for a Data and Report Modernization Knowledge Café.

Manager's Session-Facilitated Discussion of Bill 148, Sarah Delicate, Founding Partner, Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD)

Designed for Managers/Supervisors/Program Leads, this session will be a fact-based and facilitated discussion around their views of the challenges within EO and what they are doing to solve it?

Mental Health Best Practices, Holly Hie, Manager, Employment Services, Georgian College

A research project was funded by Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation throughout 2017 and delivered by Georgian College to explore best practices in Employment Ontario Employment Services for serving clients who displayed mild to moderate mental health issues. This session will examine the key findings of this research.

The presentation will review:

  • Reasons for success in coaching EOES clients displaying M-M mental health issues to success
  • Motivators that enable effective working relationships with clients displaying M-M mental health signs and symptoms
  • Best practice service delivery models in EOES sites that support clients with M-M mental health issues
  • Identify education and training that influences success when working with clients with M-M mental health issues

Apprenticeship: Behind the Scenes: Jana Osbourne, Service Delivery Manager, MAESD

This workshop will provide an inside look at the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development’s role in the apprenticeship process. From registration to completion, the Ministry strives to support sponsors, trainers and apprentices in understanding their rights, performing their responsibilities and achieving the ultimate goal of certification. But how do all the pieces fit together? We’ll walk you through the apprentice’s journey from MAESD’s view.

Strategic Resume for Challenging Clients: Sharon Graham, Executive Director, Career Professionals of Canada, Wayne Pagani, Senior Advisor and National Certification Chair, Career Professionals of Canada

Today’s resumes are strategic. They address each client’s unique value proposition, barriers and obstacles. A lot has changed in resume writing. You can’t just use templates anymore. If you haven’t attended any resume training in a while, then you need to get up-to-speed. We’ll address a range of elimination factions to ensure that your client’s resume meets today’s industry standards.

We’ll cover strategies including:

  • Future-focused wording
  • Getting resumes through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Current resume formatting and design techniques

As part of this dynamic workshop, gain practical experience through examples and application. Boost your confidence and competency in resume writing mechanics, and help your clients produce strategic resumes for our real-world.

Stakeholder Engagement, Christie Nash, Consultant, Laridae

The stakeholder engagement process is a critically important step in planning and evaluation work. It provides an opportunity to connect with key stakeholders and understand their perspectives on important issues. At the same time, engagement raises awareness and educates partners and stakeholders about the organization and its program/service offerings.

Entrepreneurship, Emile Salem, Executive Mentor & Founder, Collab Space, Simone Sheriff

Ever wondered how to start a business? Want to learn to help your clients start a business and start the path of entrepreneurship? Want to have an experienced professional be your resource? Want to learn about startups and how to help your clients navigate self-employment? Then this workshop is for you. Come learn about innovative entrepreneurship and what tools your clients need for success.

Youth Job Connection: Sarah Delicate, Founding Partner, Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD)

Youth employment is a primary focus for this government, and the Youth Job Connection (YJC) program is an exciting platform to bring real change into the lives of at-risk youth. However, pulling together 60-90 hours of curriculum is FAR from enough to ensure success. Dollars are helpful to attract youth AND employers, but is it enough to keep them and generate the results desired?

In this INTENSE workshop, we will explore and UNDERSTAND the policy of the YFC program, including how YJC ‘fits’ in the EO landscape. We will consider some of the evidence-based ‘better practices’ in program design, program delivery and case management for at-risk youth and adult ‘co-learners’, including how to build self-efficacy and motivation in this vulnerable population. All participants will receive a comprehensive resource list to support effective delivery.

Introducing the Art of Job Development (Recommended for staff new in the role), Angela Hoyt, Consultant, Evolution Group

Job development is the art of influencing employers to hire from a pool of candidates (your clients) who they may never have considered for their jobs before. Research builds a compelling case for the importance of job development for people with employment barriers, including those under-represented in the labour market. For example, persons with disabilities, racialized youth, newcomers to Canada and Indigenous persons. In fact, without effective job development, some of your clients may never have the chance to be hired.

Job development success requires the right people doing the right things, at the right time. This session, for new Managers and Job Developers, as well as for those requiring a refresher, will provide insight into what the word “right” means. You will discover the foundational job development strategies and skills needed to be successful.

