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EED Europe: Training Series 2020

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Enhance the quality, speed and precision of your leadership, coaching, mediation and more with...

Emergent Essence Dynamics™

Unlock the engine driving transformation and behaviour

Our online version of EED Module 1 in April was a great success!
We are working to schedule another online offering in the coming weeks.
Stay tuned for more info or contact: troyyorke@gmail.com

EED Module 1 "Revealing Essence" – June 12-14 (ONLINE)

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"War-Games of Identity"
Tips for developing immunity to identity politics and emotional manipulation

Listen to our recent Webinar:
"Dress the Knight to Slay the Dragon"
Tips for building resilience, will-power and desire to confront any challenge
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Emergent Essence Dynamics™ harnesses a person's innate Resilience to reconcile fear-based patterns, converting Resistance and Self-Sabotage into a liberated state of creativity and well-being.

  • Develop your ability to work with any type of Behaviour as a fractal pattern
  • Work at Source-level to quickly uncover the core dynamic driving multiple issues
  • Activate super-conscious states of Resilience to release limitations and reshape behavioural patterns

Module 1: Revealing Essence
Activate core Resilience as the foundation for sustainable transformation. Confidently cut through dramas, stories and smokescreens to target the fundamental dynamics driving each moment... Learn more
Module 2: Embodying Essence
Transform all forms of Resistance into a powerfully creative force. Skillfully neutralize a person's inner battle of conflicting values and polarizing beliefs to restore wholeness and well-being... Learn more
Module 3: Conducting Essence
Reconcilie a person's fears and obstacles at Source-Level. Effectively dissolve old patterns of sabotage and liberate new pathways of success, enriched with compelling desire, higher purpose and rewarding action... Learn more

(Each module is three full days of experiential training with interactive exercises, group debriefs and supervised practice.)

Accreditation: 67 CCEUs by the International Coach Federation
(21 CCEUs for Module 1; 23 CCEUs for Modules 2 & 3)

Reconciling Conflict with EED
Master the game, master the conflict. Reveal the "Polarity Game" of a relationship and drop it into a resilient state where each person can let go of the Victim-Persecutor cycle and feel whole and complete unto themselves... Learn more
Group Facilitation and Team Dynamics
Create unity through diversity. Simplify the complexities of team relationship dynamics down to the fractal level to restore a team's natural co-creativity, resilience and autonomy... Learn more

EED is the best advanced training I know of. It’s a profound, simple and sound methodology that enables you to quickly dive deep with your clients. Its founder, Troy Yorke, is not only an inspiring and patient teacher, but also a powerful demonstrator of what masterful coaching, facilitation and conflict reconciliation look like.”

Dieter Wunderlich, CPCC, ACC, Gallup Certified Strengths CoachGermany

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Download the EED Program Information PDF (Europe)

Drawing from fields as diverse as Quantum Physics & Buddhism, Acting & Improvisation, Neuroscience & the latest in Consciousness Research, EED breaks new ground in leadership and coaching methods using fractal dynamics to amplify Resilience, release Resistance and Reconcile core conflicts. EED's holistic and pragmatic approach significantly enhances individual & team coaching, facilitation, therapy, and conflict resolution with applications extending to the healing arts, leadership development, mediation, consulting, sales and more.

"Troy Yorke has done a wonderful job pulling together some very sophisticated concepts, presenting them in an accessible and useable format. A real value-add for anyone who works with empowering others!"

Karen Kimsey-House, Co-founder, Coaches Training Institute



SPRING 2020:
Module 1: April 24-26 (On-line Course)
Module 1: June 12-14 (On-line Course)

Module 2: June 19-21 (Munich)
Module 3: October 16-18 (On-line Course)
FALL 2020:
Module 1: October 2-4 (Paris) - Early Bird ends Sept 4
Module 1: October 9-11 (Munich) - Early Bird ends Sept 11

Module 2: November 13-15 (Munich)
Module 3: December 11-13 (Munich)
Reconciling Conflict
(pre-requisite: Module 1)
Group Facilitation & Team Dynamics
November 20-22 FRANKFURT
(pre-requisite: Module 2 or Reconciling Conflict)

Select your preferred course dates on the registration page. Modules must be taken in consecutive order and may be taken in different cities if registering for the Series Package.


Module 1:
Fri-Sun from 09:30-18:00

Modules 2 & 3 and Application Courses:
Fri 09:30-18:00
Sat 09:30-21:00
Sun 09:30-18:00

All courses and materials are in English

(Save €100 with promo code

Module 1 – €795 (deposit €300)
Module 2 – €975 (deposit €350)
Module 3 – €975 (deposit €350)

Series Package (M 1–3)€2250 Early Bird* (deposit €775)
Combo Package (M 2 & 3)€1775 (deposit €650)

Reconciling Conflict – €795 (deposit €300)
Group Facilitation & Team Dynamics – €795 (deposit €300)

Deposit required upon registration, balance invoiced separately.
Venue details are provided with registration confirmation
Group registrations of 3 or more people receive a discount of 15-20%.

Seats are limited

*Early Bird offer ends 4 weeks prior to start-date of a series (Module 1 start).
Series Package regular price: €2475

Want more info on EED?

Visit our website:
Download our PDF Brochure for complete details on the
program, course descriptions, schedule and pricing:

EED Europe 2020
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Click to watch a Live Demonstration of EED skills:
"Using Provocation to Cut through Ambiguity"
"Surfacing a Deeper Topic"
Listen to a webinar of EED's methods and approach:
"Liberating the Resilient Self" (recorded 2020-02-12)
Get a great overview on how EED reconciles conflict:
"The Fractal Nature of Conflict and Relationships" (recorded 2019-02-06)
Learn how EED builds better teams with resilience:
"Agility in Team Dynamics" (recorded 2019-09-04)
(click here for more demos)

Listen to our recent Webinar:
"Dress the Knight to Slay the Dragon"
Tips for building resilience, will-power and desire to confront any challenge
(Scroll down for more demos & webinar recordings)

Click to join our next live Free Webinar – May 27
"War-Games of Identity"
Tips for developing immunity to identity politics and emotional manipulation

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EED modules have been run in Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, UK and UAE since 2006

Questions? Group Discounts?
Contact: Troy Yorke

TROY YORKE, creator of Emergent Essence Dynamics™, is a Performance Mastery Coach for Executive Leaders and Arts & Entertainment Professionals. His diverse background of over 25 years as an award-winning concert pianist, composer, writer, Film/TV actor and producer incorporates a wealth of knowledge working with human creativity and high-performance behaviour. A lifetime pursuit of excellence and mastery has led him around the globe working with top performers, trailblazers and thought leaders, including performing at the United Nations. Formerly Senior Faculty at Coaches Training Institute, he now travels extensively to train EED globally. His provocative style, inspirational passion and multi-faceted approach make him a dynamic trainer that liberates the creative brilliance of each individual.

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Free cancellation up to 6 weeks prior to your selected series/course start-date. Full cancellation policy is printed on your registration confirmation.

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