Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Energy Management in your Life & Biz

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Learn a framework to manage & foster healthy, positive Emotional Energy & Emotional Intelligence, in the FAST Lane© of your Life and Biz!

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Prioritizing your holistic growth and development through training workshops increases the ROI of your professional development investment. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand deeply the decision to invest in our own development. I want to offer this public duo of workshops as I know it is not always realistic to bring a trainer in-house to a small biz, small team, and if you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur these things generally are not offered, so here we go!! An opportunity for us to work together and create a learning opportunity to get in Positive, Forward Motion!

Our energy is our currency, our emotional and behavioural self-management is our brand, personally and professionally. To know ourselves and to hold up a mirror to our strengths, competencies, blind-spots and triggers, as leaders of ourselves, and in the lives of others, is an investment in our professional development and in the organizations, businesses and clients we serve.

Learning a framework to manage and foster healthy, and positive Emotional Energy and Emotional Intelligence, in the FAST Lane© is a key and defining element of our individual and collective Professional Acumen, and highly worth the investment of our time and resources.

Lesley Calvin

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Join in for the first afternoon workshop (Feb 26th 2020 1-4pm) about understanding and managing your emotional energy through the Energy Leadership Index, the second day (Feb 27th, 2020 9-4:30 pm) as we dig into our effectiveness an Emotionally Effective Leader through the Emotional Intelligence framework OR take advantage of this unique combination of workshops to understand, identify, leverage and action the ELI and EQ-i frameworks for personal and professional success!

Lesley Calvin is one of few, if any, Leadership Coaches and Trainers certified in both the Energy Leadership Index and in Emotional Intelligence. Having these two workshops offered publicly does not happen often and never before have they been offered together outside of a corporate environment. They will fill up and fill up fast.

Do not miss your opportunity to get in Positive Forward Motion in your Life and Workplace!

Workshop descriptions below:

  1. The Energy of your Life and Workplace -1/2 Day
  2. The Emotionally Effective Leader - Full Day

These workshops are ideal for leaders of:

  • Self
  • Teams
  • Small or Solo Businesses
  • Departments
  • Divisions
  • Organizations

This content is perfect for individuals/organizations who want to understand more about how emotions impact on their people, clients, biz and their deliverables, and how to increase productivity, positivity and reduce the potentially negative impact of our emotional behaviour.

The Energy of your Life and Workplace ½ Day Workshop

For individuals who want to increase their positive outlook and energy in their personal and professional lives, The Energy of your Life and Workplace provides a guided framework and program that provides a concrete index, mindful reflection and insight into emotions, triggers, and stresses and a framework to classify and move through those emotions.

Participants will learn specific strategies to increase emotional self-management and mindfulness in the face of an increasingly complex world. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to understand and categorize their emotional reactions and step themselves up the EL Index into a more positive outlook and mindset. This workshop truly DOES give the attendee the tools to make the choice to have a more positive outlook and positive energy!


  • ELI Assessment
  • Custom, detailed Leadership Report
  • 27 page Workbook
  • snacks and drinks

Self Awareness and Self Management in Life and in the Workplace - Understanding our hot button triggers and how to manage them in the workplace

Your energy is your currency, personally and professionally. It is introducing you, and driving your professional effectiveness, before you ever say a word.

Do you know what is yours saying?

As the leader of your life, and, formally or informally, a leader in the lives of those around you, your actions and behaviours hold the key to your personal, interpersonal and professional success. Through this workshop you will understand how something as seemingly innocuous as ‘energy’ can fundamentally define how others view you, how interpersonally influential you are, and gain tools to help you manage and cultivate it. Utilizing the E-Index, you will assess and evaluate where your catabolic and anabolic (~positive and negative) energy is (level 1-7), explore what, consciously and unconsciously, triggers your emotions and energy, and create concrete and applied POSITIVE FORWARD MOTION development goals to address and increase your Emotional energy management and Emotional Intelligence.

The ELI helps to identify and understand emotional and behavioural blind spots and triggers, and EI provides a framework and 'roadmap' to target developmental areas.

Workshop Goal

The highly interactive and dynamic workshop is ideal as a stand alone, in conjunction with the Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace Workshop, or as part of an existing organizational leadership development program and can be tailored to meet your specific goals.

With a foundation of Emotional self awareness, self management, and focus on the Energy of Leadership Index, in this workshop participants will dig in to learn the Energy Leadership Index framework in order to support themselves to understand and manage their emotional energy and behaviour, as professionals.

In this workshop participants will achieve an understanding of how emotions shape who we are, how we relate to others. How to improve personal, interpersonal and professional relationships through emotional self-management and self-awareness.

Participants will leave with tools necessary to identify and uncover their triggers, where their unconscious energy lays, what the EL Index is, and most impactfully, how to use this framework and model to positively influence your Energy as a professional.

