EFT Certification: Level 1 and 2

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Decide Your Life

825 McBride Boulevard

New Westminster, BC V3L 5B5


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This 4-day EFT/Tapping live training will give you a solid and in-depth understanding of EFT allowing you to use EFT with confidence on yourself or your loved ones. This thorough training is designed for both beginners and those that already have some knowledge of EFT and want to improve their EFT skills. If you are curious about EFT and simply want to have a better understanding of the foundational aspect of EFT, then these 4 days are for you! And if you see yourself helping others and starting your own EFT Practice, then level 1 and 2 are the first steps towards becoming an EFT practitioner.

Each EFT class has been specifically designed to maximise the learning of this simple yet powerful transformational technique. Each class will be live with a limited amount of seating, leaving plenty of time for practice and one-on-one attention from the teacher or teachers and hands-on experience.

Here is what will be covered:

Day 1 and 2:

-History and principles behind EFT/Tapping

-How do I explain EFT; what is it like and what can I use it on

-The Dis-ease formula

-Apex affect and Subjective Units or Distress

-The original basic formula ( based on Garry Craig’s original version)

-EFT Acupressure/ acupuncture points: connection with the body

-Additional points and their purposes

-Finger points: its usage

-9 gamut tapping sequence

-How to properly tap on yourself and get results

My handout to tap on yourself

Tapping on yourself protocol

Be specific

Getting to the problem and its aspects

Symptoms VS Root causes

Phobia and aspects: Phobia (table top VS table legs)

-Generalization effect

-Testing results level 1:


Saying the statement out loud


Keeping track of what is worked on: a brief overview (in more details in level 2)

-Chocolate craving

-tapping on pain

-The environment and how it can affect you and your results

- Abreaction: quick overview for level 1

- trouble shooting tips if you get stuck

-The integration process made easy: step-by-step approach to the Personal Peace Procedures

-In the moment tapping techniques such as Vent Tapping

-Grounding tapping

Day 2 and 3

-Grounding using tapping

-listening exercises

-Bridging the Gap Technique

-Cravings and Addictions tapping

-Finding core issues

-limiting beliefs

-Switching/shifting aspects

-tail enders

-Testing results

-tapping on a friend or mirroring

-vent tapping technique

-In the moment tapping technique

-Surrogate tapping: how to and guidelines

-What to do if EFT is not working

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Date and Time


Decide Your Life

825 McBride Boulevard

New Westminster, BC V3L 5B5


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