How to get Screened into Government Jobs, Farhia Ahmed, Founder, The Job Hunters

This seminar will focus on the Federal Public Service hiring process, which differs significantly from the private sector. By eliminating all the confusion, this session will teach participants how to get screened in with tips and strategies to succeed in each of the steps of the federal government hiring process.

Topics covered include:

  • How to fast track your federal government job search
  • Figuring out what jobs you qualify for and how to properly apply
  • Learn how to write a government friendly resume and cover letter
  • Figure out the job search strategy that works for you

Millennials, David Colletto, CEO, Abacus Data

By 2025, a majority of working-aged Canadians will be from the Millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000). As Millennials become a larger part of the workforce, their values, approach to work, and experiences are disrupting workplaces in all sectors of the economy causing inter-generational conflict that lowers productivity and weakens organizational culture. Watch David’s video at: Canadian Millennials

Mental Health Next Steps, Greg Lubimiv, Executive Director, Phoenix Centre for Children and Families

Anxiety is the most prevalent mental illness being faced by children, youth and adults across the world. Depression is not too far behind in how many it effects. All of us have anxious moments or times that we feel “depressed”, but for many, anxiety and/or depression becomes an obstacle to health, development and wellbeing. Often, those who are experiencing anxiety/depression have their condition heightened by the well-intended, but often unhelpful responses of family members, friends or service providers.

Building upon the presentation last year, Greg will look at enhancing screening knowledge and skills as well as what practical non-clinical interventions can be helpful. Participants will have an opportunity to bring up non-identifying cases to use as examples on types of activities, approaches or tools which could be used.

CaMS, Sarah Delicate, Founding Partner, Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD)

Dive into a few of your critical ES CaMS Reports:

Your CaMS Reports are a critical planning and strategy tool for your organization, but only if you understand them and see them as valuable. You have never before had such access to information about your performance trends, your clients, your strengths and your weaknesses. This HIGH SPEED workshop will take you through 3 of your most critical CaMS reports, building your awareness and capacity for business intelligence:

  • What data is critical to your day-to-day decision making?
  • What can you see regarding your program integrity and staff performance?
  • What assumptions might your funder make, based on your data?
  • What will the public see in OPEN DATA?

Bring a calculator and your $11 DSQ, $15B-plan/profile and #15D-outcomes. Suitable for all management and staff.

Job Development Principles for Seasoned Job Developers, Angela Hoyt, Consultant, Evolution Group

Job Developers are constantly facing new and unexpected challenges related to their unique job seekers, employers, funders and communities. They frequently have come up with solutions on the fly. To improve, it is imperative that Job Developers take the time to reflect on their practice in order to determine what is working and what needs to work. But, who has the time to stop and reflect on strengths and challenges, or to celebrate and build on successes, when the treadmill doesn’t stop?

This session is the opportunity to do just that. It will bring together new, as well as experienced, Job Developers and Managers who will participate in open and creative conversations about the aspects of Job Development. The session will provide the opportunity to bring collective knowledge to the surface, to share ideas and to gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved. Participants will leave with new perspectives, new strategies, and a new community of colleagues. This will be a facilitated learning session that will draw out the brilliance of everyone in the room.

If you require more information about the foundational strategies and the skills of Job Development, please join Angela Hoyt at Introducing the Art of Job Development session.

Motivational Interviewing, Lisa Ambaye, Executive Director, Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy

Many of our clients experience ambivalence towards employment and learning new skills. On the one hand, they know that working with an EO Service Provider would increase their job prospects and participation in society, yet, on the other hand they feel that remaining the same has worked to some extent and that is safe, comfortable, and non-threatening. Working and/or learning is a scary prospect and can promote considerable self-doubt. Studies show that persuading clients rarely works so laying out a clear pathway and referrals to other organizations for the client can often result in non-compliance. What is going on? This session will explore reasons why clients appear to resist change and explore skills a practitioner can use to uncover a client’s intrinsic motivation. This session uses the principles and spirit of MI: Motivational Interviewing. MI is a collaborative, person-centred approach to eliciting and strengthening a person’s motivation for change. MI explores and resolves ambivalence and supports change in a way that is congruent with a person’s own values, beliefs and wishes.

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Pinestone Resort Conference Centre and Golf Course

4252 Haliburton County Road 21

Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0


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