Workshop Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Enhance our anabolic Energy by increasing our capacity to understand, manage and regulate emotions and behaviours under stress
  • Understand the Energy Leadership Index Assessment Framework, and how to apply it.
  • Be introduced to Emotional Intelligence at a high level
  • Explore the role of mindfulness in managing highly charged situations
  • Understand how emotions, triggers and behaviours (blind spots) impact our professional influence and ability to collaborate
  • Explore individual energy index levels and indicators under normal conditions and in the *FAST lane (*Frustrations, Assumptions, Stressors, Triggers)
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Understand the consequences of your conscious and unconscious emotional energy on your life, professionalism and Team

The Emotionally Intelligent and Effective Leader - Emotional Intelligence for Leaders - Full Day Workshop

If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.

Daniel Goleman

This content is perfect for individuals/organizations who want to understand more about the fundamentals and framework of Emotional Intelligence and the impact on people, processes and deliverables.


  • EQ-i 2.0 Assessment for Leaders
  • Custom and detailed Leadership report with 27 pages of action steps BEYOND what is covered in the workshop
  • Hands-on, highly interactive Workbook
  • Lunch
  • Snacks and drinks

Workshop Goal

To understand the foundations of Emotional Intelligence as leaders of self and others. To get an opportunity to dig in and understand the framework and competencies of Emotional intelligence, in context with the broader foundations of stress, transitions and changes in the workplace, organizational development and specific work environments. By the end of this workshop, each individual will have had an opportunity to understand and gain familiarity of the tangible EI competencies and identify areas of Emotional Intelligence Strength and Development.

Each attendee will complete The Emotionally Effective Leader EQ-I 2.0 Assessment and receive a customized EQ-I 2.0 Leadership report at the workshop to maximize specific development areas for Leadership performance.

Workshop Outcomes

By the end of the Emotionally Effective Leader workshop, the participants will have:

  • Gained an insight into Emotional Intelligence, what it is and how you can use it to leverage and measure emotional intelligence
  • Explored Emotionally healthy and effective Assertiveness, Empathy, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Impulse Control, Stress Tolerance, etc to leverage effective leadership and Interpersonal relations
  • Explored ways to advance emotional intelligence in Life, Leadership and Biz
  • Recognized emotions in others, and how to best respond to emotions (of self and others) in order to inspire high performance and high impact
  • Reflected on self awareness and self management of emotions, and behaviours
  • Understood the consequences of behaviour, weigh decisions before action, and understand how emotional intelligence defuse or ignite conflict in teams

Bonus - register to attend both workshops and receive a discount AND free 1:1 Coaching session with Lesley to dig deeper into what you uncover in the workshops!!!



Lesley Calvin, MA, CPC, ACC

Coach | Facilitator | Speaker

Lesley Calvin is a Leadership Development Consultant, Coach and Trainer, and is highly revered as an Emotional Intelligence Specialist with a warm, dynamic, and impactful approach to her coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements. As a former Higher Education Administrator and Leader of People and Departments, Lesley has dedicated almost two decades in her passion-driven career, to the personal, professional and leadership development of individuals and organizations, with the mission of furthering Positive Forward Motion in the *FAST lane© by addressing the ultimate triple bottom line (Personal, Interpersonal and Professional success) in order to fuel productivity, increase buy-in and drive results. Lesley is known for building high-performance individuals, teams and programming.

Lesley Calvin is one of few Leadership Development Master Practitioners with the expertise and certification to administer and facilitate both the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and the Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi-2.0) both recognized by Forbes in their top 10 as must take assessments for Professionals/Leaders. With her unique and specialized approach, Lesley works with individuals and teams to identify strengths, triggers, and development areas, in to deliver elevated results, fuel positivity and foster engagement.

Working with individuals and organizations looking to increase their leadership capacity is her niche. Building emotionally-intelligent high performing skilled professionals, leaders, and organizations is her mission. Fostering awareness of self and others, optimizing individual and collective Emotional Intelligence, and increasing adaptability and tolerance in times of change, and stress is her deliverable.

With a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership (MAOL), Designation as a Certified Professional, Leadership and Transition Coach (CPC), an ACC professional accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and an immeasurable passion for personal, professional and leadership development, Lesley Calvin has led countless individuals to understand themselves deeper, build confidence, and healthy assertiveness, as well as develop a framework for stress management and emotional self-regulation in the busyness and stress of life and work.

Lesley’s Coaching and Training approach is rooted in positive psychology, and aims to support the healthy development of balance between self and others, personal and professional and, work and life. Lesley takes pride to ensure anyone investing their precious time in her, leaves feeling supported, that they have added to their leadership and emotional Intelligence toolkit, literally and metaphorically, and feels confident about next steps and stretch goals.

Her authentic, dynamic, and engaging delivery style leaves you wanting to sign up for her next workshop, coaching session, or keynote before you’re finished the one you are in!

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